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To: Jeff Vayda who wrote (5783)4/20/1999 2:02:00 PM
From: Rocket Scientist
   of 10851
Just a guess, but most of the 70+M to Lockheed Martin was probably for launch vehicles and related services, e.g. Proton (LM-Krunichev JV).

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To: Rocket Scientist who wrote (5784)4/20/1999 2:05:00 PM
From: Valueman
   of 10851
No, GOCC, or SOCC--one of the two.

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To: Valueman who wrote (5785)4/20/1999 2:59:00 PM
From: Jeff Vayda
   of 10851
RS (Vman) Yes, I think the 10K for G* mentioned that LM built the ground stations. Seems to have been lost in all the Qualcomm noise about supplying the software. (Reading through the reports is tough everything seems to be mentioned in 7 or 8 different places.)

Jeff Vayda

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To: Valueman who wrote (5777)4/20/1999 5:55:00 PM
From: Bernard Levy
   of 10851
Too bad the meeting is in NY. I would have been glad to
supply the tar and feathers.

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To: Bernard Levy who wrote (5787)4/21/1999 1:32:00 AM
From: SafetyAgentMan
   of 10851
(Satellite Today; 04/20/99)

Apr. 20, 1999 (SATELLITE TODAY, Vol. 2, No. 75 via COMTEX) -- LAS VEGAS--The
fledgling Cyberstar unit of the **Loral** Corp. [LOR] is expected to achieve
profitability within the next 12 months by focusing on the distribution of
broadband content to private networks, Cyberstar president Ronald Maehl told us

Business customers will be targeted by Cyberstar, but the consumer market will
"grow dramatically," Maehl said. Cyberstar is developing into a software
company that will lease capacity from **Loral** Skynet satellites to provide
services - not operate its own satellites, he explained.

"Cyberstar is focusing more narrowly and driving to the market faster," Maehl
said. "It is incumbent upon satellite players to get to the market as soon as
possible. As the infrastructure builds out, the market share for various
technologies is going to be more solidified. Satellites are in an ideal
position because they supply broadband services."

One area that Cyberstar is looking to enter is business television, an
estimated $100 million-a-year market, Maehl said. The business TV market's
growth has been fairly flat, but data applications could transform it into a
different product, he added.

A key aspect of developing the business will be to use satellites in situations
when they offer a competitive advantage, compared with other technologies,
Maehl said. "It's important not to do things that technologies don't naturally
do," he said. "Customers are focused on cost-effectiveness. They don't care
how a service is delivered."


Copyright Phillips Publishing, Inc.

{C:SatelliteToday-0420.05052} 04/20/99

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To: SafetyAgentMan who wrote (5788)4/21/1999 10:52:00 AM
From: brian h
   of 10851
SAM and all,

I was in ABOV the last time Abov was mentioned with LOR. It was a very good run since then on ABOV. Not my LOR. Pretty depressing. Right? Well. Will hold anyway. A quick run from ABOV from $30 to $140. Not bad at all. Give me more dough to buy LOR, GSTRF and Q. I do not understand why LOR can not be treated as an internet backbone provider. Hmmmmm.

Loral Orion Chooses AboveNet to Provide Direct Connections to Internet for Expanding, Global Traffic
LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 21, 1999--Loral Orion, a subsidiary of Loral Space & Communications (NYSE:LOR - news), today announced that it is further expanding its Internet access capacity through a new agreement with AboveNet(TM) Communications Inc.

This agreement will allow Loral Orion to deliver more rapid access to the U.S. Internet backbone for its growing number of Internet Service Provider (ISP) customers who currently use the company's global satellite services.

Loral Orion currently offers advanced, end-to-end Internet access and value-added services to a growing number of ISPs around the world. By broadening the company's terrestrial Internet gateway connections through this agreement, Loral Orion will be able to offer customers greater capacity and enhancements including secure, multicast services for business applications.

Under the new agreement, Loral Orion will locate servers at AboveNet's Tysons Corner, Va., New York, N.Y. and San Jose, Calif., Internet Service Exchanges (ISX). This will enable Loral Orion to carry data directly from its satellite network to the Internet across the U.S. AboveNet's multiple ISX facilities will speed data distribution for Loral Orion, enhancing the company's global Internet delivery service.

''We have chosen AboveNet because of its superior connectivity and reliable network,'' said Neil Bauer, group vice president for Loral Data Services. ''This complements Loral Orion's extensive satellite-based Internet capabilities, allowing us to deliver an even more complete set of global IP-based services to efficiently meet our customers' requirements.''

''Our agreement with Loral Orion adds another dimension to the kind of customers that may utilize our ISX,'' said Dave Rand, chief technology officer of AboveNet. ''Adding a satellite-based service provider enhances our global expansion strategy because of the appeal of satellite transmissions to international ISPs and multinational enterprises.''

Loral Orion, based in Rockville, Md., is a subsidiary of Loral Space & Communications. Loral Orion is a data services company focused on providing global Internet access, data networking and content delivery services. In addition to offering a variety of satellite-based Internet services to ISPs and multinational businesses worldwide, Loral Orion provides managed network services to corporate customers around the globe.

Brian H.

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To: Don Limb who wrote ()4/21/1999 1:42:00 PM
From: Rocket Scientist
   of 10851
Happy anniversary everyone--exactly 52 weeks ago today we made our all time high of 33 15/16. And three years ago this week Mr. Limb started this fine thread.

The last twelve months haven't been too much fun for shareholders, needless to say, but I'm prepared to hang in there for another twelve, anyway. How about a pool on the stock's high/low/close for the next 52 weeks?

Here are my picks: 52/16/44

And those of you who think there won't be a Loral twelve months from now can join in the fun by guessing buyer and buyout price.

Warm regards to all here,


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To: Rocket Scientist who wrote (5790)4/21/1999 2:21:00 PM
From: Sawtooth
   of 10851
Okay! I always enjoy a good contest. But, to spice it up a little, would you be willing to expand the contest to include G*? Would be two winners; one for Lor and one for G* (could be the same person, of course). Your call. Now I need to do a little pencil pushing and I'll have my entries.

You are keeping the running tally with periodic updates for 52 weeks, RS?

Best. ...Tim

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To: Rocket Scientist who wrote (5790)4/21/1999 2:26:00 PM
From: Jeff Vayda
   of 10851
RS: Just like the engineer, you leave out the most important part - what is the prize!

Jeff Vayda

P.S. 52 week: Low 14 High 60 (the assets will start to pull in money. G* will show some life and sector rotation will continue into the companies which support the information society and actually have some profits.

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To: Jeff Vayda who wrote (5792)4/21/1999 5:42:00 PM
From: Rocket Scientist
   of 10851
OK, we're off...Bidding to date (H/L/C for 52 weeks starting today):

RS: 52/16/44
JV: 60/14/?

I think I'll invite the Yahoo types to post entries, too, to broaden the pool.

As for prizes, bragging rights or virtual free tix to next year's s/h meeting, any other ideas?

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