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To: Wigglesworth who wrote (6924)10/16/1997 12:04:00 PM
From: Moonray
   of 22053
"Stuff" -- Worthy one, you are so lucky to have a job. David
and I almost left "perfect" code, Y2K algorithms and all. We
ultimately decided that output formats were more important and
that worthy ones would someday come along. FDR's WPA seemed like
a good idea at the time.<g>

o~~~ O

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To: David Lawrence who wrote (6919)10/16/1997 12:44:00 PM
From: Jeffery E. Forrest
   of 22053
re NSS: Jeesh, I leave the house for a minute and I come back to see I've made a fistful of $$$$$ and missed all the fun. :-(

I set a stop at 31 which got taken out. Cool!!
Kept 25% of the position for "funsies".

This thing "could" go to 20 (next gap). I doubt that it will, but I'm gonna hang on for a bit more fun-n-games (or until I do another chart).

It never ceases to amaze me how accurate an Evening Star is.

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To: Moonray who wrote (6925)10/16/1997 12:49:00 PM
From: briank
   of 22053
"Stuff" - I'm glad you enjoyed the view.
Some co-workers were snowed in at the airport earlier this week somewere in northern MN. Kind of early for this type of weather?


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To: Scrapps who wrote (6847)10/16/1997 12:58:00 PM
From: Jeffery E. Forrest
   of 22053
Alcatel DynaMiTe Chips Customers Benefit From
Alcatel/Amati Cross-Licensing Agreement

BRUSSELS, Belgium--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 16, 1997--Alcatel Mietec announced an agreement with Amati covering any Amati patent involved in the standard DMT technology implemented into the Alcatel Mietec's DynaMiTe ADSL chipset.

This is part of the recently announced, Alcatel/Amati cross-licensing agreement enabling both companies to use mutual patents on ADSL and VDSL. Under the agreement Alcatel Mietec's DynaMiTe customers now get the assurance that their DynaMiTe -based design is legally covered. In addition, purchasers of the Mietec chips automatically receive the right to use them in their own products, which they can sell without additional royalty fees.

''The agreement with Amati further positions the DynaMiTe chipset as the technology of choice for high volume ADSL deployment,'' said Robert Bury, marketing manager for telecommunications products at Alcatel Mietec. ''Taking care of legal issues is part of our global strategy to solve problems that are relevant to our customers and that often go far beyond the pure delivery of the silicon and software. In the same line of thought, we have designed the DynaMiTe offering taking into account the complete system environment of the chipset to offer straightforward integration into new or existing designs. This reduces systems design and integration leadtime but also considerably eases the migration from other technologies to the standard, interoperable DMT ADSL.''

Interoperability is the other benefit of the Alcatel/Amati agreement. The latter shows that both companies are committed to the support of the interoperability of their DMT solutions. In addition to the compliance to the ANSI DMT standard, the use of common patented implementations is further guaranteeing interoperability between DMT solutions from different sources, a key requirement for mass deployed technologies.

Alcatel Mietec is the Microelectronics division of Alcatel with chip design and manufacturing headquartered in Belgium. Alcatel Mietec offers both custom and standard chipsets for communications applications with a focus on the access network technologies.

Amati Communications Corporation is a pioneer and leading developer of advanced transmission equipment utilizing DMT technology for the ADSL, Very High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL) and xDSL markets. Amati is the holder of the ADSL/DMT patents and has licensed the technology to companies such as Alcatel, Analog Devices Inc., Motorola and Nortel. The ADSL/DMT technology, recently selected by BC TEL, Canada for a proposed roll out of commercial ADSL services, is an effective means of transmitting high-speed data over existing copper phone lines, making Internet access, interactive services, broadcast quality video and video-on-demand realizable to many subscribers. Amati also provides network connectivity systems for the gateways, client-based workstation software and network data communications interfaces.
For more information about Amati Communications, see website at .

