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To: Jeffrey S. Mitchell who wrote (17601)3/2/2012 2:51:38 PM
From: JimisJim
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< eventually you have someone in full body armor > and leaning way over the plate like Bonds?

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To: JimisJim who wrote (17603)3/2/2012 3:27:47 PM
From: JakeStraw
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Bonds had all that steroids girth ;^)

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From: Travis_Bickle3/2/2012 4:11:21 PM
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No more Mike Stanton, he's now Giancarlo Stanton

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To: longnshort who wrote (17588)3/4/2012 2:38:47 PM
From: chowder
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How bout them Cocks! ... Whooooo!!!

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From: JakeStraw3/6/2012 9:48:18 AM
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Pujols doubles, goes 2 for 3 in Angels debut

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From: JakeStraw3/6/2012 4:26:10 PM
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Mets ace Santana throws 2 shutout innings vs Cards

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From: sixty2nds3/7/2012 11:07:55 AM
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VIERA, Fla. – During his first spring with the Washington Nationals, Bryce Harper answered to a different name.

Bitch Boy.

Harper was 18 years old, owner of a $9.9 million contract and came into camp proclaiming he wanted to make the Nationals without having played a single game in the minor leagues. The placard above his locker that should’ve said HARPER 34 was replaced by a veteran who wanted to ensure the kid recognized who he was and where he stood.

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Though just 19 years old, Bryce Harper is already a larger-than-life figure in the Washington Nationals organization.
(US Presswire)

This spring, go-around No. 2, the first full-squad workout greeted Harper with a kinder, gentler and still-inaccurate nameplate: NAMATH 12.

Hey, it’s better than Bitch Boy.

“I’m just gonna wear it,” Harper said. “It’s going to go on for awhile. It’s part of the game. It’s your initiation.”

The veterans around the clubhouse feel the responsibility to humble Harper because humility doesn’t exactly come naturally to him – nor, frankly, would it to anybody splashed across the cover of Sports Illustrated at age 16, setting junior-college records when he should’ve been in high school and getting the endorsement of none other than the Nationals’ manager himself to start the season in Washington.

“I want to make the decision hard for them,” Harper said. “I don’t want to be in the minor leagues. That’s always been me. Everyone knows that. I don’t want to be there. I want to be up in the big leagues, and I want to stay there.”

One thing is almost certain: Whether it’s on April 5 against the Cubs, like manager Davey Johnson hopes, or sometime after June 1, as most of the baseball world expects, Harper is going to arrive in the major leagues as a 19-year-old. And he’ll do so shrouded in hype exceeding that of his soon-to-be teammate, Stephen Strasburg, whose buildup created enough of a frenzy around Washington that locals took to calling days of his starts Strasmas.

Not only is the list of position players to get at-bats in their age-19 season over the last quarter century short, it’s distinguished: From Mike Trout to the Upton brothers, Adrian (Beltre) to Andruw (Jones), a World Series MVP ( Edgar Renteria), a pair of Hall of Fame Rodriguezes (Alex and Ivan), a two-time MVP (Juan Gonzalez) and the most beautiful swings of their generation, Ken Griffey Jr. (lefty) and Gary Sheffield (righty). Gregg Jefferies carved out a nice 14-year career. The only near-busts are Wilson Betemit and Karim Garcia, and even they lasted a decade in the major leagues.

All of which is to say: Harper is going to be a star. A big, mega, thousand-watt, Sirius-bright star. He has the skills. He has the temperament. He has the brand. He has the look – on this day, a Cristiano Ronaldo fauxhawk covered by a trucker hat with skinny jeans and white Chuck Taylors.

A teammate rolls his eyes, cognizant that Harper is only 19 and aware, too, that youthful indiscretion remains no excuse for wearing a trucker hat. Harper’s persona, and his willingness to cultivate it, is why he gets flambéed in the clubhouse. Baseball, a sport that demands uniformity, respect and adherence, spits at individualism, especially if that individual is the one perpetuating his own legend.

