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To: Ken W who wrote (15356)5/4/1999 12:44:00 AM
From: scouser
   of 29382
Ken, LTGL, it's the only stock I've seen that you can use a ruler instead of MACD .LOL. Should be .25 tue,.22 wed.
BTW we have really stupid crims here in my town, they broke the lock on my truck and smashed the column, dogs barking scared 'em off. Why stupid? the truck wasn't locked

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To: Sergio H who wrote (15349)5/4/1999 5:04:00 AM
From: Ditchdigger
   of 29382
Sergio, appears cyclical stocks still have legs...FLC is making me absolutely giddy<g>...bounced up on the P&F chart with a bullish catapult--a very special P&F chart formation and closed the 11 box yesterday.I did sell a few shares yesterday though,it has been 100% of my trading portfolio,thought it was time to diversify a little<g>.Should wrap up my current project today,then I will have time to go shopping W/FLC profits.Next FLC resistance should be around 12.5,then around 16.00..will hold my core position long...;^)DD
PS: while the "internet runners" are great,,,a 50% profit on a cyclical a game plan come to fruitation.............

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To: Ditchdigger who wrote (15358)5/4/1999 9:08:00 AM
From: Magnatizer
   of 29382

sounds like P&F is treating you well. Keep up the good work


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To: Ken W who wrote (15356)5/4/1999 9:15:00 AM
From: Sergio H
   of 29382
Ken, the warrants are a premium in the private placement. ADRN needed cash to fund its current operation. The secondary placement that you mentioned won't occur until after the price of the stock has increased.

Scouser, the stock chart is the answer to your question. The drop in the price due to the interpretation of the financing scheme was not met with immediate buying because as we all know from fundamental ta.....gaps are usually filled.

Hey you guys...have a great day!!!!!


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To: RCJIII who wrote (15351)5/4/1999 9:18:00 AM
From: Sergio H
   of 29382
Analyst: Adam Lowensteiner (5/3/99)

Sprint (NYSE: FON), the nation's number three long distance phone company has been cooking up a new game plan.

In 1998, Sprint's ION program was announced with great fanfare. ION, which stands for Integrated On-Demand Network, will allow for high-speed communication access over one connection. 'You can do fax, phone, and Internet,' said Russ Robinson, Director of Corporate Communications at Sprint, 'all wireless over one network.' Sprint has already introduced its ION services to the large businesses market, but has recently attacked the consumer market.
Like this Article?

To complement ION, the company has made a new foray that has gone virtually unnoticed by investors. In the last two weeks, Sprint has acquired two off-the-beaten track bulletin board outfits. Both companies are involved in offering wireless TV services. Sprint is known for its vast communications infrastructure, which is the only nationwide all-digital, fiber-optic network. But with Sprint making these two 'minor' looking acquisitions, where is Sprint headed?

Sprint's Vision

Sprint purchased People's Choice TV (OTC BB: PCTV) for $485 million in cash. The company then ate up People's Choice's competitor, American Telecasting (OTC BB: ATEL) for $176.8 million in stock, and is assuming $281 million of American's debt. Both companies offer wireless services, including wireless cable TV services. The companies are only distinguishable by their geographic footprint: People's covers the midwest and southwest, while American covers mostly the western U.S.

Sprint execs obviously see these firms as pieces of a larger puzzle. Sprint already has Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL), but still needs to rent the last leg of the call from the RBOCs (Regional Bell Operating Companies). By using broadcast spectrum controlled by American and People's, Sprint will be able to provide services to 55 markets in the U.S., and bypass the last leg of service by using wireless technology.

Wireless enables Sprint to offer voice, video, and Internet over its ION service. The ION service is accomplished by using a small nine-inch antenna mounted on a roof (or side of a house). Using a number of transmitting towers in the area, which Sprint already has up and running, Sprint can reach about 80% of the households in reach of a tower. 'The broadcast spectrum technology can reach 35 miles,' said Robinson. 'It can also penetrate trees, leaves, and storms,' he added.

These moves put Sprint two steps ahead of AT&T (NYSE: T). By going wireless, Sprint not only bypasses the RBOCs, but avoids the use of wires or cables that need repair, upkeep, or installation. 'AT&T is taking a different route,' said Robinson. 'There is a tremendous cost infrastructure to do cable.' He's got a point. Ma Bell admitted that TCI needs a better cable infrastructure than presently exists. Another problem with cable is that it is shared access, which could make the Internet slow at times.

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To: Sergio H who wrote (15361)5/4/1999 9:25:00 AM
   of 29382
Amigo, great article on ATEL, what they forgot to mention was that WCOM and others are pursuing the exact same strategy. That is what is sparking the bidding war.

Only a handful of companies control the MMDS spectrum that Sprint, WCOM and others desperately want. Limited supply, unlimited desire equals a bonanza for shareholders.


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To: Instock who wrote (15336)5/4/1999 9:26:00 AM
From: scouser
   of 29382
GMGC , trading at $6 pre-market on news , good pick guys.

