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To: sylvester80 who wrote (17161)11/22/2000 3:37:49 PM
From: telecomguy
   of 21876
Not so long ago, 50 billion used to be a very high valuation for ANY company never mind one that is in chaos, losing key employees left & right, losing market share, and have very poor balance sheet.

Do you realize that for a company of this size, they literally have no cash? THAT is scary in my opinion.

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To: telecomguy who wrote (17157)11/22/2000 3:51:06 PM
From: Joe S Pack
   of 21876
Probably you did not read completely or did not understand what I wrote in my previous mail.
Yes SAP is a good platform and has seen its days. There are lot of big companies that are using it and have seen their productivity gain. There are also several cases where it was a disaster. Lucent is one such failure. It is a monster. As I pointed out it can break a company if the integration is not executed properly. Yes everything depends on the project team and the management. The point is that it can take lot more time than normally one estimates and such a delay in implementation in a super competitive industry will
make you less capable. That is what happened here to too.
Of course that was magnified several order with the idiot McGinn and his cronies.
Fortunately this company still has a lot of good talents and if they can find a good figure head, clean some more fat, and execute properly with what they already have it can gain its status.


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To: Joe S Pack who wrote (17164)11/22/2000 4:00:50 PM
From: telecomguy
   of 21876
This is a BIG, BLOATED, DEMORALIZED sinking ship Nat.

You make it sound like a little housecleaning job on a small bungalow with about 1200 square feet of living space.

Which CTO of a major Carrier is going to trust LU and be their guinea pig? It takes lot of balls for some Carrier CTO to take a chance on LU considering all the failed implementations and platform blowups in the past.

As in all things in life, once you start losing, it's a slippery slope and it's very very hard to regain your credibility....and in this super competitive, cut-throat Telco market, no one is going to risk their job by "trying out" LU gears when time-to-market and 99.9999% reliability is an absolute minimum criteria for selecting vendor.

It will take an unusually talented CEO to turn this one around and that CEO has not even been found yet -- never mind let's see, 6 month executive search (besides what respectable CEO would take on LU?), another 6 month to figure out what the heck is going on, 3 month to clean the house, and another 6 month to implement the new mgmt, and changes.....that's 21 months from now. In the meantime, more market share loss, more talents fleeing, more erosion in share price, gridlocked mgmt., and even then who is to say the new CEO can make the right decisions?

Get the idea? Odds are stacked against LU in my opinion.

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To: GVTucker who wrote (17162)11/22/2000 4:41:41 PM
From: sylvester80
   of 21876
I didn't say I thought LU was a bargain for a good long while. I said I had my eye on LU for a good long while (one of the stocks that I have on my track list but did not own). I think now LU is a bargain and so I bought in today. JMHO.

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To: telecomguy who wrote (17163)11/22/2000 4:45:22 PM
From: sylvester80
   of 21876
Telecomguy, Aren't you an NT employee? Do you own NT? Who will get hurt if LU regained it's footing?

Sounds like you have a big conflict of interest bud. Care to tell us your full disclosure?

Mine - As of today, I own 10K shares of LU and looking to get 10K more. Used to own NT but sold in the $80s.

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To: telecomguy who wrote (17165)11/22/2000 4:50:34 PM
From: sylvester80
   of 21876
Which is exactly why the time to get in is NOW. Let's see who was right in 12-24 months.

Disclosure - I'm in with 10K shares at 16 9/16 today. Looking to buy 10K more on any possible pull back in mid teens. May not get it though.

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To: sylvester80 who wrote (17166)11/22/2000 4:55:10 PM
From: GVTucker
   of 21876
In this post, you imply that LU is a bargain:

Message 14426984

That was back in the 30's.

And you declared the bottom here, when the stock was around 30:

Message 14472117

and here:

Message 14473219

I'm just wondering what is different now. Seriously.

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To: Mehrdad Arya who wrote (17121)11/22/2000 5:00:22 PM
From: Ian@SI
   of 21876
Did your dd uncover this 2 week old press release? <vbg>
As I said before, LU has to leapfrog the competition, not merely catch up to where they were last year. So far, I'm not seeing any indication of that leadership emerging.

I'm confident that it will ultimately. It just hasn't done so yet. ... and may not for years to come. Meanwhile, LU will be designed out of many carriers' service offerings.



Alcatel Delivers Optical IP
Internetworking with 7770 Routing Core

Product will outperform competition and enable profit-generating
"Qualitative IP Services" end-to-end

SAN JOSE, CALIF. - November 8, 2000 -- Alcatel (Paris: CGEP.PA and
NYSE: ALA) today announced the introduction of the Alcatel 7770 Routing Core Platform (RCP), a multi-terabit
IP core router. Engineered to meet stringent carrier-class requirements, the 7770 RCP enables service
providers to deliver differentiated IP services by guaranteeing network performance, a feature critical to the
future of wide area networking.

"France Telecom R&D is particularly interested in being involved in the definition of the specification of the
equipment for the next generation networks at the earliest possible stage. France Telecom is involved for this
reason in Alcatel's 7770 RCP partnership program", said Dominique Delisle, France Telecom R&D IP
Program Director. "The 7770 provides high performance terabit routing and integration with optical transport
which will be an essential requirement in the heart of next generation networks. The Alcatel 7770 RCP has
been delivered to France Telecom R&D. Testing is commencing and will continue in the framework of the
European Commission project ATRIUM."

