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To: Cheeky Kid who wrote (1144)10/21/2010 3:56:57 PM
From: Cheeky Kid
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go2net to Acquire Silicon Investor for $33 Million in Stock

Combination Will Create the Premier Destination On the Web for Investors

SEATTLE, April 23 /PRNewswire/ -- go2net, Inc. (Nasdaq: GNET - news), a leader in providing technology-driven Web sites (, has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Silicon Investor, one of the largest communities on the Internet ( This acquisition will increase advertising, subscription and commerce opportunities for go2net, as well as nearly triple the company's current total page views per month and significantly increase its overall reach.

More than 100,000 individual investors visit Silicon Investor each day to discuss and research investments, resulting in over 100 million page views per month. This makes it one of the most highly trafficked sites in the personal finance category, which has been identified by analysts as one of the most financially lucrative on the entire Web.

The combination of Silicon Investor and go2net's existing StockSite ( will create one of the premier destinations on the Web for the individual investor, with over 150,000 unique users per day and a community of over 1 million. It will also create an unparalleled ''one-stop shop'' destination for investors, and will offer financial discussion, proprietary company and market analysis, company research offerings, portfolio services, and comprehensive charting capabilities. Further, it will greatly benefit the site's advertisers and commerce partners.

''Silicon Investor is the perfect match for us because of our shared business philosophy of technology-driven Web sites, which allows for low-cost content creation'' said Russell C. Horowitz, CEO of go2net. ''Our acquisition of Silicon Investor presents tremendous opportunities for operational synergies.''

Silicon Investor co-founder Jeff Dryer stated, ''We started Silicon Investor with a dream and that dream is now bigger than ever. go2net has the infrastructure in place and the vision to take Silicon Investor to the next level.''

Added co-founder Brad Dryer, ''We are looking forward to moving operations to Seattle. go2net has a young, fast-moving team that works well together and sees the infinite potential of the financial space.''

The acquisition will allow go2net to create one of the largest online communities in a highly desirable demographic category and provide advertisers with a greater inventory of targeted advertising opportunities. Based on recent usage numbers, go2net and Silicon Investor together have approximately 500,000 unique visitors per day, as well as 5 million unique users and 180 million page views per month, placing go2net in the top tier of the online industry.

Acquiring Silicon Investor represents a significant step in go2net's acquisition strategy, which is aimed toward creating a network of premier niche Web sites. This transaction will position go2net to pursue four distinct revenue streams: Advertising, Subscription Services, Technology Licensing and Commerce. In addition to advertising revenues, Silicon Investor derives a substantial portion of its revenues from subscription fees.

Under the terms of the acquisition, go2net will issue approximately 1.25 million of its common shares in exchange for all outstanding securities of Silicon Investor, which will become a wholly owned subsidiary of go2net. The acquisition is subject to the approval of go2net's shareholders and other customary closing conditions.

In operation since 1995, Silicon Investor is the largest discussion community on the Web and holds the number one market position for financial discussion both in terms of quantity and quality of messages. Over 70,000 messages are posted per week and more than 4 million messages have been posted to date, a number that represents more than 70% of all financial discussion on the Internet over the last three years. It is one of the top 10 trafficked Web sites in the personal finance category and is one of the top 100 Web sites overall according to PC Magazine Online. In addition, Brad and Jeff Dryer, co- founders of Silicon Investor, have been recognized by Institutional Investor magazine as being among 20 pioneers who are revolutionizing finance on the Web.

go2net's Russell C. Horowitz added, ''As significant as the acquisition of Silicon Investor is in executing our plan of creating a network of premier niche Web sites, we are equally excited to have Brad and Jeff Dryer join the go2net team. We will be looking for Brad and Jeff to continue providing the vision behind the site and will provide the necessary resources for them to enhance the site and build the community. They have been successful in creating value-added services that substantiate users paying subscription fees, which is a highly desirable business model -- they have created a site and technology that are truly one of a kind.''

