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To: Urlman who wrote (7683)4/2/2011 9:20:33 PM
From: Glenn Petersen
   of 7760
Your understanding is correct, though the popularity of the concept seems to have waned.

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To: Urlman who wrote (7683)4/3/2011 2:21:55 PM
From: Urlman
   of 7760
you see we have an unusual situation where the subsidiary has more potential for growth than the parent company --- but the parent company has greater brand name recognition ---

reminds me of the merger of Chase and Chemical banks--- Chemical was the bigger bank but Chase had the name.....

unusual situation may call for unusual ("waning") corporate strategy.

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From: hdl5/10/2011 5:45:58 AM
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msft buys skype

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To: Glenn Petersen who wrote (7673)5/11/2011 4:39:18 PM
From: Thomas A Watson
   of 7760
Ebay new fee policy.

Starting July 1 ebay will start charging Final Value Fees on shipping and handling charges.

ebay says overall rates will drop. LOL....

The implication or reality is that any sellers of "buy it now" in store or not should only sell with free shipping. Free shipping gets an automatic 5 star DSR for shipping and handling costs if feedback and DSR are left.

Just one more policy change to convince 9999 out of 10000 sellers on ebay that ebay is an acronym for Evil Beings After You.

I need to create a web page on ebay rules to converting sales to off ebay to eliminate ebay fees.

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To: Thomas A Watson who wrote (7687)5/15/2011 4:36:06 PM
From: The Pre Beakerite
   of 7760
There are alternatives to ebay yes?

I buy a lot from ebay btw, and usually get good value. I only occasionally sell on ebay. The experience has not been bad to date.

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To: The Pre Beakerite who wrote (7688)5/16/2011 3:24:35 AM
From: Siber
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I also buy a lot on ebay and my experiences, with the exception of one, have all been very pleasant and I feel very secure purchasing even high ticket items.

Thanks to PayPal Buyer Protection I got my $700 back for an item that was never shipped. The Seller went on to rip off several more people and has since been kicked off.

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To: Siber who wrote (7689)5/28/2011 12:26:48 PM
From: Thomas A Watson
   of 7760
ebay is safe and does get buyers great values. This is why they have the monopoly on eyeballs. But the dishonesty implicit in the DSR system and other screw the seller policies mean all sellers have little love for ebay.

I use paypal to sell direct whenever possible. Whenever possible I make buyers aware.

General quote invite

Ebay listed delivered cost for the subject item is.

toms3D has additional non ebay inventory of all items currently listed.

These item are sold using a PayPal invoice quoted price by request from buyers that uses shipto address of the buyer.

A paypal invoice is not binding on the buyer. Item price adjusted to include handling costs. Actual shipping costs charged.

Total delivered cost saving of 3% to 10% is usual.

The PalPal invoice price for the subject item is.

Total Shipping estimate is.

If you wish an invoice quote from

toms3D, contact information is provided below.
Thank you for your interest. toms3D

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From: Glenn Petersen7/20/2011 4:43:35 PM
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EBAY's press release:

eBay Beats The Street; Revenue Up 25 Percent To $2.8B; PayPal Posts First $1B Quarter

By Leena Rao
Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

eBay just posted strong second quarter earnings, reporting that revenue for quarter ended June 30, 2011, increased 25 percent to $2.8 billion, compared to the same period of 2010. Non-GAAP net income came in at $630.9 million, or $0.48 per diluted share. GAAP Net-income actually decreased in the quarter ($283.4 million, or $0.22 per diluted share), a 31 percent drop from the same quarter in 2010. This is related to the charges from the $2.4 billion purchase of GSI Commerce, which closed in June. Analysts expected $0.46 cents per share on $2.6 billion in revenue.

PayPal, once again helped buoy eBay’s business. PayPal’s net total payment volume (TPV) grew 34% to $28.7 billion in the second quarter of 2011 compared to the same period of last year. PayPal, which hit 100 million users in the quarter, delivered its first-ever billion dollar revenue quarter, thanks to strength in the Merchant Services business as well as increased penetration on eBay. PayPal expects more than $3 billion in mobile TPV this year, compared to $750 million in 2010.