The RCP integrates IP routing with optical transport and provides the basic ingredients for multi-layer
restoration, thus providing the architecture Internet service providers need to grow their networks into the next
generation. In addition, carriers are able to support premium end-to-end services for their IP customers due
to innovative traffic engineering tools and the ability to support differentiated services across the core. These
features are available on a true carrier grade product that continues to deliver full wirespeed
routing/forwarding performance and is supported by award-winning network management tools that
significantly reduce operations cost.

"The ability to offer end-to-end, advanced networking solutions to IP-centric service providers makes the
Alcatel 7770 Routing Core Platform a leading alternative for deploying next generation networks," said
Michael Kennedy, Network Strategy Partners. "The technical strengths of the 7770 RCP combined with
Alcatel's unique ability to provide optical integration in a fully managed solution will make it a strong market

"The introduction of the Alcatel 7770 Routing Core Platform and the 7420 Edge Services Router, both based
upon network processor technology, will make Alcatel a credible vendor in the service provider IP router
market," said David Passmore, Research Director, The Burton Group. "We think Alcatel is a player to watch
and expect them to become much more visible in this space."

"The Alcatel 7770 is the future of reliable IP optical networking," said Dirk Van Den Berghen, Alcatel's
executive vice president of Core Data. "Service level guarantees open a market for bandwidth provisioning
and brokering that will generate the kind of revenue now seen by TDM and ATM network vendors. With the
7770, bandwidth is no longer a high-speed pipe. Rather, carriers can provide a specific service, with a
contract for guaranteed performance and the requisite price tag attached - a business opportunity unique in
the current IP world."

Alcatel 7770 Features
The 7770 RCP deploys a 640 Gb/s high capacity switching fabric that features a built-in ability to scale to 5
Tb/s and 10 Tb/s through in-service upgrades
, with low footprint and no forklifts. It is unique in its use of IBM's
state-of-the-art, PowerNP network processor and customized application specific integrated circuits (ASICs),
which allow high system scalability, distributed IP forwarding and wirespeed packet handling.

The product deploys a powerful and reliable Phase 2 routing stack, and features high density multi-port POS
interfaces which support speeds ranging from OC-3 to OC-192. It has the ability to support OC-768 in future.
The 7770 also supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet and very short range (VSR) optical interfaces for cost-effective
interconnections to local, optics-based transmission equipment.

Built-in intelligence that enables sophisticated MPLS-guided traffic engineering, multi-layer restoration,
dynamic bandwidth allocation and IP trunking uniquely qualifies the product as a "new breed of IP routers" to
the industry. The product is carrier-grade with NEBs L.3 compliance and provides a high level of system
reliability. With comprehensive protection schemes for all critical components - such as the switching fabric,
route servers, control logic, power feeds and even software residing on the line cards - the 7770 RCP
redefines the meaning of carrier grade IP transport.

The Alcatel 7770 RCP Release 1 features 1-port OC-192, 4-port OC-48, 8-port OC-12, 16-port OC-3 and
8-port Giga Ethernet ports. Volume shipment begins in May 2001. An entry-level fully-redundant 640 Gigabit
system starts at US$290K.

About Alcatel IP
Alcatel has extensive design and development expertise in X.25, TDM, frame relay, ATM and SONET-based
equipment. The recently launched Alcatel 7770 RCP and Alcatel 7420 Edge Services Router, combined with
the existing IP, DWDM and optical product range - and all managed by a world-leading network and services
management suite - now equips Alcatel to offer advanced networking solutions to IP-centric service providers.

About Alcatel
Alcatel builds next generation networks, delivering integrated end-to-end voice and data networking solutions
to established and new carriers, as well as enterprises and consumers worldwide. With 120,000 employees
and sales of EURO 23 billion in 1999, Alcatel operates in more than 130 countries. For more information, visit
Alcatel on the Internet:

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To: Ian@SI who wrote (17170)11/22/2000 6:25:17 PM
From: Sawtooth
   of 21876
Re: Verizon 1xEV Trial with Lucent Spring/Summer 2001
Verizon Wireless looks to 1xEV

Telephony Magazine
Kelly Carroll
Nov 21 2000

Carrier will work with Lucent to trial the technology

Telephony: Verizon Wireless will work with Lucent Technologies to trial cdma2000 1xEV, which is expected to reach a high-speed data rate of up to 2.4 Mbps. The carrier is the second in the United States, after Sprint PCS, to publicly endorse the technology.

"This is more validation that the technology is a reality," said Ed Salas, vice president of technology development for Verizon Wireless.

The 1xEV trial expands on the current third-generation enhancements Verizon Wireless is currently testing with Lucent. 1xEV is expected to further enable services like instant messaging, streaming audio and video, high-speed Web browsing and other mobile office capabilities.

The trial, which is expected to begin in the spring and last through the summer, will provide Verizon Wireless with an idea of what the technology will allow as far as throughput and end user experience.

In addition, because the technology will be on Lucent’s base station platform, the trial will give carriers a sense of what the system will look and feel like once it is in their network, Salas said.

"The key advantage of 1xEV in the first phase is the ability for it to get to market quickly," he said. "We are building on what the Internet is built on. We believe this way we can get to market quicker than the wireless telephony world is used to"

Message 14864873

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To: telecomguy who wrote (17163)11/22/2000 6:41:18 PM
From: Techplayer
   of 21876
telecomguy, I see that you have come out of hibernation. As much as I believe that NT has its **** together, it is not exactly cash rich. tp

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