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To: Lyle Bean who wrote (1055)12/8/1999 7:13:00 PM
From: 2MAR$
   of 1884
Yep, and they can have those bright shiny new Sun Servers deployed

----->lickety Split!.... talk about "live" streaming media!

Then who are they going to call? Why Digital Island of course!

$150+..---->very soon.



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To: 2MAR$ who wrote (1056)12/8/1999 7:58:00 PM
From: Lyle Bean
   of 1884
CNBC story showed the true leader is going to be ISLD

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To: 2MAR$ who wrote (1054)12/8/1999 8:13:00 PM
From: Boplicity
   of 1884
yep that's it, I coined it so send me money whenever you use it. LOL


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To: Boplicity who wrote (1058)12/8/1999 8:24:00 PM
From: 2MAR$
   of 1884
Wow, did you know
that i mopped up every share afters hours
last night that i could, when the annoucement
was made of news pending?

I just couldn't believe that there were
shares to be had for as low as $73-$75!LOL

Picked up 2.5K shares and sold today for
the largest single gain of this year!~
Plus played it twice back up to $130, from $122...
a heavenly day on the ISLANDS!

thank you who ever sold me those shares
last night, i owe you one ...

....and if your short ISLD, I would not be stepping out of the room



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To: 2MAR$ who wrote (1054)12/8/1999 8:27:00 PM
From: 2MAR$
   of 1884
Sandpiper Networks Works With Microsoft to Offer Multicasting and Other
Streaming Services

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec 8, 1999 (BUSINESS WIRE) --

Sandpiper is the First Content Delivery Network Provider Capable of
Supporting TV-Level Audiences and Server-to-Server Multicasting

Sandpiper Networks Inc., the leading provider of comprehensive
content delivery solutions for e-business, today announced from the
Streaming Media West Conference that the company is working with
Microsoft to rapidly deploy its streaming media network, including the
first server-to-server multicasting services offered by a Content
Delivery Network (CDN). The rapid deployment and multicasting offering
is possible because Sandpiper has integrated with Microsoft Windows
Media Technologies and joined Microsoft's Broadband Jumpstart
Initiative earlier this year.

Since working with Microsoft, Sandpiper now has more than six gigabits
of global streaming capacity and supports millions of simultaneous
users while guaranteeing the highest level of performance. Together,
Microsoft and Sandpiper have delivered several streaming media events
such as the Drew Carey Show and NASA news on the Mars Polar landing
site, Now, with multicasting capability, Sandpiper
supports the delivery of all media types, from multicast audio and
video to dynamic and authenticated content. Using the world's largest
CDN, online content is delivered closer to end users, avoiding network
congestion and outages. As a result, overall Web site performance is
improved while dramatically speeding the delivery of large download
files, streaming media files, e-commerce transactions and other
bandwidth-intensive content.

"Multicasting is the Internet's next evolutionary step in Web content,"
said Leo Spiegel, president and CEO of Sandpiper Networks. "As the only
CDN with native multicast support, we've now brought a new level of
performance and scalability to e-business that offers this innovative
content. With Microsoft's help and this capability, Sandpiper is once
again setting the standards by which all other content delivery
services are measured."

"With Windows Media Microsoft is thrilled to provide Sandpiper with an
easy-to-implement, componentized solution to best meet its specialized
business needs for distribution of audio and video over the Web," said
Will Poole, general manager of Marketing and Business Development,
Streaming Media Division, Microsoft Corp.

Sandpiper announced in October 1999 that the company intends to merge
with Digital Island Inc. (Nasdaq:ISLD), a leading provider of network
services for globalizing e-business applications. The combined company
plans to integrate content delivery, hosting and intelligent network
services to address the two significant requirements of global
e-business applications: support for centrally controlled and secure
transactions and fast content delivery at the edges of the network. The
Footprint network will have more than 1,200 servers worldwide by
year-end. Sandpiper has deployed Footprint servers in more than 20
networks worldwide, including America Online, Concentric Networks,
Uunet, GTE BBN, Sprint, Cable and Wireless, PSINet,
Frontier/Globalcenter, and TCG/Cerfnet.

Customers using Sandpiper's CDN to ensure the fast and reliable
delivery of online content include: Activision, AdForce, Astound, Blue
Mountain, CallWave,, EarthLink,, Gamesville,, LiveOnLine, PBS, Sabela Media, SCO, University Netcasting,
Value America and other leading Internet content providers. Online
events delivered by Sandpiper include the 1999 Academy Awards,'s real-time photo gallery, "id Software's Quake III
Arena" and the Starr Report.