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To: Jeffery E. Forrest who wrote (6927)10/16/1997 12:59:00 PM
From: Moonray
   of 22053
Lucent to Invest Up to $1 Billion in 5 Years at Atlanta Plant

Atlanta, Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Lucent Technologies Inc.
plans to invest $350 million over two years and as much as $1
billion over the next five years to expand its Atlanta fiber-
optics plant, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Lucent,
already Atlanta's fifth-largest employer with 6,800 jobs at 27
locations, could add hundreds of jobs in its telecommunications
expansion, the paper said. The facility, located in Atlanta's
Norcross suburb, is already the world's largest combined fiber
and fiber cable manufacturer, and the hub of Lucent's 13 global
fiber-optics plants.

Murray Hill, New Jersey-based Lucent yesterday said it
agreed to buy Livingston Enterprises Inc. for $650 million in
stock, adding remote-access concentrators which link telephone
lines to the Internet to its computer-networking business.

o~~~ O

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To: David Lawrence who wrote (6867)10/16/1997 1:06:00 PM
From: Jeffery E. Forrest
   of 22053
Hmmmmm, that reminds me of a news item I read about a guy who committed suicide by using a B&D drill on his skull.

The SICK part of it was he didn't die until he got the 6th hole drilled!

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To: Glenn D. Rudolph who wrote (6868)10/16/1997 1:07:00 PM
From: Jeffery E. Forrest
   of 22053
I usually get flipped off or screamed at.

Me too!<G>

Ummm, that would be me.<GGG>

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To: Moonray who wrote (6874)10/16/1997 1:11:00 PM
From: Jeffery E. Forrest
   of 22053
"Stuff"-Tyson owes Green

Did you see the story about the guy (a lawyer I think) who bought Holyfields ear?
Evidently he bought it from the security guy who picked it up.

I can't recall where I read it. I'll try to find it. (unless you do first<G>)

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To: Jeffery E. Forrest who wrote (6933)10/16/1997 1:22:00 PM
From: drmorgan
   of 22053
K56Flex modem manufacturers Hayes Microcomputer Products Inc.
and Zoom Telephonics Inc. are fast becoming the most likely suitors for
Motorola Inc.'s Transmission Products Division, which the company put
on the auction block last week.

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To: drmorgan who wrote (6934)10/16/1997 1:39:00 PM
From: Wigglesworth
   of 22053
PalmPilot Stone or Stainless Steel Edition Available:

Symbol to 'ruggedize' the PalmPilot

Received: October 16, 1997 06:23am EDT From: PC Week

From PC Week Online for October 15, 1997 by John G. Spooner

Symbol Technologies Inc. has signed a letter of intent to license 3Com
Corp. subsidiary Palm Computing's PalmPilot personal digital

Symbol will develop its own ruggedized version of the PalmPilot for use
in vertical markets, such as retail or healthcare, said Ron Goldman,
Symbol's vice president of marketing.

"First, we will build a PalmPilot that's identical to the current
PalmPilot with a bar-code scanner," Goldman said today. "We'll then
develop a PalmPilot that is ruggedized in terms of weather-proofing and
ability to withstand repeated drops. The ruggedized version will also
have wireless communication."

Symbol will add access to wireless LANs via its Spectrum 24 wireless
radio communication technology, which is based on the 802.11 spread
spectrum standard.

Symbol expects to ship a nonruggedized PalmPilot, priced at about $500,
by the end of the second quarter of 1998. A ruggedized version with RF
radio and extra memory, expected to sell for less than $1,000, will be
available in the third quarter, Goldman said.

Symbol will sell its version of the PalmPilot into retail,
manufacturing, postal, healthcare and other markets.

"In addition to those traditional market segments, we expect the cost
point and ergonomics of the PalmPilot to drive us into new market
segments, such as field sales automation," Goldman said.

Symbol will sell its version of the PalmPilot directly to large accounts
and indirectly through some 530 VARs.

"We're also optimistic that Palm Computing's ISV base and channel base
will support Symbol," he said.

Symbol can be reached at Palm Computing can be reached
at More information about the PalmPilot can be found at

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