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To: B-MAN who wrote ()12/2/1997 11:54:00 AM
From: Stephen J. Schmidt
   of 2691
To All: Iridium to Open Northern Va. Business Systems Center

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To: SoliRA who wrote (272)12/5/1997 9:06:00 AM
From: Fledermaus
   of 2691
You're too biased and outdated on your vision of third world countries. This IS a message from a third world country (Latin America).
But - YES - I think they will buy ALSO for status, in some LA countries (in the beginning), and for NEED in others, and also a mix of need and status. But do not take government officials lightly. Would you buy an American phone that might be tapped by CIA? No, big market is not in the government. Where is it.
One big market for Iridium and Globalstar will be the rural area. Take Brazil, for instance. That country has 800.000 rural properties, and very few of them have phones. Most rely on radio. Let's say only 10% will have money to buy the phone (US$ 3,000). That's 80.000 prospective clients, only in the rural area!! This does not include those people that have "fincas" (small rural estates, used mainly on weekends) outside the big cities (San Paulo= 12 million inhabitants, Rio = 10 million). Iridium will get there first (between one and half to two years in advance or more - if Globalstar keeps postponing launches - they have done it for the fourth time already!)
Enough for now! More to come!

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To: Stephen J. Schmidt who wrote (273)12/5/1997 9:10:00 AM
From: Fledermaus
   of 2691
And what is that business center gonna do, Steve?

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To: Fledermaus who wrote (275)12/5/1997 11:28:00 AM
From: Larry L
   of 2691
Iridium announces first Long March launch early Monday morning. Thank goodness they are only putting two satellites on this very questionable rocket.

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To: Larry L who wrote (276)12/5/1997 1:21:00 PM
From: Ted Downs
   of 2691
Next Launch Schedule on PR news Wire

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To: Larry L who wrote (276)12/6/1997 12:32:00 AM
From: SidStock
   of 2691

The long march 2C is a good launch vehicle. It is the bigger long
march 3's that had all the problems(and took out the hotel). The
2's are supposed to be very reliable. It is a small rocket and that is
why it takes up only 2 birds. They had a successful trial launch
earlier using dummy iridium birds on the long march 2C to test the
deployment piece. So this launch should be a piece of cake.

I beileve I* is using the long march to fill out an orbital plane
after a the Delta II launch. They need 6 in each plane, and the
delta only carries 5 birds. Thus they are putting 7 into each
orbital plane. Lossing a few here and there and keeping a
few more as spares gives them the 6 to 7 in each plane they


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To: Fledermaus who wrote (274)12/6/1997 4:35:00 PM
From: SoliRA
   of 2691

You're right. I allowed myself to momentarily slip into a biased and (for many areas, anyway) outdated view of third world countries. Please excuse me. I had in mind, when I wrote, a small country in Africa where I have missionary friends. That country, I think, certainly has less communications infrastructure than Brazil.

It never occured to me that people outside the U.S. monitored these discussion board.

I don't even think about the CIA tapping my phone. The CIA could easily tap my phone (technically) - but they'd have a lot more to lose than me if they did and got caught at it. Our government - though they forget occasionally - works for me - Joe Public citizen.

Do you think 10 percent would buy a phone? I thought it would be more like 1 percent, and that many neighbors would share (reimbursing costs to the owner).

More to come!

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To: SidStock who wrote (278)12/7/1997 10:40:00 AM
From: Walt Bishoff
   of 2691
To All,

Five more going up on a Delta II on 20 Dec 97:

Consider the use of the Long March a business necessity in order to achieve sales in that country.


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To: Walt Bishoff who wrote (280)12/8/1997 12:03:00 PM
From: SidStock
   of 2691
Monday December 8, 4:23 am Eastern Time

Company Press Release


Another Successful Launch for Iridium LLC; Two More Satellites Now in Orbit

WASHINGTON, Dec. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Two more IRIDIUM satellites were successfully launched today on a Chinese Long March 2C/SD rocket from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in China. Today's launch brings the total number of orbiting IRIDIUM satellites to 41, marking Iridium LLC's eighth launch in eight months.

With this launch, IRIDIUM satellites have now been launched by all three of Iridium system launch service providers: Delta II of Boeing, Proton of Khrunichev, and Long March 2C/SD of China Great Wall Industry Corporation.

The two satellites are part of Iridium LLC's 66-satellite wireless personal telecommunications network designed to offer full global coverage and a variety of communications services, including voice, data, fax and paging. These two satellites join the 39 that were previously launched.

''Today's launch is the result of a close working relationship between China Great Wall, Motorola (NYSE: MOT - news) and Iridium LLC,'' said Edward F. Staiano, Iridium LLC Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. ''We thank our Chinese partner and investor for its contribution to Iridium in reaching our commercial goal of providing global wireless communications services in September 1998.''

''With this launch in China, we've set a new record by deploying 41 satellites in eight months from three countries,'' said Motorola Chief Executive Officer Christopher Galvin. ''We congratulate China Great Wall for their successful launch, which has played an important role in making this achievement possible.''

The Long March 2C/SD rocket lifted off the launch pad at 02:16:49 a.m. EST. Satellite separation occurred approximately fifty minutes after liftoff. The two satellites will be maneuvered into their respective positions to become part of the operational constellation.

Iridium LLC is developing and commercializing a global wireless communications network that will combine the worldwide reach of 66 low-earth-orbit satellites with land-based wireless systems to enable subscribers to communicate using handheld telephones and pagers virtually anywhere in the world with service introduction planned for 1998.

Iridium World Communications, Ltd. (Nasdaq: IRIDF - news), the public investment vehicle of Iridium LLC, completed an initial public offering in early June. Proceeds from the offering were used by Iridium World Communications, Ltd. to purchase membership interests in Iridium LLC totaling approximately 8.5 per cent of the Company.

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To: SidStock who wrote (281)12/8/1997 4:09:00 PM
   of 2691
Two successful launches announced -- not much to show for them today... any opinions?

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