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To: Les H who wrote (11750)11/1/2011 12:18:50 PM
From: Les H
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Boots on the ground in Fukushima, Japan
by Simon Black

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From: Les H11/2/2011 1:09:25 AM
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Greece in meltdown: Government on edge of collapse amid fears of coup as Europe teeters on the brink of financial disaster
Government teeters on the brink of collapse
Generals face sack as coup rumours spread


Income tax threshold would be lowered from €12,000 (£10,300) to €5,000 (£4,300)
Retirement age would be raised from 61 to 65
VAT would rise from 19 to 23 per cent
Higher property taxes
Monthly pensions above €1,000 (£860) would be cut by 20 per cent
Excise on fuel, cigarettes and alcohol would rise by a third
To qualify for a full pension people would be required to complete 40 years work
Retirees aged under 55 would lose 40 per cent of their pensions over €1,000 (£860)
Public sector wages would be cut by 20 per cent
Employees of state-owned enterprises would have their wages cut by 30 per cent
A cap would be introduced on wages and bonuses
30,000 civil servants would be suspended on partial pay
All temporary contracts for public sector workers would be terminated.
Just one in 10 civil servants retiring this year would be replaced
New levies on household incomes of between one and five per cent

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To: Les H who wrote (11761)11/2/2011 1:10:25 AM
From: Les H
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German authorities plant spyware on citizens’ computers
The software could let authorities spy via webcams and microphones.

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To: Les H who wrote (11761)11/3/2011 11:09:34 AM
From: Les H
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Greek PM calls off referendum and refuses to quit as bailout farce rumbles on
George Papandreou's fate will be decided by no confidence vote tomorrow

Greece finance minister breaks ranks with PM George Papandreou
Country could face enforced bankruptcy and ejection from the euro
Germany and France cut off bailout cash until Greek people vote in favour
China refuses to invest in euro stability fund until situation is resolved
Emergency Greek cabinet meeting to take place this lunchtime
Papandreou to face confidence vote in Greek parliament tomorrow

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From: Les H11/3/2011 4:41:18 PM
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Greek debt just part of a global issue, hedge fund manager says

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To: Les H who wrote (11764)11/3/2011 10:13:57 PM
From: togrok
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Israeli leaders' price tag against the Palestinians This price tag meted out by the forum of eight is not much different than the settlers' price tag; it's violent, uncontrolled and seeks vengeance.
By Gideon Levy

What, for heaven's sake, is so terrible about Palestine being accepted to UNESCO? Why is this considered an "anti-Israeli" step? And in general, what's so bad about the Palestinians relinquishing terror and going over to the international arena? If Israel were to behave intelligently, it would vote to accept the Palestinians to any respectable international organization.

And if Israel were to behave with integrity, the hollow talk about two states would be translated into support for the Palestinians' diplomatic moves to achieve that. International recognition of a Palestinian state is the last chance to thwart a one-state solution. It's also the last chance to preserve the Palestinian Authority's strength and prevent Hamas from taking over instead. Israel should support that enthusiastically.

If the U.S.-led international community that supports Israel were to act with integrity and wisdom, it too would welcome the Palestinians' move. We're talking about nothing less than a friendly step, the best way to ensure Israel's future as the nation-state of the Jewish people. But instead, the Americans and Israelis are meting out punishment and the Palestinians are being punished. It's doubtful whether they received such punishment even during the worst days of terrorism. Two world powers, the United States and Israel, are hitting at their pockets and part of Europe has rushed to follow in a scary way.

This might be one of the only examples in history where the occupied country is punished because of its justified and nonviolent struggle to win its freedom, while the violent occupier that continues its settlement enterprise and control by force wins the West's support. This is the dish Barack Obama's America is serving up and this is the chaotic situation Israel is leading - stopping assistance to a cultural and scientific organization that has accepted into its ranks a nation fighting for its independence.

