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To: bentway who wrote (648464)3/21/2012 1:27:32 PM
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To: puborectalis who wrote (648449)3/21/2012 1:30:18 PM
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To: longnshort who wrote (648451)3/21/2012 1:32:34 PM
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To: J_F_Shepard who wrote (648423)3/21/2012 1:36:37 PM
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To: Jim McMannis who wrote (648463)3/21/2012 2:20:44 PM
From: joseffy
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White Teen Set on Fire by Blacks in Racial Attack; Media Silent

by Selwyn Duke Thursday, 01 March 2012

“This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.” So spewed the attackers of Melissa Coon’s 13-year-old son, as they doused him with gasoline and set him alight.

Police, they say, are “investigating” whether this is a hate crime.

Yes, and I’m investigating whether the media is biased and if hate-crime law is applied equally. I’ll get back to you on that — in about two paragraphs.

The attack on the boy took place on the east side of Kansas City, Missouri. Fox 4 Kansas City provides some (sanitized) details, writing, “The victim is a student at East High School and regularly walks home after class. When he reached his porch, two older teens grabbed him, pinned his arms behind his back and then poured gas from a gas can on the boy. They then set the boy on fire.”

Thankfully, the teen victim had the presence of mind to pull his shirt up over his head and snuff out the flames. He was treated at Children’s Mercy hospital, having suffered first-degree burns to his face and head. And police said they were concerned about possible damage to his eyes and lungs.

The concern, however, isn’t translating into national media coverage — or honest coverage anywhere.

Of course, if you scrutinize the few local outlets reporting the story and cut and paste, you can piece the picture together. The Fox article I excerpted above provides only the vaguest hint of the attack’s racial nature by quoting Mrs. Coon as saying that her family was told “it’s a hate crime.” KCTV 5 did a bit better, reporting that the victim was white and the assailants black; however, while they quoted the attackers as stating “This is what you get,” for some reason they omitted the “white boy” part. Then there was, which presented the latter but neglected to explicitly identify the race of the criminals, leaving the reader to wonder if the attackers were self-hating Norwegian immigrants. But I’ve played the game and figured out that Colonel Mustard did it in the library with the candlestick.

But we’ve seen this bias before. It’s much as when Muslims rioted in France a couple of years ago and burned thousands of cars, and the media reported the rioters as “youths.” Yes, just teen angst, I suppose.

Some may say that the media are reluctant to stir up racial unrest, but this never seems to stop them when the races of the victim and attackers are reversed. Could you imagine the hue and cry if two older white teenagers had set an innocent black child alight while saying, “You get what you deserve, black boy”? The headlines coast to coast would be cast in neon, and the media would love it — it would give them another chance to agitate for more hate-crime legislation.

This is exactly what happened after the horrible dragging death of black victim James Byrd by three white men in 1998; it was headline news for months and led to the creation of a Texas hate-crime law. Meanwhile, when three “youths” beat a cab driver and his passenger while shouting racial epithets in Philadelphia recently, D.A. spokeswoman Tasha Jamerson said that hate-crime charges wouldn’t be forthcoming “because there was no evidence that the assault had been motivated by the race of the victims” (no, just the racial hatred of the assailants). Also in 1998, there was the murder of homosexual Matthew Shepard, which became an even bigger story and likewise was used to justify hate-crime law. Yet what about the brutal death of 13-year-old Jesse Derkhising, who was sexually tortured by two homosexual predators in Arkansas a year later? Oh, you don’t know what I’m talking about?

Exactly. reports that a Nexis search shows a disparity in the story counts between the Shepard and Derkhising cases of 18 to 1.

Of course, any time you report on a crime motivated by group hatred it can foment unrest, as hate begets hate. But if some think this a justification for suppressing truth, they should note that peddling only half of it can be far more dangerous. As Jack Cashill observed when commenting on the refusal to report politically incorrect “hate crimes,” “The cumulative effect of such routine suppression leads minorities, especially blacks, to think themselves uniquely victimized.” And when you thus believe, you’re more likely to lash out.

Obviously, the job of the media is to report what’s newsworthy. This means not just picking the relevant stories, but also the relevant facts within them. If “people” are attacked for going to school in Afghanistan, it is absolutely relevant that all the victims happen to be female and all the assailants male fundamentalists; this lends the story perspective. Likewise, if virtually every one of thousands of rioters is of a specific group or a victim’s attackers are of a different race and shouted racial epithets, these facts are relevant, too.

The refusal to reveal such facts makes a mockery of journalism. And if we won’t report that rioters are Muslims, why state that they’re youths? If reporting the race of an assailant is out of bounds, why disclose that he's male? Why expose any groups to possible ridicule? Maybe a rape should be reported thus: “Sentient biped accuses other sentient biped of undocumented-lover status.”

