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To: Frederick Langford who wrote (55449)1/3/2000 12:30:00 PM
From: Jack Hartmann
   of 108040
Andover.Net - ANDN; Advest gives it Strong Buy Projects top line growth of more than 150%; sets $59 price target. ACOM getting price targets of $60 - 75 from H&Q, SSB. Not exactly votes of confidence. Not familar with Advest's track record of price targets. I always like CIBC and PiperJ for accuracy in the stocks I follow. Conservative targets.

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To: $Mogul who wrote (54941)1/3/2000 12:33:00 PM
From: Jim B
   of 108040
you do know XPDR now has options on the CBOE... any of them look interesting?? imagine what they could do if this thing surges after the QP

either way... XPDR doesn't look like one that is going to stay down near $30 for very much longer


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To: $Mogul who wrote (55522)1/3/2000 12:34:00 PM
From: swisstrader
   of 108040
VIGN - nuf said!

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To: swisstrader who wrote (55525)1/3/2000 12:36:00 PM
From: BarbaraT
   of 108040
PTSC .. found out why it is up - taken from Stockprowler:

PTSC (OTC:BB) - Let me say at the outset that PTSC is truly an undiscovered little
gem? a genuine sleeper. Although this is likely to soon change. San Diego, California
based Patriot Scientific Corp. has begun marketing its patented PSC1000 microprocessor,
the first market-ready microprocessor for Java applications. Java is Sun Microsystems'
computer language for programs that users can run over networks or in Internet
applications. Java is ideal for implementing small, network-connected embedded
applications and excels at user friendly interfaces. This is a burgeoning lucrative market,
and the applications stagger the imagination: hand-held personal digital assistants
(PDAs), 2-way video phones, internet cell phones, interactive pagers, smart appliances,
automotive control devices, and industrial quality controllers. In fact, sources at Patriot
Scientific anticipate annual revenues from the PSC1000 to reach $100 million to $200
million sometime in the next 5 years. Sound far fetched? Stockprowler does not think so.
The only competition on the immediate horizon is Sun Microsystems with their Java chip,
the MAJC, which in its low-end configuration is expected to sell for around $50 when it
becomes available early this year. Contrast this with Patriot's PSC1000 which will be
priced around $10 or less in large quantities. Furthermore, the Sun MAJC is power hungry
and consumes too much power to go into handheld battery-powered devices. The
PSC1000 by comparison is an elegantly simple design? very efficient?and has low power
consumption. According to Electronic Engineering Times, the PSC1000 is a "highly
integrated 32-bit CPU with two processors in one package: a microprocessing unit for
conventional processing tasks, and an input/output processor" which can, with
appropriate software, "replace many dedicated peripheral functions." Furthermore, this
design is made even more unique by its dual stack architecture which is very efficient for
processing languages like Java.

Patriot Scientific has recently signed a distribution agreement with Antratek
Electonics of the Netherlands. Other distributors signed include: Ineltek, Germany;
Pantek Technology, Taiwan; RealVision, Japan; Integrated Electronics, Finland;
Microtronics, Southeast Asia: Iridium Data, Israel, and Acetronix, Korea. Early last year,
Patriot Scientific also announced its first licensing agreement with VSAC, a Japanese
electronics industry association.

Patriot recently obtained a $5 million "equity line of credit" to finance ongoing
development and marketng efforts over the next 3 years. The company appears well
positioned to take advantage of the embedded Java market that is set to explode. The
potential is here for very rapid earnings growth given the inherent superiority and low
cost of the PSC1000 microprocessor. Insiders own 32% of the company, and there has
been some evidence of recent insider buying ?10,000 shares by company CEO, James T.
Lunney. PTSC closed Friday at 55 cents, up 10% on strong volume (408,500 shares).
The Stockprowler software/database has been showing moderate to heavy accumulation
over the past 3 weeks. Stockprowler's target on PTSC is $3 - $5 over the next 6
months, although this may prove to be conservative given the market for this product.
This is a medium risk speculation with very big upside potential.


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To: Kimberly Lee who wrote (55233)1/3/2000 12:37:00 PM
From: Dave Gore
   of 108040

Might be worth DD-ing; these are beaten down bigtime.

Analyst just recommended looking at PNVN and HCEN, two beaten down IPO's hurt by tax loss selling; not the sexiest of plays but they are major players in their sectors and down big from their highs.

Year high: $20-1/4
year Low: $7.50
current: $8.37

PNVN: Strategic alliances with Volvo Trucks, Cummins Engine Company and PACCAR. Recently announced $10M agreement with Paccar;
trucking industry is a huge multi-billion industry.

(PR NEWSWIRE) PNV and Announce Agreement to Form Strategic Relationship

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla., Dec. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- PNV Inc. (Nasdaq: PNVN), the leading provider of bundled telecommunications, cable
television and Internet
access services to truck drivers in the long-haul trucking industry, announced that it is forming a strategic relationship with, the
Internet division of PACCAR (Nasdaq: PCAR), a lead manufacturer of high quality light-,medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

PNV has received a $10 million investment from as part of PNV's recent Initial Public Offering.

