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To: epicure who wrote (11015)2/19/2002 11:27:58 AM
From: Frederick Smart
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Disorganized Sports....

>>I have never liked competitive sports for that reason. In my Super Bowl everyone would get a ring- which would make the bookies unhappy :-) Do I care? No.

If people work hard and achieve something they are winners in my book. So, of course, I don't watch any sports. Nor do my kids play any organized sports.>>

I agree with your sentiments totally, completely!!

But there are complete New Ways of looking at the same ole, same ole model of competing, claiming, blaming, shaming, dividing and destroying the energy, light and Love that we all know exists!!

And I believe a new future of sports is unfolding before our very eyes. Individuated energy is percolating inside these models - see and bear witness to MJ, etc. - which will completely transcend these control models of ownership and distrust which are desparately trying to hold onto their positions of power as they blinding continue to build new stadium after new stadium to the point where all sports have become corporatized Black Holes.

For these days the average family cannot even afford go to the ballpark.

So the current control models that are driving sports are collapsing just like the current corporate control models that define "business" in this world.

We are right on the cusp of receiving New Truths which will reflect more purely and directly the reality of our creator's perfect order which begins and ends with a simple model that proclaims......

I AM!!!

But the Old World continues to claim, blame and shame....


The current system operates exactly like Slave Trading. For the current system is based on the same control matrix of distrust that was rooted in these systems that rationalized and supported slavery.

Just because individuals are willing to have their energy, light and Love - given to them by our creator - bought and sold on the open market like so much cattle does not make the current system right.

Companies buy and sell and rent out individuals in the same model. Religions buy and sell and rent out individuals in the same model. Governments buy and sell and rent out individuals in the same model.

This doesn't mean this is right, good or true. It must means that this is where mankind is at along the spectrum of understanding the truth behind who we really are. Things were alot worse, by comparison, years and years ago, but these models of control, distrust, claim, blame and shame persist for a reason.....

Because this is what we will to love based on what we understand as being truth.

I see sports transcending into a New Model which will appear to be disorganized from the vantage point of mankind's control models but which will reflect more purely and directly the truth behind our I AM existence which is freely granted and supported by our ONE Lord God In heaven Jesus Christ.


Note: I played "competitive" sports all of my growing up life until I walked on and then walked off and they tried to walk back on Northwestern University's football team. I loved the expression of freedom and energy which is at the core of our indiividuated existence. I loved playing "as a team" and could give a rats ass for this selfish "competitive" attitudes. We won more than we lost, but in my book everyONE is a winner!!

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To: Graystone who wrote (11006)2/19/2002 12:17:59 PM
From: Frederick Smart
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By George Mueller.....

>>George Mueller of Bristol

The story of a man who practiced true religion by caring for thousands of orphans and provided a living demonstration to the believers of his day that God is able to supply the needs of those who give generously to Him.;

>>Therapeutic Reading
The Pineapple Story

You could get some of the other material as well, maybe a few of the primers.;

.....of Bristol.

I have ZERO/NO clue if there is any relation, but my father's mother was Silvia Mueller, born here in Chicago in 1894 and raised as an only child to my great grandparents, Gustav A. Johanna B. Mueller. My great grandfather was a very colorful cigar merchant with a factory here on Halsted Street here in Chicago who owned a tobacco plantation in Cuba which was completely wiped out in a great hurricane early this century. Johanna was from the Bausch family of Bausch Lambe fame. Gustav was an Skakespearian actor here in Chicago as a hobby and he read the Bible once each year from cover to cover according to a very programmed regimine. Rumor is that he was a great singer, too!

My Father's mother and father and the entire family of Mueller's are interred in a mausoleum here in Chicago in Graceland cemetary. The name on the outside of the mausoleam is Kaiser named after a wealthy Chicagoan industrialist who died early and who was married to my great grandmother's sister.

I love family history. It's all planned and accounted for according to the Divine Providence of our Lord. We are all the product of spiritual genes and waves of light, energy and Love that proceed forth from the perfect ONE end which is our ONE Lord God in Heaven. The more we open up to receiving His light, energy and Love is the extent to which we sing, dance, smile and share the infinite essence of life which is His boundless, limitless Love.


