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To: Jeff Vayda who wrote (8941)1/24/2001 7:48:16 PM
From: JMD
   of 10851
Jeff, re: "Sour Grapes? BLS dreamed more than he has delivered to date. So that's a crime?" Not to put too sharp a point on it, but the answer to the question is "YES" . In my view, the only thing management is paid for is the execution of the business plan. Execution, not dreaming. I've had some fabulous dreams Jeff, but dreams ain't worth a p*ss in the wind when it comes time to pay the rent. If your first question [sour grapes] is asking if I'm bent out of shape at having lost a truckload on Loral, the answers are yes/no. Of course I'm angry to lose money. Frankly, I'd have myself shipped to the funny farm if I weren't mad. Taking a rocket to your net worth is not supposed to elicit some version of 'don't worry be happy', at least in my opinion. OTOH, if you're asking am I BLAMING anyone but myself for picking this stock, then the answer is "NO". I'm a big boy, did my own DD, and bought into a loser. [unfortunately I persuaded a load of friends to do the same] The responsibility is mine, pure and simple--no sour grapes. It's not about a personality cult, Jeff, it's about money. A commodity I have less of--cuz I bought into the dream too.
Kind Regards, mike doyle

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To: SKIP PAUL who wrote (8948)1/24/2001 7:54:58 PM
From: go_globalstar
   of 10851
VODAFONE: Vodafone UK extends Globalstar service across the Atlantic

JAN 24, 2001, M2 Communications - Vodafone UK has announced that roaming on
its Globalstar mobile satellite service is now available from the UK to North
America (including Canada), with coverage extending across the Atlantic.
Vodafone UK customers can now experience 100% coverage using their existing GSM
SIM cards and mobile number across Western Europe, Australia and North America.

Globalstar is an ideal solution for professions such as the marine industry,
utilities, international charities and the construction industry - any workers
or travellers whose interests take them to remote areas of the world.

"Vodafone UK now offers its customers roaming agreements with 272 networks
across 122 countries," said Paul Donovan, Managing Director (Commercial),
Vodafone UK. "The introduction of Globalstar roaming in North America and across
the Atlantic ensures that our customers benefit from the maximum use of their
mobile phone in even more areas of the world."

Customers use a dual mode Globalstar handset, which operates on the GSM900
frequency and switches to Globalstar satellite mode when required. Text
messaging (SMS) and voicemail are available on the Globalstar service, with
additional data capabilities scheduled for September 2001.

The Globalstar system comprises 48 low-earth-orbiting (LEO) satellites that
transmit calls to and from a mobile Globalstar phone via a network of land-based
gateways, with each gateway operator owning the rights to a specified territory.
A progressive rollout of commercial Globalstar services began at the end of
1999, and there are currently 54 countries in full service*, with limited
service initiated in a further 55 countries.

Globalstar is a consortium of leading international technology and
telecommunications companies. Vodafone Group Plc was a founding partner of
Globalstar and has maintained an interest in the development of the service,
currently holding a 6.5 per cent share in Globalstar (on a fully diluted basis).
Vodafone is Globalstar's largest service provider partner.

For more information visit the Vodafone website at
or the Globalstar website at


* Full service is defined as having handset availability, service and
distribution channels in place.

* Globalstar, led by founding partner Loral Space & Communications, is a
partnership of the world's leading telecommunications service providers and
equipment manufacturers, including co-founder Qualcomm Incorporated, Alenia,
China Telecom (HK), DACOM, DaimlerChrysler Aerospace, Elsacom (a Finmeccanica
Company), Hyundai, TE.SA.M (a France Telecom/Alcatel company), Space
Systems/Loral, and Vodafone Group Plc.

* If a customer is not already connected to the Vodafone network they will need
to purchase a GSM mobile phone and sign a contract in order to access the

* There are two Globalstar handsets - the Ericsson R290 (GBP1200) and the Telit
SAT550 (GBP800). Please note that these prices are not subsidised and are
intended as a guide only, as handset costs are determined by individual service

* There are a range of tariff prices according to where calls are
originated/terminated. As a guide, the UK domestic tariff (for calls within the
UK and from the UK to Western Europe and the USA) is approximately $2.24 per
minute. As with all roaming charges, Globalstar call charges may be subject to
service provider mark-up, VAT and fluctuating exchange rates.