(partial story...not full release)

Company Overview
PNV is the leading provider of bundled telecommunications,
cable television and Internet access services to truck drivers in
the privacy and convenience of their truck cabs. In addition to
truck drivers, we offer our telecommunications and Internet
access services to other participants in the trucking community,
including trucking fleets, truckstop operators and trucking
industry suppliers and manufactures.

We believe the Internet will become a significant
communications and commerce medium for the trucking
community. In October 1999, we launched our portal website and
through it we are creating content for the entire trucking
community, including drivers and their families, industry
suppliers and manufacturers, truckstop operators and trucking

Our objective is to capitalize on our position as the leading
provider of bundled telecommunications, cable television, and
Internet access services to truck drivers and our relationship with
others in the trucking community, to become the preferred
provider of communications and Internet information solutions for
the entire trucking community.

Our Products
PNV's product offerings are designed to connect drivers,
long-haul trucking fleets, truckstop operators, advertisers and
trucking industry suppliers. We currently offer: In-cab
telecommunications and cable television; Internet access as an
Internet Service Provider; and prepaid phone cards, public phone
operations and public Internet kiosks for truckstop owners. We
offer advertising for industry suppliers and other industry
participants through our cable channel known as the Driver's
Entertainment Network (DEN), our monthly television
programming guide and lifestyle magazine, Connect!, our portal
website and our voice response system.

Our Strategy
We intend to continue to deploy our network in additional
truckstops and increase subscription sales, extend our brand
recognition, expand our entertainment services and maximize
our strategic relationships. By providing a leading trucking
industry portal website, we intend to improve the lifestyles of
drivers and their families and the trucking industry's work

Product Applications
Our products will enable business-to-business electronic
commerce applications for fleets, drivers and industry suppliers
to exchange information and conduct transactions, such as load
posting, freight matching and classified ads. We also are
creating business-to-consumer electronic commerce
applications to enable drivers and constituent groups to purchase
goods and services for their personal and occupational use.

PNV's networks and publications provide advertising
opportunities that allow advertisers to market their products,
provide links to their websites and target the driver market which
has unique demographic characteristics. Our portal includes
specialized content on a wide variety of subjects of interest to
the trucking community and those who interact with the industry.
One such example is the "lifestyle" segment that provides truck
drivers with interactive tools and services to personalize their
on-line experience, including e-mail, chat rooms, news, weather
and games.

Strategic Relationships
Establishing and maintaining strategic relationships is a key part
of PNV's business strategy. PNV has entered into long-term
contracts with approximately 450 of the approximately 1,100
full-service truckstops across the country. We also have
contracts with trucking associations representing more than 300
additional truckstops that permit us to offer our services to their
members. In addition, we have entered into strategic
relationships with truckstop operators and industry suppliers
such as Travel Centers of America, Pilot Corporation, Volvo
Trucks, Cummins Engine Company and PACCAR.

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To: Kimberly Lee who wrote ()1/3/2000 12:37:00 PM
From: GraniaO
   of 108040
IDC--whoever just bought 10000 at 64 15/16 must have nerves of steel...

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To: Jack Hartmann who wrote (55523)1/3/2000 12:37:00 PM
From: If only I'd held
   of 108040
Just got off the phone with the CEO of one of my stocks. While it appears to be taking a beating, I say it is under accumulation. They are presenting at the H&Q conference in the coming weeks and there is news coming. Hint: It has an A at the end of the symbol, and it is down 50% from it's highs hit last week, when someone came in and scooped up about 100k shares. Anyone that has been following what I am doing will know what this stock is. If you decide to venture in, buy it on the bid if possible. The gap is a joke.

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To: Jack Hartmann who wrote (55523)1/3/2000 12:39:00 PM
From: Frederick Langford
   of 108040
$35 to 59 is a nice gain.
I see it taking advantage of any Linux moves and think the expo should give it some momentum.
From H&Q
Linux and Open Source are changing the corporate IT landscape.
Andover.Net, like VA Linux (Nasdaq: LNUX) and Red Hat (Nasdaq: RHAT), is one
of the companies driving this change," said Scott Olsen, Linux/Open Source
research analyst at WR Hambrecht + Co. "We believe Andover.Net has a
tremendous market opportunity to offer services that leverage its position as
a key intermediary between corporations, developers, and users of Open Source
With the leading market share (58%) of the commercial Linux/Open Source
traffic, Andover.Net also has a very attractive demographic from an
advertising perspective. Andover.Net plans to leverage the active
participation of its large developer base to engage in three revenue lines:
advertising from its site, ecommerce sales, and creation of Corporate
Services. Keys to growth will be strategic acquisitions, continued attraction
of Open Source developers, and development of new and compelling corporate
services based on the knowledge created at its collaboration sites.


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To: Frederick Langford who wrote (55530)1/3/2000 12:40:00 PM
From: Ron Pratt
   of 108040
ELEC is strong

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To: Kimberly Lee who wrote (55233)1/3/2000 12:40:00 PM
From: Sam Nizam
   of 108040
Happy New Year Kim. KNOT and EGRT look ready to do FOGD's.

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