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From: Frank A. Coluccio8/15/2017 10:47:22 AM
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Four Reason Why Vinyl Sounds Better than Digital
Mathew Hughes | August 2015


Most of the music you listen to is stored and broadcast in a lossy format, where details are lost and quality is reduced. This is because audio is compressed in order to make it small enough to shove on a phone, or to broadcast over the airwaves.

How Does File Compression Work? How Does File Compression Work?File compression is at the core of how the modern web works, one could argue, because it allows us to share files that would otherwise take too long to transfer. But how does it work?

Complete article:, e

fac: furthermore, the sampling rate employed in quantizing systems of the type discussed here can contribute to secondary, tertiary, etc. "aliasing" products, which are modulation byproducts (intermodulation distortion) resulting from the sampling rate mixing with any particular fundamental signal component, or one or more of the fundamental's harmonics... some background in the measurement of such "nonlinear distortion" products can be gleaned here ... comparing straightforward second and third -order harmonic distortion and the four-tone method of measuring nonlinearities...

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