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To: BulbaMan who wrote (38009)3/22/2012 2:16:01 PM
From: scaram(o)uche
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>> The five-day rule doesn’t seem very difficult to evade. <<

It's a relatively new law, second iteration. And secondary offerings AIN'T new. Shorting into a secondary was rampant in biotech, ~ 1997. There was no sacred boundary between banker and analyst, Chinese Wall or otherwise, and news re. a secondary was eagerly passed among fund managers (anybody remember the "von Emster" days?) after each level of informant had filled their short (or just plain sold, with an eye to reloading).

In the old days of level II, when armies of newbie traders (like me) were signing on to paid quotes? The days before ECNs, etc? You could virtually watch a bank as it sold shares that it did not own, shorting into a secondary where a portion of the underwritten shares were then used to cover. Best example ever was a dive in Agouron, just before their last offering. Goldman.

SEC was slow to act, effective regulation of this disgusting process is relatively fresh off press.

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From: Biomaven3/22/2012 5:10:21 PM
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I commented some years back (maybe on the Sepracor thread) that the banning of CFC-containing inhalers was the most stupid environmental regulation ever:

Clearly if you spent $100m collecting old refrigerators and air conditioners and disposing of them properly you would achieve a few orders of magnitude more reduction in CFC emissions.


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From: BulbaMan3/22/2012 6:53:32 PM
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OT: The vampire squid slayer takes on BofA:

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To: John McCarthy who wrote (37944)3/22/2012 11:18:28 PM
From: freelyhovering
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On 10,000IU/day, my serum 25(OH) score dropped from 55 to 50 in 6 months since the last measurement. I went up to 15000IU/day as I want my score to be around 75. I check it every 6 months with
This study suggests that no toxicity would occur at the dosage that I am taking.

The 2000IU/day in the study you cited appears to be inadequate for any meaningful results from my reading. My unsystematic review of the literature suggests that adult females should be taking around 4,000IU/day and men around 6,000/day if their readings are stable above 40-60 on 25(OH) blood draws.

PS I will be 74 y/o in June and have been taking high dosage D3 for 3 years and my dermatologist confirms that the liver spots on my hands and arms have faded very significantly as an added value of taking the vitamin.

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To: Biomaven who wrote (38015)3/23/2012 9:01:36 AM
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>> the most stupid environmental regulation ever:

Larry Lindsey's comments on Affordable Care act are interesting especially for the perspective it offers on evaluating legislation and regulation for the economic impact.

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To: Biomaven who wrote (38015)3/23/2012 10:43:12 AM
From: DewDiligence_on_SI
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[OT]—I recently had a new furnace installed when the old one conked out. Although we had a relatively new central A/C system that was working fine, because the A/C shares the blower fan and ductwork with the furnace, the compressor had to be scrapped because environmental regs don’t permit continued use of a CFC-based system in any “new” installation.

To add insult to injury, the new compressor was oversized and didn’t fit in the allotted space, so it had to be relocated to the other side of the house. This caused about 5x as much work as the furnace installation itself.

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To: DewDiligence_on_SI who wrote (38019)3/23/2012 11:10:06 AM
From: Biomaven
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We had some work done on our house a few years ago. Our contractor was freaked out by the new EPA regulations on lead paint. Even though we very likely don't have any lead paint and also have no children in the house, the contractor felt he should comply by building a temporary outside staircase so the work could be sealed off from the house. Apparently the homeowner can no longer sign a waiver.


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To: Biomaven who wrote (37942)3/23/2012 8:59:53 PM
From: Western Rookie
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I find this thread quite informative as I am passionate about natural supplementation. Being an ex triathlete, the extra supplements were vital in maintaining my health and immune system and recovery and continued supplementation after. I can make a meal out the amount of stuff I take.

Selenium I can also vouch for. One thing that they have done with selenium is geographical studies relating to where selenium is naturally abundant in the soil. Where it is abundant there seems to be low infection rates of many 20st century diseases including cancer and HIV. I used to have the publication on my computer but it didn't transfer to the 'box' when I trashed the pc... but summing it up from a couple of examples in areas of Africa... Senegal I think the rate of HIV infection is a fraction that of other nations and cancer too. The one thing that is geographically different in Senegal is that the water is enriched with Selenium and they have made the correlation that the selenium enriched water stimulates the bodies immune system and better equips it to fight off cancer and even virus like HIV.

One major problem that modern day farming has done is deplete selenium entirely out of the soil. Almost the entire US is deficient in this vital mineral for your immune system where 100 years ago it was abundant. This could partially explain trending rates of what I like to call 20th century diseases that were not common 100 to 150 years ago simply because our bodies were better equipped to defend off these types of diseases and virus.

Another study in China also showed that introduction of selenium as a salt into the diet of an area whose soil was deficient showed a decrease in cancer rates.

It was a very good 100 page PDF. I will try and dig it up... It might still be sitting in my email somewhere from 2007.

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To: Western Rookie who wrote (38021)3/23/2012 9:21:13 PM
From: Robohogs
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Nice note on selenium. What other supplements did you find useful in your training? And also in general life? Thanks in advance.

I think my notes on silicon investor are going to become more numerous now, and also longer. It is much nicer being able to speak your messages instead of having to type them. This new application from Apple IPad is very nice.


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To: Robohogs who wrote (38022)3/24/2012 12:06:07 AM
From: Western Rookie
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things I found beneficial...
  • selenium
  • glucosamine/chondrotin/MSM
  • specific amino acid proteins e.g. L-Theanine
  • copious amounts of vitamin C and E
  • Krill, fish, sardine oil - high EPA/DHA content preferred
  • Seal Oil
  • Spirulina
  • Hemp
  • vitamin D
  • Multi B vitamin
  • Antioxidants - Acai, grape, cranberry and believe it or not Spaghetti Sauce
  • Probiotics in yogurt

Some new things...


Certainly not a complete list... but good base to work off of.

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