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To: scouser who wrote (15363)5/4/1999 9:27:00 AM
From: Instock
   of 29382
< GMGC > News! Big! Tuesday May 4, 9:02 am Eastern Time

Company Press Release

SOURCE: BellSouth Mobility, Inc

BellSouth Mobility Offers Voice-Activated Personal
Assistant Service in Atlanta

BellSouth Enters into Exclusive Agreement with General Magic for
its Portico(TM) Service

ATLANTA, May 4 /PRNewswire/ -- BellSouth Mobility, Inc (BMI) customers can now enjoy the benefits of a helpful personal assistant
who works around the clock and goes wherever they go, managing calls, messages and other information. The company announced today
that it will provide a voice recognition-based virtual ''personal assistant'' service during a 3-4 month initial customer deployment. Several
hundred current BMI customers will be involved in the first phase, which will take place in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

A voice recognition interface is a computer-based technology designed to match the comfortable experience of human conversation. The
technology recognizes and acts on spoken commands from the user, and responds in its own spoken voice. Because Portico is a ''speaker
independent'' technology, the customer does not need to train the service to recognize his or her voice. The Portico service recognizes more
than 1 million phrases and can answer with nearly 5,000 responses.

The initial deployment will be conducted in cooperation with General Magic, Inc. and be based on General Magic's Portico(TM) virtual
assistant service and magicTalk(TM) voice user interface platform.

''We are constantly working to lead the wireless industry by introducing state-of-the-art enhanced services to our customers,'' said Mark
Feidler, president of BellSouth Mobility. ''This sort of personal assistant service offers a lot of promise for high-usage, highly mobile
wireless subscribers who always need to be in touch with the information that is important to them. We look forward to working with
General Magic on the technical results and gaining customer feedback from this initial deployment.''

Following the initial deployment in Atlanta, BellSouth Mobility will evaluate the service and will announce future implementation plans in its
other markets. BellSouth Mobility will have exclusive rights to the General Magic Portico service for one year in its markets.

''We believe the delivery of enhanced voice services like Portico allows our partners to be more responsive to the needs of their customers
and to differentiate themselves in the marketplace,'' said Steve Markman, chairman, chief executive officer and president of General Magic,
Inc. (Nasdaq: GMGC - news). ''We are very pleased to be teaming with BellSouth Mobility on this initial deployment, which will offer
wireless subscribers a great productivity tool to help manage their busy lives.''

The personal assistant service offers BellSouth Mobility customers a variety of features that manage and simplify communications, including:

* Voice dialing -- Place calls by simply speaking the digits of the phone
number, or by speaking the name of the person you are calling if they
are listed in your personal phone book.

* Incoming call management -- The personal assistant service greets
callers with a spoken message; announces incoming calls; and gives you
the option to take the call or have the personal assistant take a

* Personal organizer -- Manage your phone book list or schedule
appointments over the phone or via a web browser. Your personal
assistant can remember your important contacts, including more than one
number for each contact. If you use a personal information manager,
such as Microsoft Outlook or the PalmPilot, you can synchronize with
the personal assistant over the web.

* Public information access -- Stay plugged into news and stock activity
with customized information. The personal assistant will even notify
you if the price of your favorite stock changes throughout the day.

* Unified messaging -- Integrate and manage voice mail, e-mail, contacts,
calendar and fax with help from the personal assistant. The service
can deliver e-mail to any phone and read it to you using text-to-speech
technology. If you are expecting an important e-mail, just tell your
personal assistant to notify you when it arrives. You can also
instruct the service to "Fax it to me" and give the number where you
are. If you wish to forward e-mail to one of your contacts by fax, the
service already knows the fax number -- all you need to say is the
contact name.

The service will cost $29.95 per month for unlimited usage. To learn more about BellSouth Mobility, visit
. Initially, the service will be offered to a limited number of subscribers, but those interested can call (404) 303-5000 for information.

BellSouth Cellular Corp. companies, BellSouth Mobility (BMI) and American Cellular Communications Corporation (ACC), provide
wireless communications services to more than 5.6 million customers in 13 states. BMI operates with its partners in eight Southeastern
states. ACC markets operate under a variety of names in California, Texas, and Virginia, and as Cellular One in Indiana.

General Magic offers integrated voice-enabled services that make communication and access to information easy and convenient. The
company's development efforts are founded on its patented agent technology and innovative user interface to provide simple, yet effective
ways for people to keep in touch with the information they need to be successful. For more information on General Magic, please visit the
company's Web site at .

SOURCE: BellSouth Mobility, Inc

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To: scouser who wrote (15363)5/4/1999 9:30:00 AM
From: Sergio H
   of 29382
GTNR news this morning. John, you noticed the patterns in GTNR's chart. Did you notice that it always hits new highs in pairs? If the pattern holds true, GTNR will hit a new high this week.


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To: Instock who wrote (15364)5/4/1999 9:45:00 AM
From: scouser
   of 29382
GMGC ,carefull, this could be sell on news.

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