About Sandpiper Networks

Sandpiper Networks is the world's first content delivery service
provider for the Internet. Founded in 1996, Sandpiper has built the
largest and most comprehensive Content Delivery Network (CDN). The
company's initial service offering, Footprint(SM), gives leading
e-businesses the power to deliver Web sites more efficiently and
profitably while dramatically improving site performance. Footprint
ensures the delivery of fresh Web content of all types while providing
management statistics that are vital to Web-centric businesses. For
more information, visit

The network is changing. Adapt to it(SM).

Copyright (C) 1999 Business Wire. All rights reserved.

Distributed via COMTEX.
CONTACT: For Sandpiper Networks
Michelle Balconi/Carolyn Ward
858/457-4888, ext. 132/156




Today's News On The Net - Business Wire's full file on the Internet
with Hyperlinks to your home page.

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To: 2MAR$ who wrote (1059)12/8/1999 8:30:00 PM
From: Spiderman
   of 1884
How do you buy after the market close? Do you go through ISLAND (not ISLD of course)- The Datek Service?? This stock will hit $170 by year end. Loooong ISLD.

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To: 2MAR$ who wrote (1059)12/8/1999 8:40:00 PM
From: Dalin
   of 1884
Hey..that was me.......I'll take a Cubra you in Cozumel!!



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To: Spiderman who wrote (1061)12/8/1999 8:42:00 PM
From: Dalin
   of 1884



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To: Mohan Marette who wrote ()12/8/1999 8:45:00 PM
From: barbie13607
   of 1884

S.Korea Softbank, E*Trade JV says to begin in Jan
SEOUL, Dec 8 (Reuters) - A South Korean online joint venture between Softbank Corp and the E*Trade Group (NasdaqNM:EGRP - news) said on Wednesday it will begin operations in January in a country with the world's highest share of online stock trading.

``We plan to launch online brokerage services as early as next month,' an official with E*Trade Korea told Reuters.

E*Trade Korea obtained a preliminary licence from South Korean financial authorities late last month and final approval is due this month.

Industry sources say financial services in South Korea are moving online faster than those in any other country in Asia.

The Korea Securities Dealers Association says nearly 40 percent of the country's trade in stocks is done online.

Local newspapers said this week that online broking by the country's top five securities companies neared 50 percent of total transactions in November.

That eclipses the 21 to 25 percent penetration rate in the United States, the country at the forefront of the Internet revolution, and dwarfs levels seen in more developed Asian markets like Japan.

Korea has several factors in its favour - significantly low commission fees, a recovering economy and high Internet usage.

E*Trade Korea expects Korea's market to grow larger and is poised to become a major player within the next few years.

``Definitely, it will take a year or two to get a secure place in the competitive market, but Korea is a big market,' said the E*Trade Korea official.

``Besides, we have Internet giants Softbank and E*Trade on the back of us.
That will provide a synergy effect in our business.'

Softbank, headed by billionaire Masayoshi Son, is known for its aggressive
investment in about 120 Internet-related firms, mostly in the United States. It owns major stakes in Yahoo! Inc (NasdaqNM:YHOO - news), GeoCities Inc and Internet broker E*Trade Group Inc (NasdaqNM:EGRP - news).

South Korea is just one of several countries where Softbank is investing in order to diversify risk in its hefty investment in Internet-related firms, centred mostly in the United States.

In October, the head of over-the-counter Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (KOSDAQ) Stock Market Inc said Softbank Corp and Nasdaq were seeking a 49 percent stake in the Korean firm.

Local newspapers also reported Softbank sought to establish a financial holding company in Korea.

The main shareholders of E*Trade Korea also include South Korea's LG Investment Trust and Securities with 15 percent.

Softbank holds 40 percent stake and E*Trade Group has 10 percent.
E*Trade Korea will be capitalised at 10 billion won.


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To: Spiderman who wrote (1061)12/8/1999 8:48:00 PM
From: 2MAR$
   of 1884
After-hours trading is very common, thru many

online brokers , I am currently using "MyTrade" from offer pre-mrkt buying starting @ 8:am (thru ISLD)

and after-hour's to 7:30pm. Very handy to have this ability, especially when such great news hits. This catch netted me
5 figures, overnight!

nice thing to wake up to, your stock up +30 by the bell, and near
+60 by mid morn!



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