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To: Bob Trocchi who wrote (4224)10/16/1998 9:33:00 AM
From: mod
   of 18965

I happen to know a bit about financial stocks, and have to say that it historically has not been a good idea to be short financials while the Fed is cutting rates.

Mr. Pink has apparently abandoned PVN as a short, if your sole reason for shorting was his recommendation, you might want to consider following his lead again.


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To: TokyoMex who wrote (4202)10/16/1998 9:54:00 AM
From: Spunky Beaver
   of 18965
Hey Tokyo,,

Unlike the idiots that are stupid enough to waste their time listening the drivel that you,, a washed out restuaranteer,, produce,, the vast majority of folks that follow this thread are smart enough to use stop limit orders so that when the tide turns against them they can get out.
Now,, since you are the only person that is vain enough to profess to have never made a bad investment decision,, I guess you aren't real familiar with stop loss orders.
Sure,, I lost a total of 4 points trying to short the artifically propped stock,, but I've made a whole lot more in other short positions in the last 2 months. I will get my 4 points back from PVN in due time,, but I'm not sweating it,, ;-).
By the way the last person that told me to burn in hell,, perhaps a protege of yours named Manfred,, is now working a second job serving promme-frites at the McDonald's restuarant in his home town of Brussels, Belgium because he lost all his money following your advice and going long in CCSI, TAVA, etc. Now that I understand that your restuarant has followed a similar fate as Manfred's money,, perhaps you could prepare a sushi enchilada,, take a swig of a saki margarita,, and take your place at McDonald's on the burger assembly lines where your skills in the restuarant business may find some improvement,, ;-),, ;-0,, ;-),, ;-0,, !!!!!

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To: Muhney who wrote (4220)10/16/1998 11:24:00 AM
From: Sir Auric Goldfinger
   of 18965
PVN right now if you've the cajones.

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To: Sir Auric Goldfinger who wrote (4228)10/16/1998 11:54:00 AM
From: GT
   of 18965
EFII - go short now while its still high - 4 points down by next week.

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To: Sir Auric Goldfinger who wrote (4228)10/16/1998 11:59:00 AM
From: Dr. Seuss
   of 18965

Added this am to my short position (from 61). Hardest thing I ever did, but I'm feeling a lot better now.

Market up, PVN down 2 3/8.

DR. S.

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To: Dr. Seuss who wrote (4230)10/16/1998 12:14:00 PM
From: RockyBalboa
   of 18965
In PVN at 76 7/8 but where is it now?? My quote servers went off duty, DBC broadcast shows it somewhere in the 74s now?


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To: Dr. Seuss who wrote (4230)10/16/1998 12:17:00 PM
From: Spunky Beaver
   of 18965
Dr. Seuss,

I'm testing the waters on the PVN short again. I think that now that Prudential got this puppy back up in the mid 70s we are going to see some selling now and next week.

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To: RockyBalboa who wrote (4231)10/16/1998 12:18:00 PM
From: drakes353
   of 18965

PVN last at 73 11/16ths. Any comments on my post from last night?


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To: Spunky Beaver who wrote (4232)10/16/1998 12:33:00 PM
From: Dr. Seuss
   of 18965
You better believe it.

I just want to say a word about PVN.

Mr. Pink brought this to our attention. Yes, he said to short it with impunity and made
other comments. Yes it took off shortly after that....and now it's coming down. He also
said that you should take some profits off the table a week ago and I wished I did
more of that then. You don't hear anyone bitching that the stock they covered dropped
further and they could have made more money if Mr. Pink had only told them to stay

For all of you out there that are attacking Mr. Pink for his call on PVN, or making
obnoxious comments about those that are short it and hurting.....grow up. Muhlrunny
and all those other morons get off on being a contrarian. While that has a place when
done intelligently, it's clear that these guys are running a few fries short of a Happy

I guess what I'm trying to say is that stocks go up and down. If someone can even tell
me that a stock is going to be volatile, I say thank you. Good traders make money up
and down and shouldn't need to be told when to short and when to go long.

If you're a beginner, don't jump in the market with stocks that are volatile, you'll get
burned. Or do so on paper only. See how you end up before you use your own

If your in to dumping salt into peoples wounds only to stop feeling so badly about
yourself for a while, get the hell out of here. Third grade is meeting over on the Yahoo

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To: Mr. Pink who wrote (4193)10/16/1998 12:43:00 PM
From: Larry Voyles
   of 18965
Your Pinkness:

I must confess that I may have royally screwed up. Bought BMCS on the possibly erroneous presumption that Prudential and Goldman read the wrong earnings release. Are Financial Shenanigans indeed in progress?

"BMC falls on worries over deferred revs"

Your Obedient Servant,

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