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To: Urlman who wrote (45)3/30/1998 11:58:00 AM
From: James Chan
   of 1465

I have thought of that too. Could be threat in the future. But how about a book buyer that could just print a whole book from a web site or just photocopy the whole thing? AMZN don't have this kind of problem, or maybe they do but don't talk much about it. And the stock continues to soar like hell.

The question is (and I don't know the answer): "Are .MP3 files better or at least as good as .AVI(or whatever they call it) files in terms of sound quality?" I think that as a music lover, you look for sound quality first. I have a CD writer at home and I use the .avi files, not .MP3 to record on my CD-W. Those files are huge, a 4-minute song is about 40,000 KB. Try to download this from the web, if you don't have cable modem but a 28K modem, good luck! Of course, if .MP3 files happen to be as good as .AVI, then it's no problem. I'm not a technical expert on that matter, so I can't really come with a conclusion, hope somebody can answer me.

In the future, as the Internet gets faster and faster, I think it might be a considerable threat not only to CDNow, but to the whole music industry.

But for now, it's no threat YET. I own shares of CDNW and I hope it will go as high as AMZN did and still does.


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To: James Chan who wrote (46)3/31/1998 10:29:00 AM
From: ed potter
   of 1465
Well, since nobody had, I grabbed it. So far it's sitting idle. Waiting for Mr. Murdoch to make me an offer! (or anybody else actually!) :-)


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To: James Chan who wrote (46)3/31/1998 4:44:00 PM
From: Sean T. Kim
   of 1465
mp3s offer CD quality sound in a very compressed format. Entire songs run from 2 to 4 MB. 40MB is more like an entire album. The recording industry is scared to hell about this and are actively shutting down sites that distribute them. IMO, they are fighting a losing battle. The general public has yet to wind of this breakthrough, but when they do, you can bet the media companies will be lobbying our freedom-loving Congress (ha!) to regulate the hell out of this. Of course, like all the other regs they are trying to slap on the Internet, it will fail because their enforcement power ends at the U.S. border.

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To: John May who wrote ()4/2/1998 8:24:00 PM
From: gaohong xie gary Xie
   of 1465
Paying too much for CDNW.

Why up today, because payed LCOS for ads.
Paying search engine for Ads. is most stupid thing in earth, instead
CDNW should put faster hardware and remove buggies from their interface. I went there ordered CD, throw me out three times. My order
has been one Month now, and I only received 2 out of 9 CDs. This
is my first and last online CD purchase, why should people shop CD
online, go to store you listen and you bought. Same price, yet faster
get your CD.

As for the stock price, it is way overvalued, anybody
notice the reaction of SDTI (46 % down). So if any correction, CDNW
could be trade at 10$, even 10 is too much for CDNW. I can bet with
anyone that CDNW, never can make enough profits (if any) to justify
the price (unless it is 5$)

I noticed many trades are small slots, that's means many small investors are trading this puppy. Think about this, how many institutional holders ? What happends if Internet stocks out of favour ? (just like SDTI) It will take your money with the market away !!!

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To: gaohong xie gary Xie who wrote (49)4/2/1998 11:43:00 PM
From: DarrenS
   of 1465
they said the same things about amazon and that
stock has never looked back since. I will not be
surprised to see this cdnw above 50 in a few months.
Noone knows when the party will end, but i dont think
it will be anytime soon.

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To: DarrenS who wrote (50)4/6/1998 6:26:00 PM
From: DarrenS
   of 1465
I am long cdnw and see a short term target of $40. If earnings(revenues) surprise we could see $50. Anyone else like to put their neck on the
line?! cdnw seems to be one of the more conservative internet stocks
when it comes to paying large fees for eyeballs. I believe their business plan is more grounded than the likes of amzn.
Off topic. Netscape is due a rally in its stock soon. It has one of the busiest websites and when it is perceived leveraging these eyeballs for profit its stock will rally like yhoo and aol.
Why is this thread so quiet. It would be nice if lurkers would come
out of the closet so there could be a more vibrant discussion on this thread.

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To: gaohong xie gary Xie who wrote (49)4/6/1998 6:28:00 PM
From: DarrenS
   of 1465
When will earnings be reported?

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To: DarrenS who wrote (51)4/7/1998 6:46:00 AM
From: Ron Flanigan
   of 1465
I got in last week at 30 1/8 on the belief that this stock was going to move. Unfortunately, the move has been down to 27+.
I am not going to abandon my position yet because I think you are correct.

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To: John May who wrote ()4/7/1998 11:31:00 AM
From: ed potter
   of 1465
From the wires:

CDnow Named the Premier Music Retailer for Yahoo! Mail and
Yahoo! Music Chat Rooms

JENKINTOWN, Pa., April 7 /PRNewswire/ -- CDnow, Inc. (Nasdaq: CDNW), the
Internet's number one music retailer, today announced it has expanded its
current agreement with Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO). CDnow is now the premier
music retailer for Yahoo! Mail and music chat rooms. CDnow will continue its
relationship as a premier music retailer on Yahoo!(R)'s main directory,, as announced in August of 1997.
As part of the expanded agreement, CDnow receives promotional exposure
throughout Yahoo! Mail ( ) and Yahoo! Chat
( ). CDnow is featured on the Yahoo! Mail welcome page,
allowing users to access the world of music through a special CDnow button.
From the welcome page, CDnow is extending special offers and promotions to
Yahoo! Mail users.
In addition, users can go to the Yahoo! Mail log out area to access
CDnow's "Top Ten Best Seller List" for the previous week and receive a
30 percent discount off any CD on that list. The expanded agreement also
establishes CDnow as the premier music merchant in Yahoo!'s music chat rooms.
"Yahoo! was our first major e-commerce distribution agreement, and we are
thrilled to be the premier music retailer for Yahoo! Mail," said Jason Olim,
CDnow President and CEO. "We have expanded our presence on the Internet's
number one navigational service, which continues to be one of the leading ways
consumers explore and discover the Internet. Through Yahoo! Mail, CDnow has
the opportunity to reach vast new audiences.
"Expanding CDnow's distribution on Yahoo! is a natural next step in our
agreement," said Ellen Siminoff, vice president of business development at
Yahoo! "CDnow's consumer services are a great value add for our Yahoo! Mail
and Yahoo! Chat users."

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To: ed potter who wrote (54)4/7/1998 12:06:00 PM
From: DarrenS
   of 1465
That news is the cause of the move in stock this morning, according

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