Perhaps the worst violence here is the kind that hate-crime laws do to the principle of equality before the law. Because besides being an effort at thought control, they’re never applied equally. They’re not about eliminating hate, but are just vehicles through which the Left can express its hate through law. With hate-crime legislation, leftists now have the latitude to discriminate legally as they cherry-pick sentient bipeds for harsher punishment based on sexual inclination, race, creed, or color.

nesiedliw said:

Racism in Kansas City
"This is exactly what happened after the horrible dragging death of black victim James Byrd by three white men in 1998; it was headline news for months and led to the creation of a Texas hate-crime law."
It's funny you should mention this. I pulled my two 9th graders out of East High (this young man's school) on 02/17 of this year because the advanced class English teacher (who is African-American) showed an explicit film about lynchings, then in front of the class attacked my daughters, (who are white) telling them that "everybody from Texas is ignorant rednecks" and that they were "responsible for Jasper because [their] skin is white." We moved to KCMO from Texas, where they were born, so the girls took that very personally. They were confused, though, how Ms. M___ knew about our dog Jasper and why she blamed them that he died when he got hit by that car. I had to explain the Jasper, TX atrocity to them. I also explained to them that people with dark skin are just like people with light skin. Sometimes they perpetuate hateful things because that's what they learned from their parents. I don't really understand it, though. We worked so hard as a nation to put an end to Jim Crow laws, and "back of the bus" laws, and all the other hateful trappings of a shameful past, yet here we are today, with the same nonsense being spewed by people who should frankly know better. Today's incident is common here, in various forms, and it is rarely, if at all, commented on by the media.

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To: Brumar89 who wrote (648446)3/21/2012 2:45:53 PM
From: joseffy
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Judge orders apology from 2 Texas educators

March 21, 2012 | Associated Press

A judge in San Antonio has ordered two educators to apologize to an agnostic family in a lingering school prayer dispute.

Chief U.S. District Judge Fred Biery on Monday ordered Medina Valley Independent School District Superintendent James Stansberry and band director Keith Riley to apologize. The judge declined to hold them in contempt.

The San Antonio Express-News reports the men allegedly made public comments critical of the family of ex-student Corwyn Schultz after a February settlement. The family had sued but failed to stop prayers at last June's graduation ceremony.

The district agreed school employees would not pray with students or elicit prayer in class, plus not disparage the Schultz family.

The district declined comment about Monday's order, which requires the Schultz family to accept the apologies.

Read more:

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From: Alighieri3/21/2012 2:55:23 PM
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We can reset Mitt like an etch a sketch

WASHINGTON -- It's hardly a secret that presidential candidates tack toward their base over the course of a primary and shift toward moderation once that primary is over. What's rare is when a campaign admits as much publicly.

In an appearance on CNN Wednesday morning, Mitt Romney's top adviser Eric Fehrnstrom made this Kinsley gaffe, saying that the positions taken by the former Massachusetts governor during the GOP primary campaign were as erasable as a drawing on an Etch a Sketch.

From the transcript:

JOHN FUGELSANG, POLITICAL COMEDIAN: Good morning, sir. It's fair to say that John McCain was considerably a more moderate candidate than the ones that Governor Romney faces now. Is there a concern that the pressure from Santorum and Gingrich might force the governor to attach so far to the right it would hurt him with moderate voters in the general election?

FEHRNSTROM: Well, I think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign. Everything changes. It's almost like an Etch a Sketch. You can kind of shake it up and we start all over again.

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To: Brumar89 who wrote (648465)3/21/2012 2:55:42 PM
From: joseffy
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French shooting suspect was self-styled al Qaeda jihadist

Mohammed Merah, a 23-year-old man described by French authorities as a self-styled al Qaeda jihadist, has been named as the chief suspect in a series of shootings that have left seven people dead.

A picture is emerging of a man who was already known to the police and had apparently sought out Islamist jihadists in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

"He claims to be a jihadist and says he belongs to al Qaeda," Interior Minister Claude Gueant told reporters in Toulouse. "He wanted to avenge the Palestinian children and take revenge on the French army because of its foreign interventions."

A French national of Algerian origin, he had been under surveillance by French intelligence for a couple of years, having "already committed certain infractions, some with violence," Gueant told CNN affiliate BFM-TV.

Merah has spent considerable time in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Gueant said. Merah was sent back from Afghanistan to France by the U.S. Army, Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said in Toulouse Wednesday. He said Afghan police had checked Merah's identification during a traffic stop, and as a result he was handed over to the U.S. Army, which then put him on board the first plane heading to France.

But a senior U.S. military official gave a different version from the French prosecutor about what happened to the suspect in Afghanistan.

The senior U.S. military official told the CNN contributor Fran Townsend that the French shooting suspect was stopped by Afghan forces who tried to turn him over to the U.S. military. The U.S. directed them to hand Merah to French forces since he was a citizen of their country. He was given over the French military by the Afghans and the French military decided to return him to France, according to the source.

Jim/New Haven
This is all too similiar to our releasing people from Gitmo who end up killing our troops back in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.
These people do not give up their jihadismm when they are released. \Who decides which killers to release????????

You mean Sarah Palin didn't cause him to go crazy, get a gun, and kill innocent Democrats?!?!

March 21, 2012 at 2:26 pm | Reply

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To: i-node who wrote (648468)3/21/2012 3:02:22 PM
From: bentway
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They pay copays and taxes - just as WE will with Obamacare.

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To: bentway who wrote (648481)3/21/2012 3:05:21 PM
From: joseffy
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Election Day In Chicago: Judges Show Up Drunk, Sell Candy To Voters

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