Harper’s ascent, remember, was every bit as organic as Jeremy Lin’s or Tim Tebow’s, borne of curiosity – Lin’s as someone who looked different, Tebow’s as someone who played and sounded different, and Harper’s as someone who simply was different. A baby. A child. A teenager. Few things fascinate us like prodigies. They are cherished and treasured, and at 6-foot-3, 225 pounds, with a left-handed swing that launches balls 500 feet, Harper is a gold claim that struck.

[ Big League Stew: Bryce Harper pulls plug on controversial Twitter account ]

With Nationals owner Ted Lerner finally spending money commensurate to the team’s market size – among the $126 million investment in Jayson Werth, the $100 million extension for Ryan Zimmerman, the trade-and-sign of Gio Gonzalez and an $11 million outlay for one year of Edwin Jackson – Washington is saying: This is the year. Or at least the first of many.

“We’re really, really good this year,” Harper said. “And next year. And the next, the next, the next. The plan is to win a division.”

It’s not far-fetched. Strasburg looks close enough to his old self after Tommy John surgery for one scout to suggest he’d win the NL Cy Young this year if not for an expected innings cap. The Nationals’ rotation runs deep with Gonzalez, Jackson, Jordan Zimmermann, John Lannan, Chien-Ming Wang and Ross Detwiler. And with a strong lineup (Zimmerman, Werth, Michael Morse, Danny Espinosa, Wilson Ramos) and perhaps the best back end of the bullpen in the league ( Drew Storen and Tyler Clippard), the rest of the team complements the starters quite well.

So the insertion of Harper into the lineup a year after he hit .297/.392/.501 between Class A and Double-A could well be that separator between Washington and Atlanta or Miami or even Philadelphia. When presented with the scenario of Werth starting in center field with Harper in right or a mish-mash of Roger Bernadina/ Rick Ankiel in center and Werth in right, one veteran National didn’t hesitate: “The kid.”

Bryce Harper waits his turn during batting practice at Washington Nationals spring training in Melbourne, Fla.
(US Presswire)

They’ll take the trucker hat, the smirk Harper wears, the likelihood he’ll infuriate someone since everyone in the game is looking for the tiniest reason to beat the kid given – or at least gifted – everything. Harper’s blessing is his curse. Because he can’t help himself, not yet, he’s poised to take the mantel from A-Rod as the ballplayer simultaneously most respected and loathed. It’s a burden for even the most strong-willed.

For now, Harper’s got such nerves. Harper had no problem telling his Twitter followers he was a Dallas Cowboys fan even though Washington considers the Cowboys, Giants and Eagles the real axis of evil. Harper loves the Yankees as well, to which Nationals fans simply had to shake their heads and hope he doesn’t end up in pinstripes after the 2018 season.

When Harper went to Washington’s NatsFest , nobody recognized him. So he walked around the city, taking mental snapshots of where he’d be spending at least the first six years of his career.

“It’s a great town to be in,” Harper said. “You’re around politics, and … “

Hold on now. Bryce Harper angling for guest hits on CNN already?

“Noooooo,” he said. “I don’t want to talk about politics at all. I have no clue.”

[ Hot Stove Daily: A lot must go right for Washington to make playoffs ]

Maybe he is learning. Harper nuked his Twitter account last week. He’s getting nice reviews for his hustle during preseason games. Chances are he’ll end up in Harrisburg or Syracuse or some other outpost before the Nationals come calling for good.

And they will. Soon enough, Bryce Harper will be a major leaguer. And maybe, just maybe, by then they’ll let HARPER 34 hang above his locker.

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From: Cautious_Optimist3/8/2012 11:19:25 PM
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Did you know you could be criminally charged for sitting in a seat other than your own?? In Oakland, where we often see crowds less than 5,000 in a massive stadium...

We all agree their needs to be reasonable policing of seats, but is a LAW necesaary?? Hot sunny day, need shade?... You could be cited for sitting in the empty seats under the overhang..

Oakland is the only stadium I know that ejects or arrest people for tossing a home run ball back on the field.