As expected by analysts, eBay marketplace business also saw a resurgence in growth, with gross merchandise volume excluding vehicles (GMV) increasing by 17% year over year to $14.7 billion. GMV in the U.S. increased 14% year over year and international GMV increased 19% year over year, resulting from growth in Europe and improved performance in Korea. The company remains on track to double eBay’s mobile GMV including vehicles to over $4 billion in 2011.

eBay CEO and President John Donahoe said in the release: Second quarter revenue and earnings were strong, with PayPal surpassing 100 million active registered accounts and reporting its first billion-dollar revenue quarter, and eBay growth in the U.S. accelerating…We also strengthened our portfolio in Q2 with acquisitions that we believe will more broadly position us to enable the future of commerce. We will partner with retailers of all sizes to help them grow in a rapidly shifting, technology-driven multichannel commerce environment, and we will help consumers shop and pay anytime, anywhere, any way.

eBay has been acquiring companies left and right and in the past few months has picked up Zong, Magento, Fig Card and Where.

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From: Glenn Petersen9/13/2011 7:54:33 PM
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The eBay-Craigslist rift is getting ugly:

Exclusive: U.S. in criminal probe of eBay employees

By Alexandria Sage and Dan Levine
Tue Sep 13, 2011 7:08pm EDT

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - U.S. prosecutors have launched a criminal probe into whether eBay Inc employees took confidential information from classified ad website Craigslist as eBay sought to build a rival service, a copy of a grand jury subpoena obtained by Reuters shows.

The two companies have been feuding for years in civil court over allegations that online giant eBay took a stake in Craigslist and then misappropriated confidential information while it secretly planned its own classifieds site.

The subpoena seeks information regarding several eBay personalities, including founder and Chairman Pierre Omidyar and Joshua Silverman, the former Skype chief executive who served as eBay's representative on Craigslist's board.

An eBay spokeswoman, Amanda Miller, said the company would cooperate in any inquiry related to the disputes with Craigslist.

"EBay believes that Craigslist's allegations against eBay are without merit," Miller said in an email on Tuesday. "We will continue to vigorously defend ourselves, and we will aggressively pursue our claims against Craigslist."

EBay shares traded at $29 on Tuesday in after-hours trading, down from their $29.40 close.

Last year, a Delaware's Chancery Court judge ruled that Craigslist properly removed an eBay representative from its board. The judge also ruled that Craigslist could not dilute eBay's 28.4 percent stake in the company.

Miller said allegations of misconduct were leveled by Craigslist as a defense in the Delaware case, and the court did not rule in Craigslist's favor on the defense.

Craigslist representatives did not respond to an email seeking comment.

RJ Hottovy, an equity analyst at Morningstar, said there could be implications for VP-level executives.

"While these are serious allegations, I don't think it's too big of a concern for investors," Hottovy said. "Classifieds are a smaller part of eBay's business."

The subpoena -- issued by a federal grand jury in San Jose, Calif., last week on behalf of the U.S. Justice Department -- seeks an array of information and documents.

Many of the requests in the subpoena match word for word language in another civil lawsuit filed by Craigslist against eBay. That litigation in a San Francisco court is ongoing.

EBay launched classified ad service Kijiji in the United States in 2007.

In 2005, "Omidyar requested information about Craigslist's approach to adding new cities as well as advance notice of plans to launch in new cities," the subpoena says, seeking documents about the allegation.

Omidyar could not immediately be reached on Tuesday.

The subpoena also seeks documents about allegations that Silverman provided an eBay employee "with insider information about Craigslist management and provided recommendations to the eBay team responsible for the launch of Kijiji."

Silverman is currently president of the US Consumer Services business at American Express. He declined to comment through an American Express representative.

It was not clear on Tuesday how many companies or individuals have received subpoenas, and no one has been charged with any criminal wrongdoing. Northern California U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag declined to comment.

The civil case in San Francisco Superior Court is Craigslist Inc. v. eBay Inc. et al., 08-475276.

(Reporting by Dan Levine and Alistair Barr in San Francisco, and Paris bureau correspondent Alexandria Sage; editing by Peter Henderson, Andre Grenon, Gary Hill)

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From: JakeStraw9/26/2011 9:58:34 AM
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eBay recently revealed new PayPal technology to more than 100 large retailers; PayPal continues to be the engine of eBay's growth.

PayPal users will be able to pay for goods via PayPal in several different ways. One way will be through a physical card that they can swipe just like a credit card.

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