Politics : Bill Clinton Scandal - SANITY CHECK

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To: dougjn who wrote (10996)10/23/1998 10:23:00 PM
From: Dwight E. Karlsen  Read Replies (1) of 67257
Secondly, re: why aren't we celebrating the peace accord. I agree with you. I guess I'm taking it for granted, in terms of what to bitch about on this forum. But as far as Clinton's achievements go, I think it's a biggie. He deserves much credit. And I think he's getting it. He deserves it.

Does Arafat speak for the terrorist group Hamas? Has Hamas signed off on this? Sure, I think in the past the PLO has been involved with terrorism, but has not for a long time, certainly not officially. But Hamas and others periodically blow up a bus, typically in some part of Jerusalem.

I guess the reason I'm not "celebrating", is because this "peace accord" doesn't mean that we won't be opening our newspapers in two months to find another bus full of people has been blown up.

Ah yes, and then there was the "Dayton Peace Accords", which heralded a new peaceful era in Bosnia, signed off by the good Mr. Slobodnik (sp?). Except that only a couple years, we're again frantically trying to get the good Mr. Slobodnik to stop exterminating specific ethnic groups inside his country. It's like, "okay, I won't kill those people. (but I will kill those other people...hehehe...these Americans are such suckers for a good show).
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