Oakland City Ordinances: Oakland Municipal Codes 8.44.030 Activities prohibited within the stadium and arena. The following activities are prohibited within the stadium:

  • No person shall intentionally throw, discharge, launch or spill any solid object (including footballs, baseballs, beach balls, Frisbees or other such devices) or liquid substance or otherwise cause such object or substance to be thrown, discharged, launched, spilled or to become airborne.
  • No person shall explode, set off, discharge or otherwise release or cause to be released any smoke bomb, fireworks, stink bomb, or other substance which is physically harmful or otherwise irritating, offensive, repugnant or disgusting to the eyes or sense of smell.
  • No person shall enter any area of the stadium or arena not open to the general public, or any other area set apart for the participants, performers, officials, attendants or service personnel at any time before, during, or after a stadium or arena event.
  • No person shall bring into or possess within the stadium or the arena any can or bottle or any thermos, vacuum bottle, canteen or other similar container containing alcohol unless expressly authorized by the authorized representative.
  • No person shall gain or attempt to gain admittance to the stadium or the arena except through an access gate open for public access and by presenting a valid event ticket or otherwise paying the posted charge required for admission or to enter or attempt to enter the stadium or the arena during non-event days or hours without permission.
  • No person of either sex shall enter the clearly marked and designated restroom facilities of the opposite sex at the stadium or the arena.
  • No person shall behave in so noisy, boisterous or rowdy a manner as to disturb spectators or participants at any stadium or arena event so that assigned personnel must address the person to cease or prevent a recurrence of the noisy, boisterous or rowdy behavior.
  • No person shall violate any local ordinance or state law.
  • No person shall refuse to obey an ejectment order made pursuant to enforcement of this section, or shall re-enter the stadium or arena during the event that person was ejected from by purchase of another ticket or by any other means.
  • No person shall bring into or possess within the stadium or the arena any noise-making device including but not necessarily limited to air horns, powered megaphones, bugles, drums, tambourines or other musical instruments unless expressly authorized.
  • No person shall lead, conduct or otherwise bring or allow to remain in the stadium or the arena any animal, bird, fish or reptile, except trained guide dogs or dogs for the disabled certified by the state of California and which are in actual use.
  • No person shall remain within the stadium or the arena more than one hour after the conclusion of the event for which admitted. It is unlawful for any person to refuse to obey the lawful order of law enforcement officers or stadium or arena security personnel made pursuant to enforcement of this subsection.
  • Subsections A through L of this section shall not apply to any duly authorized employee, agent or officer of the authorized representative while acting in the course and scope of his or her employment, nor shall it apply to any duly authorized participant, performer, official, security or service personnel specifically authorized to perform such an act by the authorized representative while acting in the scope of his or her employment or participation.
  • No person shall smoke any combustible substance in or near the Coliseum. The stadium is a "Smoke Free" facility in accordance with O.M.C. 8.30.040.
  • During events with ticketed assigned seating, no person is to occupy a seat for which he/she does not possess a valid ticket.
  • No person shall remain standing in or block any aisle or passageway beyond the time reasonably necessary to transit the aisle or passageway. Aisle or passageway shall mean those areas immediately adjacent to the seating areas that are intended as walkways leading to or from seats or exits. Aisle or passageway shall also mean the concourse areas when large crowds have gathered in sufficient numbers so as to block such aisle or passageways. (Ord. 12091 (part), 1998; Ord. 12003 ? 2 (part), 1997)

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      From: JimisJim3/10/2012 1:45:21 PM
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      Long term effects of juicing include inability to produce testosterone naturally?

      Mexican league says Canseco refused doping test
      Mar 9, 8:27 pm EST

      MEXICO CITY (AP)—Former major league star Jose Canseco has been suspended from the Mexican league after allegedly refusing to undergo a doping test.

      Mexican league president Plinio Escalante says refusing to take a doping test is treated the same as testing positive in the league.

      Quintana Roo Tigers team president Cuauhtemoc Rodriguez says doping control doctors advised Canseco against taking the test because he was using a medicine to produce testosterone.

      He says Canseco had already informed the team that he was using the medicine because his body doesn’t produce the substance naturally.

      Canseco told ESPNDeportes that he has a prescription for the testosterone treatment and “can’t live without it.”

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      To: JimisJim who wrote (17611)3/10/2012 10:10:23 PM
      From: Cautious_Optimist
      3 Recommendations   of 22832
      The reason Jose turned down the doping test is that he would be revealed as a dope.

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