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To: Solon who started this subject2/19/2002 3:45:29 PM
From: Frederick Smart
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Perfect Symmetry: 20:02, 20/02, 2002......

PLANETNEWS broadcast...

Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 16:46:04 +0000

Believe it or not, but 8.02 pm on February 20 this year will be an historic moment in time.

It will not be marked by the chiming of any clocks or the ringing of bells, but at that precise time, on that specific date, something will happen which has not occurred for 1,001 years and will never happen again.

As the clock ticks over from 8.01pm on Wednesday, February 20, time will, for sixty seconds only, read in perfect symmetry 2002, 2002, 2002, or to be more precise - 20:02, 20/02, 2002.

This historic event will never have the same poignancy as the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month which marks Armistice Day, but it is an event which has only ever happened once before, and is something which will never be repeated.

The last occasion that time read in such a symmetrical pattern was long before the days of the digital watch and the 24-hour clock - at 10.01am on January 1!
0, 1001.

And because the clock only goes up to 23.59, it is something that will never happen again.


Let's see how this impacts the Anglion Universal Numerical Designator which accounts for 1) the perfectly pure Julian Calendar; and 2) the Gregorian adjustment of 1582 AD as follows.....

Date: 20020220

My Numerical Age: 16086

Anglion Universal Numerical Designator: 733236

16086 = 383 Prime X 42 - this number is the prime of the following...

Anglion (1573965) + The (285) + Center (355259) + Of (66) + Sacred (113954) + Studies (1234951) = 3278480

3278480 = 383 Prime X 8560

And prime factoring of the Anglion Universal Numerical Designator - which is the exact number of days since the birth of our ONE Lord God in Heaven Jesus Christ - is as follows.....

733236 = 43 Prime X 17052

43 Prime is the Natural Numerical Designator of Emanuel Swedenborg and this 20020220 date just happens to fall in perfect symmetry 22 days from the 314th year since Emanuel's birth in the year 1688. This is calculated as follows.....

16880129: Day - 2+9= 11 = 1+1= 2; Month=1; Year 1688 = 1+6=7 and 8+8=16=1+6= 7 and 7+7=14 and we line up Day 2....and Month 1 and Year 5 as 215 and....

215 = 43 Prime X 5

And 43 years ago is the year 1959 which is the year my wife, Maribeth, was born on the Divine Conception date of November 11th. 277 Prime days later is the Divine Birth and 277 Prime equates to the follow....

Divine (494955) + Love (3645) = 498600
498600 = 277 Prime X 3600

And if you go back 277 Prime days from my wife's birthdate in Leap years you will come to my birthday, February 5th.

And 89 Anglion signet prime days separate the following dates......

May 5th
February 5th
November 8th
August 11th

Back to Swedenborg, in non leap years, there are EXACTLY 59 prime days between Emanuel's birth on January 29th and his passing/ascension into Heaven on March 29th which is in perfect synch with the year 1959 which is 43 prime years ago.

Now let's examine the perfect symmetry of the factor to 43 prime in relation to the Anglion Universal Numerical Designator....

733236 = 43 Prime X 17052 - adding 17052 days to my calendar as follows we come to....

19580205 + 17052 = 20041013 - this is the EXACT day that Dean Fagerstrom discovered the meaning and essence of the word/term "Anglion" in it's numerical correspondence, etc. This was 21 years prior in the year 1983 and exactly 240 days past the passing/ascension of Dean Fagerstrom's wife, Helga, into Heaven.

240 past my birth is October 3rd which acts like the crucifixion day for 19230206 if you advance forward 13,023 days which is the exact number of days that our ONE Lord God in Heaven Jesus Christ walked the face of this earth from 7 BC to 30 AD through the His crucifixion on April 7th.

And 101 perfect symmetry days prior to 20041013 is 20040704.

And 101 perfect symmetry days after 20041013 is 20050122 - which is 80 years past the birth of my earthly father who passed/ascended into Heaven on 19960903 exactly 23 "I AM" prime days from the Divine Birth that year.

