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To: Mark Haddad who wrote ()4/1/1999 11:13:00 AM
   of 5300
HEY Brooklyn Kid - Have fun with those Grim Reapers - if their lousy negative hype makes you buy more shares, then more power to you. My main reason for my post was for those out there who may react to their diatribe in the wrong fashion. You, I can tell, don't fit into the novice category - I'm sure you know how the game is played. Anyway, my post was just to enlighten the true longs on this thread not to get burned by shorters. This stock will do well on its own merits, as all will soon see. I think their should be some major movement this month with a continuation for the following months as new developments are made known. Good luck!

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To: STOCKMANDAN who wrote (5012)4/1/1999 11:27:00 AM
From: trader14U
   of 5300
I mean give me a break!!! You folks have been preaching the "just hold on a few more weeks" diatribe for 3 months now, and the stock has only drifted about 50% down. Don't you think that people that are still long this stock are missing out on other opportunities??? Ask yourselves where are all the cheerleaders from the last few months? Answer...they have moved on to bigger and better! Folks, this stock is done. Anyone still long has their head in the sand!

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To: trader14U who wrote (5013)4/1/1999 11:50:00 AM
From: Jgilbert
   of 5300
You may be right. Thank you for that most insightful post.

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To: trader14U who wrote (5013)4/1/1999 1:37:00 PM
From: Paul Oliu
   of 5300
I am still here. Still like the company, but I just get tired of posting and getting into an inane conversation when all we do is argue against one anothers prejudice for or agianst WCTI. I have better things to do with my time. Once in awhile though, it is fun.


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To: Paul Oliu who wrote (5015)4/1/1999 1:43:00 PM
From: trader14U
   of 5300
No more arguing for me on this one. My previous post sums it up!!

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To: trader14U who wrote (5016)4/1/1999 5:01:00 PM
From: schweitz
   of 5300

whatever happened to that barbara L&$$$ or whatever the hell it was. she was a champion hypester.

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To: schweitz who wrote (5017)4/1/1999 5:34:00 PM
From: realmoney
   of 5300
Careful Schweitz, keep posting like that and people are gonna think you came over to the dark side. :)

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To: realmoney who wrote (5018)4/1/1999 5:50:00 PM
From: schweitz
   of 5300
i'm not on any side. just here for kicks. the way i see it, if you're long its best to be around shorts and if your short its best to be around longs. keeps you on your toes. in general, the chat board crowd is enough to make any remotely knowledgeable investor run for the hills.

i still do wonder where she went. lots of others bailed too.

today is boring. let me post this from the davenetics newsletter for fun:


Not willing to let Yahoo! and steal the day's headlines,
Amazon makes its biggest acquisition to date as they purchase
Canada, the country. Jeff Bezos indicated that he was happy with the
deal and that all of Canada's current government officials would be
joining Amazon's HR department. The deal adds another major country
to the Kleiner Perkins family and makes them not only the most famous
venture capitalist firm, but the second largest continent. In order to
expedite the merger, French will be disallowed. Bezos has
hinted at the possibility of a future IPO spin-off of hockey.
Celine Dion will not be included in the deal.

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To: schweitz who wrote (5019)4/1/1999 7:01:00 PM
From: Mark Dawood
   of 5300
I am still here (I think Barbra LL%$% is in vacation) ... just reading the thread and getting tired from all the crap I read. Lot's of people got scared away (influenced by others), I don't blame them because they don't have a soild DD to base their decision on.
Anyhow, I don't want to get into this discussion.

Still holding and accumulating as it dip.

Best of Success to you all.

Mark Dawood

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To: Mark Dawood who wrote (5020)4/1/1999 8:46:00 PM
From: Ronyak
   of 5300

To : ALL

Below is an informative article published in the Orlando Sentinel today.

"Be wary of anonymous Web postings that criticize companies"
Published in The Orlando Sentinel on April 1, 1999.

Boy, there's a lot of bad stuff going on at ZZZ Corp. The company is cooking its books. Contrary to what its annual report says, it lost millions of dollars last year. That's not the worst of it. None of its products is Y2K compliant. Come Jan. 1, everything it makes is going to explode. I'm shorting ZZZ's stock. You should too.
Yours truly, ZDeep Throat

I could not write such things in this newspaper about a real company without presenting an enormous amount of proof to back up my allegations.

But I could post anything I want -- truth or lie -- on an Internet bulletin board and not even use my real name. People do it every day. And it's driving companies nuts.

As the Sentinel's Susan Strother reported Sunday, Amway Corp. is suing competitor Procter & Gamble, accusing it of supporting an anti-Amway Web site. As part of that lawsuit, Amway subpoenaed computer files from John Hoagland of Winter Park, another critic of the company, in an attempt to prove he is connected to P&G.

Phoenix International Ltd., a Heathrow, Florida banking-software company, is also counterattacking anonymous critics whose messages are posted on an online bulletin board hosted by Yahoo!, the Internet search-engine company. Phoenix wants Yahoo! to reveal the identities of those people.

Yahoo! hosts message boards on which people can post comments on hundreds of publicly held companies ( Perusing some of those boards recently, I found plenty of comments that could make a company's chief executive officer reach for Rolaids.

"The management should be tarred and feathered in front of all of the shareholders," a critic of a local company said on one board.

On another, an anonymous critic alleged that virtually all of a local company's customers are dissatisfied with its products.

"Take heed, . . . the fecal matter is going to strike the oscillating rotor on March 16," another anonymous critic wrote, commenting on the outlook for a local company.

As far as I can tell, that date brought no disasters for the company. But, obviously, comments such as these could damage a business. And the threat only increases each day, as thousands more people gain access the Internet to read and post such messages.

The Internet is the greatest development in the dissemination of information since the invention of radio. It puts the power of the press in everyone's hands. But its plus is also a minus: Not everyone will spread information honestly and responsibly.

Should something be done to rein in nameless critics and their allegations?

As someone who works under the umbrella of the First Amendment, I shudder at any attempt to abridge free speech. Yet, I also think that no person or business should be protectionless against lies, particularly those spread by anonymous accusers.

I don't know whether the online comments by Phoenix International's anonymous critics are true or false, but I cannot argue philosophically against the company's attempts to learn the critics' identities. From a practical standpoint, though, I question whether companies should, in all but the most egregious cases, respond to remarks posted on Internet message boards.

Sometimes, objecting to a lie only lends credence to it. As Shakespeare would put it: Methinks he doth protest too much!

Also, no amount of legal threats can silence someone intent on making his or her views known on the Internet. If we can't stop a handful of people from spreading computer viruses on the Web, we certainly cannot prevent millions from spreading words.

The best defense against the dissemination of falsehoods is an audience educated enough to judge the credibility of the information it receives.

We must repeatedly remind people to consider the source of anything they find while surfing the Web.

John Koenig
Orlando Sentinel

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