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Welcome to the world's most comprehensive source of amusement ride accident reports and related news. is for nonprofit research and educational purposes only. The site has no affiliation with any government agencies, amusement industry organizations, or consumer advocacy groups. Visitors to this site include amusement ride inspectors, operators, supervisors, and maintenance workers whose tasks include accident prevention. For these visitors, and for all visitors associated with the amusement industry, this site is intended to serve as a resource that helps identify circumstances that have either caused or contributed to accidents so that similar circumstances may be avoided. To all visitors, the information at this site is openly reported with the purpose of bringing awareness to the risks associated with amusement rides -- an awareness that will translate into a safety-conscious respect for rides and a greater willingness to follow instructions, procedures and warnings. Please send questions, comments, and news to Jared Costanza at



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This website opened on October 17, 1996.

'Bounce house' injuries skyrocketing
CNN, November 26, 2012

Woman injured in fall from fair ride

WAFB 9 News Baton Rouge
(November 10, 2012) - At the Louisiana State Fair in Shreveport, Louisiana, a 20-year-old woman was thrown about 20 feet from an amusement ride called the Fun Factory. She was hospitalized in intensive care with broken bones and internal injuries.

The Fun Factory is a whirling ride operated by Sky Attractions; it was manufactured by KMG of the Netherlands.

Girl thrown from fair ride

Video footage of accident (Daily Mail)
(November 3, 2012) - At the Hollowell Steam Rally and Heavy Horse Show in Northampton, England, a 9-year-old girl was ejected from a whirling amusement ride and thrown 15 feet into a metal fence surrounding the ride. She was hospitalized with internal injuries and later released.

The Health and Safety Executive is investigating.

Another Windseeker ride stalls; riders stranded for hours "It basically got stuck."
- Knott's Berry Farm spokeswoman Jennifer Blazey

(September 19, 2012) - At Knott's Berry Farm theme park in Buena Park, California, a circular swing ride called the Windseeker stalled, leaving twenty people stranded 300 feet in the air for nearly four hours. Park officials said that the ride's safety system engaged, causing the ride to come to a complete stop.

The evacuation, which took three hours and forty minutes, is one of the longest on record for any amusement ride.

Riders were given a free t-shirt.

On September 7, the same ride stalled and left 15 people stranded for about three hours.

In July, the Windseeker ride at Carowinds theme park in Charlotte, North Carolina stalled and left 25 riders stranded hundreds of feet in the air for nearly three hours.

In June, the Windseeker ride at Cedar Point Park in Sandusky, Ohio left 29 riders stranded 150 feet in the air for more than an hour when it stalled.

All six of the Windseeker rides operating at parks throughout the Cedar Fair chain were ordered closed temporarily by Cedar Fair, pending an internal investigation.

UPDATE: It has been determined that the ride system was not defective and that the stalls were not caused by a design flaw or other flaw. The ride systems were found to be operating as designed.
Fair amusement rides safe, regularly inspected, officials say
- Billings Gazette, August 12, 2012 KCRA Investigates: Carnival Rides
- KCRA TV, July 11, 2012

Lawsuits ignite debate over trampoline park safety
- CNN, July 27, 2012

Zip Line Regulations Coming to Ohio?
- WSYX, July 31, 2012 State agency may investigate zip line accident
- WPDE, July 16, 2012

News on Japan

Park worker crushed in fatal roller coaster accident (September 8, 2012) - At an amusement park in Koriyama, a city located in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, an accident on a steel roller coaster claimed the life of a park worker. The employee suffered fatal injuries after somehow becoming pinned underneath the front car of the ride's 36-passenger train.

Grand Island Independent

Woman injured on ride at state fair (September 3, 2012) - At the Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island, Nebraska, a woman was struck by a decorative panel hanging from a whirling ride called the Rock & Roll. She was treated at a hospital for head lacerations.

Man injured in fall from zip line (September 2, 2012) - A man was injured in a 35-foot fall from a zip line platform at a site in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, operated by Sky Valley Zip Tours. The accident happened while he was being lowered from a platform and is not believed to have been a free fall, according to emergency responders.

A YouTube video shows a similar ride in motion

Carnival worker killed underneath spinning ride (September 1, 2012) - At a carnival in Brentwood, New York, a 22-year-old ride operator suffered fatal injuries when he was struck in the head by the whirling arm of an amusement ride called the Scat. Witnesses said that the victim, who had been working with carnival operator Zorlenzan Amusements for less than a month, made his way underneath the ride while it was in motion. It is believed that he was attempting to make adjustments to the ride's sound system. He was rushed to a local hospital, where he died hours later.