And 101 perfect symmetry days from 19960903 was the passing/ascension of my mother's mother, Dorothea Evers Wolfe on 19961213 which is the same date that my wife's father pass/ascended on in the year 1977.

And in perfect symmetry with the above, my earthly father's age turned to 77 this past January 22nd.

One of the best examples of the power of balance and symmetry in the prime of 101 is when you align these dates....

18620922 - the day the Emancipation Proclamation was read to the world for the first time.

18620922 + 101 Prime = 18630101 - which is the day that The Emancipation Proclamation was officially enacted by an act of Congress. Note that the year 1863 is an "I AM" 23 Prime year (1863 = 23 Prime X 81)

I'd certainly say, from all of the above, that the stars are certainly aligned for a powerful opening up of this Second Coming revelation which will massively spread throughout this entire world and duplicate, replicate and radiate in ways that will bring Peace to mankind once again while in no way imposing upon or violating the free will of ANY ONE individual on the face of this magnificent world we all were blessed to be born into!!

The wonders of His perfect plan, perfect Will and perfect and forgiving and merciful perfect unconditional Love never, ever cease!!

119293 which equates to....

1) Our ONE Lord God in Heaven is Perfect ALWAYS


2) Peace, Light, ONE-LOVE GO!!!

And ONE (1) last thing to note as the capstone to this contribution. After I posted this I was called to check out the post # 11,021 on my calendar as follows....

19580205 + 11,021 = 19880409 - which is the Glorification Day of our ONE Lord God in Heaven Jesus Christ when His Human became Divine and all the power of heaven was finally subjugated and established for a conjunctive unmediated return of His Kingdom here on this earth. This was in the year 30 AD.

The year 1988 is the year I met my wife, Maribeth on July 29th at a bar in downtown Chicago of all places. 1-Alpha and 9-Omega in the 88 cycle which mirrors His Divine Birth on August 11th. We were engaged on 1989 on the Calling In day - the most famous day in Swedenborgian circles - on Paul McCartney's 47th birthday on June 18th.

There are 42 minutes that separate 7:29 - like 7/29 - and 8:11 - like 8/11. And there are 42 days that always separate the provincial day we celebrate the Divine Birth on Christmas Day 12/25.


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To: Frederick Smart who wrote (11021)2/19/2002 3:55:48 PM
From: Bill Fischofer
   of 28931
What never?
No, never!
What never?????
Well, hardly ever...

Try 21:12 21/12 2112 on for size. :)

Of course both of these dates only work for Europeans who write days before months. Here in the U.S. where months are written first neither of these "events" will happen at all. <g>

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To: Frederick Smart who wrote (11018)2/19/2002 4:09:42 PM
From: TigerPaw
   of 28931
These numerical rendention/versions are coming from the exact same ONE source for the exact same ONE reason and I don't seek to claim that any of it is owned or controlled by me - not even ONE grain of sand iota of it.

Maybe they could be limited to ONE post a week or something.


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To: TigerPaw who wrote (11023)2/19/2002 4:17:41 PM
From: Frederick Smart
   of 28931

>>These numerical rendention/versions are coming from the exact same ONE source for the exact same ONE reason and I don't seek to claim that any of it is owned or controlled by me - not even ONE grain of sand iota of it.

Maybe they could be limited to ONE post a week or something.


I will try my best.....

Hey Bill.....that post # 11,022 equates to JOY (167) which is the Numerical Designator of Dean Fagerstom's birth 19320207.

11022 = 167 Prime X 66

And on the 230th "I AM" Anniversary of the founding of The Anglion Society In Heaven And Earth - 20010127 - this provincial date was perfectly/evenly factored by the prime number JOY (167) which Dean's universal numerical designator.

20020127 = 167 Prime (factor) X 119881 Prime.

And the Anglion Universal Numerical Designator on that same say was 733212 which factors by 10044 into the Prime of 73 which is our Lord's Celestial Numerical Designator based on the corrected year/mo/day of His Glorification of His Human as Divine as follows...

360409 - for April 9th in the year 36 AD.

Our family spent 2 days over the weekend at the Embassy Suites Lavonia Michigan which is just north of 7 mile road and 20020216 was 777 days since the first day of the year 2000. And Lavonia is incredibly interesting for it's a 6 X 6 mile perfect square of 36 square miles.