It's interesting how Obama, who until only a short while ago was in favor of freedom, comes to terms with this before he goes to bed at night. It's interesting how the leaders of Europe, some of whom voted against accepting the Palestinians, explain this to their voters. Muammar Gadhafi was bombed in the name of freedom while they support the continuation of the occupation by Israel, the enemy of freedom, which is thwarting democratic and diplomatic moves aimed at a nation's liberation.

What's left for Mahmoud Abbas to do? What can any Palestinian living under the occupation think? They tried for years to sit quietly, waiting for Godot, but Godot didn't arrive. They tried to fight against the occupation with stones and knives but nothing happened. They tried negotiations, but these dragged on futilely for years and didn't move them a step forward. They tried cruel suicide bombings but nothing changed. There is no one they can talk to in Jerusalem and nothing to talk about.

Now they are trying to enlist the world, and what do they get in return? A punishment that may yet turn into a death sentence for the PA and the most moderate Palestinian leader there will ever be. It was enough to hear Abbas promise an end to the conflict during an interview on Channel 2 Friday night to understand that. That interview should have reverberated throughout every Israeli household. But instead it was received sourly by the analysts who know everything.

A gang of thugs, the forum of eight senior ministers, decided on the steps to punish the man who dared to act contrary to the desires of the familia. They're building another 2,000 housing units in the settlements, which are for the first time being characterized as punishment. And they're stealing the Palestinians' tax money and canceling some of their leaders' VIP passes. At least now we know that every apartment in a settlement is a punishment and every settler who lives there is doing so as revenge.

The Palestinian leaders will also know that their relative and privileged freedom of movement was nothing more than a wretched and insulting bone thrown to them by the occupying power, in return for their collaboration. If they collaborate, they'll get; if they don't, they won't. If they abduct a soldier, they'll get; if they go to the United Nations, they'll be punished.

This price tag meted out by the forum of eight is not much different than the settlers' price tag. It's violent, uncontrolled and seeks vengeance. So settlers, you can continue with your price tag because your country is doing the same thing, and in broad daylight.

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From: Les H11/4/2011 9:28:58 AM
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Greek haircut: When 50 percent is not half

When private investors agreed to write down Greek sovereign debt holdings last week, EU leaders described the deal as a breakthrough. But the 50 percent 'haircut' doesn't mean half of Athens' problem will simply go away.

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From: Les H11/4/2011 11:38:11 AM
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Four Senior Citizens Plotted Killing Spree At A Waffle House
—By Adam Serwer
| Wed Nov. 2, 2011 5:55 AM PDT

Four senior citizens walk into a Waffle House planning to go on a killing spree in order to "save the Constitution."

That's not the beginning of a joke, it's the scenario outlined by the FBI in a criminal complaint filed against four Georgia men yesterday who allegedly sought to use the online novel of a frequent Fox News guest named Mike Vanderboegh as a model for a terrorist plot against US government officials. The four men, Samuel Crump, Frederick Roberts, Ray Adams, and Dan Roberts, who named themselves "the covert group" (subtle!) allegedly fantasized about dispersing the toxic agent ricin over Washington DC and Atlanta, and hoped to ultimately obtain botulinium toxin, which Adams believed could kill millions of people in small doses.

"We need somebody to back us with some damn money so we can make that other shit," Crump said at a Waffle House in Toccoa, Georgia. according to the criminal complaint. Crump added that botulinium toxin was "worse than anthrax."

What was the ostensible purpose of all this killing? Saving the country of course. "There is no way for us, as militiamen, to save this country, to save Georgia, without doing something that’s highly, highly illegal: murder,” Thomas reportedly said. “When it comes time to saving the Constitution, that means some people have got to die.” The FBI also alleges that "Thomas, Roberts and others discussed the need to obtain unregistered silencers and explosive devices for use in attacks against federal government buildings and employees, as well as against local police."