The New York State Department of Labor is investigating. The ride passed inspections before and after the accident and was found to be in proper operating condition.

Water slide collapse injures 15 (August 21, 2012) - Fifteen people suffered various injuries when a water slide collapsed at Nicco Park in Calcutta, India. The ride is designed for a maximum load of two people. Park officials said that the victims, who were mostly students, ignored warnings and overloaded the slide. Six of the riders suffered serious injuries, including broken legs, arms, and shoulders.

Coaster cars collide; 7 injured (August 12, 2012) - Seven people suffered minor injuries when two roller coaster cars collided in an accident on the Stella's Revenge roller coaster at Clacton Pier in Essex, England. The ride has been shut down while inspectors have begun an investigation.

Six lifeguards injured during training at water park (August 9, 2012) - At Six Flags Hurricane Harbor water park in Arlington, Texas, six lifeguards suffered minor injuries on the Tornado water slide during a training session. Park officials said that the injuries were the result of "inappropriate horseplay." Park officials are investigating the incident.

7-year-old flung from water slide (August 5, 2012) - A 7-year-old boy was seriously injured in a water slide accident in Bad Goisern, Austria. Witnesses said it appeared the boy was traveling so fast that he slid up and over the edge of the slide as he was passing through a steep curve. He fell about twelve feet to the ground. The boy was airlifted to a hospital where he was to receive treatment for stomach injuries, a skull fracture, and bleeding of the brain.

Zip line collision injures rider (August 5, 2012) - A 60-year-old man suffered minor injuries on the Flyin Hawaiian Zip line attraction at the Maui Tropical Plantation in Maui, Hawaii. The accident happened after the man got stuck along the line and, in an attempt to assist the man, an employee collided with him. The two were able to make their way to a tower at the end of the line. The rider was airlifted to a hospital where he was treated for a head laceration and shoulder pain.

Overloaded Ferris wheel collapses (August 6, 2012) - Three teenagers were injured after a fully loaded Ferris wheel collapsed at a carnival in Jambi, Indonesia. The ride separated from its axle and collapsed to the ground. Twenty-eight people were aboard the ride at the time of the accident, but most escaped injury. The carnival, which was reportedly uninsured, was ordered closed.

Police are investigating.

Safety concerns shut down inflatable water slide (August 6, 2012) - A 60-foot-tall inflatable water slide in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was shut down after an inspection revealed that the ride may have developed dry rot in one or more of its seams.

Three injured in kiddie ride flip (August 6, 2012) - At Adventure City in Anaheim, California, two children and their father were injured in an accident involving a kiddie airplane ride. Their vehicle somehow flipped, spilling the three onto the ground.

Women banned from water slide after safety concerns (August 3, 2012) - A high-speed water slide at the Galaxy water park in Erding, Germany, has been restricted to men only, after six women complained of genital injuries, some of which required hospital treatment. RELATED STORY:

  • Knoebels water slide brings injuries, lawsuits (3/2/99)

  • Boy, 4, injured in fall from ride (July 28, 2012) - A four-year-old boy suffered minor injuries when he fell six feet from a ride at the Expo de Saint-Hyacinthe in Quebec. The ride had come to a stop and the restrains opened, but when the child attempted to exit the ride, it accidentally restarted. The boy held on briefly as the car began to ascend, but he fell to the ground. The park owner blamed the ride operator for failing to stop the ride properly.

    Scrambler malfunction injures four (July 31, 2012) - At the Western Nova Scotia Exhibition in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, a Scrambler ride broke, leaving four people with cuts and bruises. The accident happened when part of the seat lowered and crashed into the ride frame. Both passengers in the car suffered cuts and bruises. The collision sent metal pieces flying into two children in another car. They also suffered minor injuries. The ride was shut down and the Nova Scotia Department of Labour is investigating.

    A YouTube video shows the car separate from the ride

    Teens, gondola flung from ride (July 28, 2012) - A gondola detached from the Mega Bounce Frog spinning ride at Billy Bates Fairground in Leicaster, England, injuring two teenagers who were inside. The gondola flipped over and crashed into a metal barrier, ejecting one rider. One of the teens suffered broken teeth, a broken nose and facial injuries; the other was hospitalized in intensive care and was being treated for a broken arm, broken ribs and chest injuries. The Health and Safety Executive is investigating.

