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To: Perry Ganz who wrote (24)4/18/2001 11:35:14 AM
From: Susan G
   of 47
wowee! This stock rocks every quarter : )

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To: Susan G who wrote (27)4/18/2001 1:21:46 PM
From: Dennis
   of 47
CEO on cnbc now

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To: Perry Ganz who wrote (24)4/18/2001 9:57:25 PM
From: Susan G
   of 47
CEO Says Price Drop Reason For Rev Jump

Semiconductor company Pixelworks saw sales growth of 200% in the first
quarter compared with last year mainly because of falling prices of
flatpanel displays, Allen Alley, the company's president, chief executive,
and chairman, told Dow Jones Newswires.
"The price of flatpanel displays has dropped to half what it was a year
ago," Alley said, adding that most other semiconductor business has not seen
a similar drop.
According to Alley, Pixelworks' strengthened position in the market also
added to first-quarter results.
Alley explained the company's first-quarter charge of $32.4 million as a
result of the January close on the acquisition of Panstera. The acquired
company, which is in the development stage, has not generated revenue so
"We expect them to contribute to revenues in the second half of this year,"
Alley said.
-By Victoria Marcinkowski, Dow Jones Newswires; 201-938-2408;

01:21 PM
*** end of story ***

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To: Susan G who wrote (29)4/19/2001 9:11:42 PM
From: Perry Ganz
   of 47
Hi Susan
Sold my PXLW today at $22.30
Mainly because of the recent huge runup in the NAZ and PXLW
and partly because the suprise of 7 cents verses the estimate of 4
was really not that big
I say that because the anylists had a 28% tax rate in their estimates and PXLW is not going to pay any taxes this year
Panstera purchase is the reason ..... I think
they would have reported 5 cents if they were paying taxes

plus the stock has almost tripled in the last couple of weeks

lots of good stuff in the CC
flat panel monitors are really about 50% of biz

Good Luck
looking to buy back at 16

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To: Perry Ganz who wrote (30)4/21/2001 4:43:39 PM
From: Susan G
   of 47
I did the same...

I had bought quite a bit when it hit 8 and had to take profits as that was nearly a triple in less than a month. I'll be back <g>

And if there is a big dip I may buy it and hold on longer term.


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To: D.B. Cooper who wrote (14)5/9/2001 10:40:40 PM
From: NCC-1911 D
   of 47
PXLW soaring--the stock action indicates to me that the demand for flat panel displays is taking off !!

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To: NCC-1911 D who wrote (32)5/9/2001 11:00:38 PM
From: D.B. Cooper
   of 47
This board is sure quiet considering all the upside moves on PXLW. Getting a little scary here though as I think it is time for the NAZ to retreat and so will go PXLW. Any thoughts out there??

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To: D.B. Cooper who wrote (33)5/16/2001 10:21:43 AM
From: Douglas A. Sevy
   of 47
I don't know much about this technology, but found this interesting. How does this fit in with what Pixelworks is doing?


Someday, flat panels - like the screen on your laptop - will be the standard displays for computers, TVs and cell phones. But today's most common flat panels - liquid crystal displays (LCDs) - are expensive, hard-to-manufacture electricity hogs. That's why monitor makers are all a-goggle over organic light-emitting devices, known as OLEDs.

Originally developed by Kodak in the late '70s and since refined by a host of companies (including Cambridge Display Technology, DuPont, IBM, NEC, Philips and Universal Display), OLEDs are based on something called electroluminescence. Certain organic materials emit light when an electric current passes through them. Sandwich such materials between two electrodes and you've got a display.

In addition to soaking up less electricity than LCDs, OLEDs are easier to manufacture. That simplicity, along with lower materials costs, makes them cheaper to build. Yet they're brighter than LCDs, with better color saturation and a wider viewing angle.

And because they can be quite thin, OLEDs make all sorts of sci-fi scenarios possible. Imagine stock quotes scrolling across your pen, or movies playing on your handheld. Already, Pioneer has released a car radio-cum-navigation device in Japan that uses a 64-by-256-pixel OLED screen to display traffic conditions. Motorola's Timeport P8767 phone, which debuted in Japan in September, sports an OLED screen. Seiko plans to release an OLED phone capable of full-color video in 2002.


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To: Susan G who wrote (31)8/27/2001 7:18:40 PM
From: Perry Ganz
   of 47
Our baby is coming back to us.
Is it time?

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To: Perry Ganz who wrote (35)8/27/2001 10:19:16 PM
From: Susan G
   of 47
Soon, I'm watching like a hawk <g>

Hard to believe it's taken such a hit after that last earnings report. Sold off off high volume today too, I don't think the bottom is in. A news release stated Compaq was selling 1/4 million shares starting 8/20, probably part of the recent selloff.

There was a also news release last week that I only saw on Qcharts from an Edgar filing, and S-3 stating the the Panstera shareholders were dumping a few million merger shares....not great news when it hits at the same time as all the other news.

Tonight I got a PR from IR which said there is a SG Cowin Conference presentation on the 5th. It always pops on those, in fact it's hilarious to watch. You can sign up for these alerts on the Pixelworks website.

Also several Equity Alert emails in the past week, one today commenting that it broke support Friday. Within minutes of that PR it started getting hit...amzing how the news services such as Briefing and Equity Alert are now TA experts...they compound the moves with their real time TA alerts. I think they should stick to NEWS! The stated 14 is support so I'll bet it bounces there.

Clearstation had it as a short last week, the sheep piled on so that may make for a nice squeeze soon.

And there's more...this Samsung news about flat screen sales could be hurting too.

Message 16259673

Talk about a ton of lousy news at once!

SAGI has been beautiful lately, one to watch. Seems to be stealing a little of PXLW momentum.

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