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To: Elio Madama who wrote (3680)3/22/1999 1:25:00 AM
From: BarbaraT
   of 13776
How much does MY Track cost - The site only gives download information.

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To: BarbaraT who wrote (3715)3/22/1999 2:08:00 AM
From: ciVic
   of 13776
EDII - .22$ and NR today of an Aquisition COMPLETED!! Has been on OTC for 6 months - and looks like this was the aquisition it was planning to make. gonna look into it a little more tomorrow...


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To: HandsOn who wrote (3693)3/22/1999 4:32:00 AM
From: Wayne Rumball
   of 13776
UBUY - aw damnit. Can't they wait for some news or something.

Oh well, guess they present me a tremendous opportunity to SELL.

Then maybe it'll crash and I can buy it back.

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To: SIW who wrote (3696)3/22/1999 4:36:00 AM
From: Wayne Rumball
   of 13776
Let me know if you need a director to issue options and warrants to.

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To: Wayne Rumball who wrote (3717)3/22/1999 4:38:00 AM
From: Investor Clouseau
   of 13776
Wayne, don't you ever sleep? I'm goin to sleep now. You must be a machine.

Good night

P.S. Notice the alias change

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To: LANCE B who wrote (3697)3/22/1999 4:39:00 AM
From: Wayne Rumball
   of 13776
Good to have you back.

You missed UBUY

We will have a big week, seems a trip is needed once in a while (or were you and your friend howling at the moon?)


Think they will all come together this week.

IRTG has a search engine in addition to auctions now and an amazon link. Tried to add 8500 on friday when Thomas posted the info but got trampled in a stampede

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To: LANCE B who wrote (3703)3/22/1999 4:42:00 AM
From: Wayne Rumball
   of 13776
EBID - only info out there before you left was your call to the CO

Added 4K after you left.

Mr McD was bashing it for a while then did some excellent DD, see the thread. He now owns

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To: BarbaraT who wrote (3715)3/22/1999 4:46:00 AM
From: Wayne Rumball
   of 13776
mytrac costs 0 - $100+/month

I'm going 1 month at $100 then I will decide.

Hey, someone want to call them for a group discount???

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To: Investor Clouseau who wrote (3719)3/22/1999 4:49:00 AM
From: Wayne Rumball
   of 13776
I've already had 7 hours. What's your excuse. Market opens in 4 1/2 hours.

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To: star56 who wrote (3625)3/22/1999 5:33:00 AM
From: Wayne Rumball
   of 13776
Well I'm all out of cash, but you guys might want to take a look at NWDP. Been watching since mid-last week, spread has been really ugy. A bit more reasonable now and news;
SYDNEY, Australia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 22, 1999--New
Discoveries Publishing Corp. (OTC BB: NWDP), an Internet e-commerce
software company, has signed agreements with Internet giants America
Online (NYSE: AOL), Excite (Nasdaq: XCIT), Lycos (Nasdaq: LCOS) and
Yahoo (Nasdaq: YHOO), in a bid to win the lucrative online gaming
The four largest search engines will host links to New
Discoveries' home page, allowing Internet users direct access to the
Webcasinos interactive gaming sites and stock information site. The
agreement allows New Discoveries to reach most of the world's Internet
users, currently estimated to be 75 million people.
The agreement is for a combined number of 7.9 million hits to the
New Discoveries' site. Lycos is the second most visited Internet hub
and the world's largest online community with over 28 million visitors
each month, reaching 48.8% of the Internet audience.
New Discoveries aims to reach the huge number of Internet gaming
players and attract new users to its virtual casino site. Industry
estimates suggest the online gaming market could be worth a staggering
$29.2 billion by next year.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Peter Michaels, said, "This
could be the first part of a series of online alliances between New
Discoveries and Internet-related companies. We are market testing to
identify the best method to allow as many players as possible quick
access to our entertaining gaming sites."
"We are confident that traffic to our "webcasinos" site will
increase due to the existing traffic to these popular search engines.
"Internet users and investors have also expressed their interest
in knowing more about our company as a potential investment.
Shareholders can easily monitor the performance of New Discoveries
stock by visiting one of the online investment pages of America
Online, Excite, Lycos or Yahoo," said Michaels.
Shares in the popular Internet search engines have performed
strongly over the past three months, since 22 December 1998 to
19 March 1999, with America Online (NYSE: AOL) increasing 125% from
$53 to $1191/4; Excite (Nasdaq: XCIT) increasing 146% from $49 3/8 to
$121 6/8; Lycos (Nasdaq: LCOS) rising 73% from $55 6/8 to $96 5/8;
and Yahoo (Nasdaq: YHOO) moving higher 39% from $122 4/8 to $170.
New Discoveries Publishing Corporation, a Nevada-based company,
was formed in 1993 and approved for trading in September 1998.
Safe Harbor Statement under the Private Securities Litigation
Reform Act of 1995: The statements contained herein which are not
historical fact are forward-looking statements that are subject to
risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ
materially from those expressed in the forward-looking statements,
including, but not limited to, certain delays in testing and
evaluation of products and other risks detailed from time to time.
For further information visit the company's website at
Issued on behalf of New Discoveries Publishing Corp. by
Professional Public Relations.


CONTACT: Professional Public Relations
Lauren Stewart, + 612 9818 0950
Jennifer Parker, + 612 9818 0919

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