So how much more operational was this plot than your average FBI sting involving some hapless al-Qaeda fanboy? That's not really clear. While the group demonstrated an ability to independently manufacture ricin, which is made from widely available castor beans, the criminal complaint begins with a meeting surveilled by an FBI "confidential human source" in March. While the FBI recordings showing the four men expressing an eagerness to kill large numbers of people in pursuit of their political goals will likely preclude any entrapment defense, there's no way to know from the criminal complaint what level of involvement the FBI's confidential human source had in putting together the whole plan, or even the existence of the group itself, or whether the source came upon the plot by other means.

Bottom line: At first glance this appears to be the right-wing extremist version of the sort of al-Qaeda wannabe stings we've become so familiar with.

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To: Jim Bryan who wrote (11759)11/4/2011 11:44:01 AM
From: Jim Bryan
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Treasury Secretary Jon Corzine?
John Nichols on November 14, 2008 - 3:58pm ET
Everyone is excited about the fact that President-elect Barack Obama is talking with New York Senator Hillary Clinton about the prospect that she might serve as Secretary of State. But the big news from inside the transition process is the speculation that New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine might be selected for the essential economic position of Secretary of the Treasury.

Corzine certainly has one of the "qualifications" that official Washington demands. He is a former senior partner with Goldman Sachs, the firm that has contributed so many Cabinet secretaries and administration insiders over so many years that it is referred to as "Government Sachs."

But Corzine is not your typical Goldman-Sachs man.

After he was elected to the US Senate from New Jersey in 2000, Corzine searched out Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone. The new senator from New Jersey informed the iconic liberal Democrat -- who was often at odds with his own party's leadership -- that he hoped they could work together on social and economic justice issues.

Corzine, a very wealthy former Goldman-Sachs chairman and co-CEO, might have seemed like an unlikely economic populist. But he soon made the senator from Minnesota a believer. Indeed, when we were sitting in his office one afternoon in 2001, talking about the senators who could be counted on to stand up to the new Bush-Cheney administration, Wellstone said, "Put Corzine of the list. He's going to surprise people.

During his five years in the Senate, Corzine did, indeed, side with Wellstone (until the Minnesotan's death in 2002) and with the left wing of the Democratic Senate Caucus -- sponsoring the "Start Healthy, Stay Healthy Act" to expand access to health care for children and pregnant women and a proposal to lower the marginal tax bracket from 15 percent to 10 percent for low-income wage earners. Corzine worked with Wellstone and Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy to defend Pell Grants and entitlement programs that were under attack, he criticized schemes to privatize Social Security and played a critical role in passing legislation designed to crack down on corporate malfeasance.

The senator from New Jersey promoted regulation of major industries (chemical and nuclear power, in particular) and he was one of the few senators to question blank-check giveaways to the airline industry in aftermath of the September 11, 2001, attacks.

Corzine also voted against authorizing Bush to take the country to war with Iraq and got a whole lot of other issues -- not all of them, but a whole lot -- right.

It is rare that someone with Corzine's record even gets on a list of prospective Treasury officials.

Corzine may or may not be the perfect pick. But the fact that he is being considered is one more sign that a change -- maybe even a "change we can believe in" -- is coming to Washington.

After all, when was the last time that a potential nominee for the Treasury post was being talked up by the head of the Service Employees International Union. On Thursday, Andy Stern told reporters he thought the governor's strong economic credentials and government experience make Corzine an appealing prospect. Stern's right.

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To: Les H who wrote (11767)11/4/2011 1:58:14 PM
From: Les H
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Waste Of Money? Military Blew $1 Trillion On Weapons Since 9/11
Written by NewsOne Staff on November 3, 2011 3:55 pm

Despite claims by conservatives that the U.S. military is suffering from decrepit battle gear and weapons, a new report shows the Department of Defense has spent nearly a trillion dollars on big ticket defense items with money that was supposed to be used for troops in the field.

According to the report, the defense department has been double dipping into taxpayer money, using supplemental funds that are intended for day-to-day operations running in Iraq and Afghanistan, but is instead being used to purchase weapons back home.

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