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To: SKIP PAUL who wrote (8948)1/24/2001 10:20:12 PM
From: Valueman
   of 10851
The theory that G* is worth nothing in bankruptcy is total bunk. Don't rely on that as some cornerstone of an investment thesis. It's worth A LOT to the right people, such as our own DoD. They could give a rat's ass about Vodafone's gateways. Q will be more than happy to supply the mobile gateways for military use. I am certain they could even develop the same type of mobile gateway for maritime use. The military are used to very low data rate satellite communications. A lot of the EHF system is 9.6K. They rely on that for data transmission in many cases. If G* can be rejiggered at anything equal to or better, you have yourself a DoD special. If I owned a Tonka full of G* bonds, I would definitely vote for bankruptcy, pinhook the constellation to the DoD, and let Bernie and his glorious SP's bite me.

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To: Valueman who wrote (8951)1/25/2001 1:00:12 AM
From: KyrosL
   of 10851
Valueman, didn't Iridium take care of the US military's needs? eom

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To: KyrosL who wrote (8952)1/25/2001 8:45:42 AM
From: Valueman
   of 10851
In part, but G* would be much better. Iridium has a 2.4K data rate. The global coverage feature would be negated with mobile G* gateways. Finally, the sats will crap out long before G*'s sats. So what to do? Pay to launch more Iridium sats or buy a good constellation for cheap?

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To: SKIP PAUL who wrote (8948)1/25/2001 10:00:47 AM
From: ebg51
   of 10851
This guy makes alot of sense. eom

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To: Win-Lose-Draw who wrote (8942)1/25/2001 9:32:48 PM
From: Jon Koplik
   of 10851
"LOR is moving ahead of QCOM's earnings (and subsequent conf call) so I'm guessing ..."

that at the time you composed your post, there were more buyers than sellers in LOR shares.

(This may sound like I am merely trying to be a "wise guy," but -- I occasionally like to remind people that big moves up or down in a stock often mean (simply) : there is a big buyer (or seller) in the stock).


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To: Jon Koplik who wrote (8955)1/26/2001 8:52:36 AM
From: Jeff Vayda
   of 10851
Europe*Star establishes operations in Southern
Africa; New Cape Town office to oversee regional sales and services

Story Filed: Thursday, January 25, 2001 12:40 PM EST

JAN 25, 2001, M2 Communications - NEW YORK -- Europe*Star, a joint venture between Alcatel Spacecom of France and Loral
Space & Communications (NYSE:LOR), has officially initiated service in southern Africa with the establishment of a regional office in
Cape Town, South Africa.

The Europe*Star office is headed up by Roy Ingle, the company`s regional director for Africa, who will oversee Europe*Star`s
activities throughout South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland.

"With southern Africa`s ongoing deregulation of the telecommunications sector, this region is expected to see a rapid rise in demand
for intra-Africa and intercontinental communications systems," said Alain Roger, CEO of Europe*Star. "Europe*Star`s satellite
resources are particularly well suited to meet this demand with high-powered, high-capacity service to and from virtually any location
in the region."

About Europe*Star

Europe*Star is a new satellite owner-operator headquartered in London, providing local support and presence within its diverse
regions through operating offices in New Delhi, India, and in Cape Town, South Africa. A satellite control center is in Toulouse,
France, with backup facilities in Rambouillet, France and Hawley, Pa. Europe*Star is also a member of the Loral Global Alliance.
For more information, visit

About Alcatel Space

An affiliate of Alcatel (51%) and Thomson-CSF (49%), Alcatel Space generated a 1999 turnover of 9.3 billion francs (1.4 billion
Euros) and employs 5,500 people. Alcatel Space has partners around the world, subsidiaries throughout Europe, and a strong
commitment to R&D. Alcatel Space plays an important role - as prime contractor, operator, investor, or service provider - in many
ongoing space programs for telecommunications, navigations, optical and radar observation, meteorology, and sciences. For more
information visit

About Loral Space & Communications

Loral Space & Communications is a high technology company that concentrates primarily on satellite manufacturing and
satellite-based services, including transponder leasing and value-added services, domestic and international corporate data
networks, global wireless telephony, broadband data transmission and content services, Internet services, and international
direct-to-home satellite services. For more information, visit Loral`s web site at

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To: Don Limb who started this subject1/26/2001 9:19:53 AM
From: KyrosL
   of 10851
Loral short interest drops by 4.5 m shares

Jan 12 short interest was 22,840,889 vs 27,405,991 on Dec 15. So the move from the lows to 5 was supported by hefty short covering, which is probably still going on.


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To: KyrosL who wrote (8957)1/26/2001 10:44:00 AM
From: Ms. Baby Boomer
   of 10851
...if short LOR...more likely combo of buying, short-selling & covering. But agree w/U the block trades are $$$$$$....


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