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From: simplicity3/22/2014 1:42:45 PM
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I have been doing some work here at home this morning and early afternoon, with FoxNews on in the background. A full ninety percent of their reporting is focused on the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370, and much of what I am hearing is constant, drumbeat repetition of the theories about that disappearance. It is as if there is not much else of note to report.

While I certainly agree that that news story is worthy of a great deal of coverage, and is also reason for Americans to be concerned about possible terrorist involvement, I think the much more alarming story is Vladamir Putin’s potential walk across Ukraine, and parts of eastern Europe and western Asia. Add to that the fact that the American president is reacting with ‘slap on the wrist diplomacy’, while also making a point of spending millions of taxpayers’ dollars on cheap promotional healthcare advertisements geared at further enslaving the people to the whims of the state, making lighthearted appearances on Ellen and the like, and discussing his March madness bracket choices with the seriousness of an arms negotiator.

Consider, also, the fact that both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama worked feverishly, and successfully, to disarm Ukraine, and Barack Obama promised Dmitry Medvedev behind-the-scenes negotiations aimed at disarming eastern Europe ‘when he had more latitude to negotiate’ with the Russians once he was re-elected.

I see some disturbing similarities between Vladamir Putin’s agenda and that of Adolf Hitler, with the stark difference now being that the American president is somehow working as an enabler of the expansion of tyranny rather than a defender of liberty.

My heart goes out to the families and friends of the passengers of Flight 370, and I fear for any people/nation who may eventually find themselves in the cross hairs of any terrorist group that may be holding that plane. But recent events in Crimea and Ukraine have the eventual potential to change the power structure, and energy holdings/availability, of the entire globe, with a proven brutal dictator destined to hold the upper hand far into the future … and we have an American president, who, at the very least, doesn’t seem to care.
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