The acquisition of Silicon Investor will also give go2net access to its highly scalable message board technology, which go2net anticipates it will deploy on its other sites.

About Silicon Investor:

Silicon Investor ( is one the most successful communities on the Web. Its proprietary technology permits rapid development of dynamic Web sites, and includes one of the most scalable platforms available for threaded discussion.

About go2net:

go2net, Inc. ( is a leader in providing technology- driven, premier niche Web sites, and develops unique Java technologies. go2net's properties include: MetaCrawler (, a search/index guide that combines various existing search/index guides into one service (a ''metasearch engine''); PlaySite (, a Java- based multiplayer online games network; and StockSite (, which offers proprietary articles, portfolio tracking tools, company research and news relating to business and finance. The Company focuses on creating and integrating innovative technologies to deliver its content and enhance the attractiveness, utility and usability of its product offerings.

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To: Carolyn who wrote (1134)12/4/2010 10:13:55 PM
From: SI Brad
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> Did he have a falling out with Jeff?

Absolutely not! I did have a falling out with Jeff's *son* last week though, after he (my nephew) trounced me 4 times in a row in chess. In the final game the little 8 year old called me "mentally deficient" while my 6 year old niece danced around singing something like "my bro's kickin uncle brad's butt.". My reigning Dryer chess title was thus shattered along with my ego.

Anyway, the name change was just a whim when I got married, and perhaps symbolic of embarking on a new life.

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To: SI Brad who wrote (1146)12/4/2010 11:59:24 PM
From: Carolyn
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Now I can relate to that! Children, particularly one's own, are prone to deflating egos!

Glad to see you checking in on SI now and again.

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To: SI Brad who wrote (1146)12/5/2010 12:01:36 AM
From: Cheeky Kid
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Nice to hear from you. How is Jill?

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From: Cheeky Kid12/17/2010 2:41:51 PM
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Hard to believe 10 years, Year 2000 SI logo:

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From: Cheeky Kid12/17/2010 3:01:47 PM
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SI screen-shot of SI's home page around 1999:

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To: Cheeky Kid who wrote (1150)12/17/2010 8:03:40 PM
From: S. maltophilia
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Well, the Nasdaq's held pretty steady since then<g>.

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To: SI Brad who wrote (1146)1/22/2011 5:35:56 PM
From: Urlman
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Good to see one of the SI founders still posting here!

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From: Jeffrey S. Mitchell3/6/2011 2:12:36 AM
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Vanity Fair
Betting on the Blind Side

Michael Burry always saw the world differently—due, he believed, to the childhood loss of one eye. So when the 32-year-old investor spotted the huge bubble in the subprime-mortgage bond market, in 2004, then created a way to bet against it, he wasn’t surprised that no one understood what he was doing. In an excerpt from his new book, The Big Short, the author charts Burry’s oddball maneuvers, his almost comical dealings with Goldman Sachs and other banks as the market collapsed, and the true reason for his visionary obsession.

Dr. Michael Burry in his home office, in Silicon Valley. “My nature is not to have friends,” Burry concluded years ago. “I’m happy in my own head.”

Excerpted from The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine, by Michael Lewis, to be published this month by W. W. Norton; © 2010 by the author.


Late one night in November 1996, while on a cardiology rotation at Saint Thomas Hospital, in Nashville, Tennessee, he logged on to a hospital computer and went to a message board called There he created a thread called “value investing.” Having read everything there was to read about investing, he decided to learn a bit more about “investing in the real world.” A mania for Internet stocks gripped the market. A site for the Silicon Valley investor, circa 1996, was not a natural home for a sober-minded value investor. Still, many came, all with opinions. A few people grumbled about the very idea of a doctor having anything useful to say about investments, but over time he came to dominate the discussion. Dr. Mike Burry—as he always signed himself—sensed that other people on the thread were taking his advice and making money with it.

Read More


Michael Burry's SI Profile
SI's Value Investing Board

- Jeff

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To: Urlman who wrote (1152)3/10/2011 12:17:32 AM
From: Praveena
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