And please note that JOY (167) is also the Prime behind the founding year of the State of Michigan were I was born....

1837 = 167 Prime X 11

So we have 66 and 11 as factors which is like 6 X 11 or 6/11 which is two days after our marriage on June 9th and 13,023 days later - the number of days that Christ walked this earth - is my birthday February 5th.

Connectedness, connectivity, threadedness, ONEness is pervasive, perfect and all-encompasing!! And these numerical Dirtbikes are incredibly FAST!!! And these country trails are beautiful!!


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To: epicure who wrote (11015)2/19/2002 4:26:29 PM
From: coug
   of 28931
Hi X,

Just turned on MSNBC.. Having a recap of the ice dancing now.. :)

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To: Frederick Smart who wrote (11024)2/19/2002 4:45:32 PM
From: tlaG nhoJ
1 Recommendation   of 28931
Frederick, what does JOHN translate too... Thanks.

John Galt

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To: James Calladine who wrote (10990)2/19/2002 4:48:20 PM
From: tlaG nhoJ
1 Recommendation   of 28931
James, whatever happened to Adi Da? No apologies for ruining your life.

John Galt

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To: tlaG nhoJ who wrote (11026)2/19/2002 5:10:12 PM
From: Frederick Smart
   of 28931

>>Frederick, what does JOHN translate too... Thanks.

John Galt>>

John (1685) = 337 Prime X 5

And "By Johnny!!" look what happens when you add 337 Prime to todays date......

20020219 + 337 = 20030122 - my late earthly Father's 78th birthday next year.

And if you go ahead another 337 prime days we come to...

20020219 + 337 Prime X 2 = 20031225 - which is the provincial day we celebrate the Divine Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

337 X 6 cycles and we come to the 11th Anniversary of my earthly father's passing/ascension into Heaven, or 20070903 which was 23 "I AM" Prime days from August 11th, the Divine Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Go ahead 11 prime cycles of 337 Prime from today and we come to 20120414 which is really quite an amazingly symmetric day in the way that it combines - if you remove the conjunctive zeros - Abraham's Lincoln's birthdate (2/12) and his passing/ascension date (4/14).

Notice how the prime roles of these two dates are reversed as follows....

212 = 53 Prime X 4 = 53 is the prime of the Numerical Correspondence for the word HELL (8533) = 53 Prime X 161.

414 = 23 "I AM" prime X 18

Also note that 414 + 212 = 626 which is 313 Prime X 2. And a year ago on 20010129 we were exactly 313 Prime years away from the birth of Emanuel Swedenborg, this in the beginning of 88th "I AM" cycle of 23 years since the provincial calendar was in place.

So 20120414 is like saying "Hell I AM!!" which is about the strength of the massive message that our Lord finally was able to get through to mankind in the complete free and non-imposed way of what manifested as the Emancipation Proclamation, etc.

But even despite this legislation the same dark spirits of control and distrust were still out there in force trying to reverse the far-reaching power of truth behind spiritual reality of this document. It took another 92 years - 23 "I AM" X 4 cycles before the Supreme Court decisions of 1954-55 were finally received by mankind and which ushered in the Civil Rights Movement.

And just two (2) before his 29th birthday Dr. Martin Luther King was here in Evanston speaking - and sleeping for no hotel in town would allow him to sleep here overnight (at Beth Emmet Synagogue) - 23 Prime days before I was born.

The Christ Spirit of truth and Love shown brilliantly through Dr. King until he was gunned down on 19680404. We are still feeling the effects of the conjunctive spiritual energy which was released at that time. And the full effects of Dr. King's I HAVE A DREAM are still being felt in ways that duplicate, replicate and radiate all over this great world ours. For the true power is in His Word.

I, too, HAVE A DREAM!! And I believe all of us on this thread share Dr. King's "dream" of world peace and freedom and Love.

John was the beloved desciple of our Lord God in Heaven Jesus Christ. And St. John is right at the end of the effluent of the MASSIVE fresh water that proceeds forth from these Great Lakes for this great area is the heartbeat of the world.


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