    The ride was shut down and later dismantled.

    Report: Off-duty Bergen sheriff's officer helped rescue 11 people after Vernon amusement park accident
    The Record, August 23, 2012 Ruptured seam caused waterpark accident
    New Jersey Herald, August 23, 2012

    Tubes collide on water ride; 5 injured (July 25, 2012) - Five people were treated for minor injuries after an accident on the Gauley water ride at the Mountain Creek amusement park in Vernon, New Jersey. The accident happened when riders' tubes got caught in the vinyl liner, which had come apart at a seam. This caused some of the tubes to become trapped inside the liner; others stopped and collided into each other. It took employees 20 minutes to shut the ride down. An off-duty police officer is credited with rescuing riders and organizing the evacuation.

    According to state investigators, the park's delayed response to the situation was caused by communication failures.

    UPDATE: The park has replaced the liner and installed emergency stop switches throughout the course of the ride. The ride has been reopened.

    Adventure Island cited, fined for employee death (July 25, 2012) - The Occupational Safety and Health Administraton (OSHA) has cited Adventure Island water park in Tampa, Florida for a "serious" safety violation in the wake of the 2011 death of a park employee who was struck by lightning during a thunderstorm. According to OSHA, Adventure Island failed to follow procedures and shut down rides as the thunderstorm approached the park, leaving a 21-year-old lifeguard in harm's way. The citation came with a $7,000 fine. The lifeguard had been working on the Key West Rapids ride, at a station located about 700 feet above ground. He had begun to evacuate riders and shut the ride down, but he was standing in 2-3 feet of water and the storm had arrived.

    According to OSHA, the park failed to direct employees to begin closing rides once the park's monitoring systems indicated the presence of lightning within five miles from the park. The report concluded that park employees "were exposed to the hazard of being struck by lightning … by not following their own procedures to shut down the rides."

    Adventure Island disputes the OSHA report, and will appeal the citation and fine.

    Boy, 16, injured on carnival ride in Brazil (July 20, 2012) - A 16-year-old boy suffered a serious cranial injury while riding a Tagada at a carnival in Cariacica, Brazil. He was hospitalized in serious but stable condition.

    Girl, 8, injured on water slide (July 14, 2012) - An 8-year-old girl was knocked unconscious on the Molokini Crater water slide at Lost Island water park in Waterloo, Iowa. The ride consists of a slide that empties into a giant funnel. Riders slide up and down the sides of the funnel. The tube, in which the girl and her father were seated, flipped over at the bottom of the ride, when it reached a water current that is designed to slow the tube.

    The girl and her father were tossed out of the tube; the girl struck her head and remained unconscious for about five minutes. She was taken to a hospital where she was treated for her injuries.

    Windseeker swing ride stalls, strands riders (July 11, 2012) - Twenty-five people were left stranded aboard the Windseeker swing ride for nearly three hours at Carowinds theme park in Charlotte, North Carolina. An automated safety sensor was blamed for the mishap. No one was injured.

    Man, 31, hospitalized after freak kiddie ride accident (July 8, 2012) - A 31-year-old man was hospitalized with a blood infection and internal injuries after a freak accident at Furuvik theme park in Sweden. The man's daughters, aged 2 and 4, were on a kiddie car ride, when the man noticed that his 4-year-old needed help operating her vehicle. When he boarded the ride in an attempt to assist the girls, his rectum became impaled on a tow hitch that protruded from behind the vehicle. A park employee helped free the man. The tow hitch has been removed from the vehicle.

    Woman scalped in go-kart accident (July 8, 2012) - At Whiteland Raceway Park in Whiteland, Indiana, a 19-year-old woman was partially scalped when her hair got caught in the axle of a go-kart. She was hospitalized with multiple skull fractures. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, riders can be seriously injured or killed if their long hair or clothing becomes entangled in the rotating rear axle.

    Park worker killed by roller coaster (July 6, 2012) - At La Ronde theme park in Montreal, Canada, a 67-year-old maintenance worker was struck by a roller coaster train after he broke procedure and entered a restricted area underneath the track of the ride. He was killed instantly. According to investigators, the ride was operating properly and the area had been secured. The man did not notify the ride operators that he was entering the restricted zone.

    The accident happened on the Vampire, an inverted steel roller coaster. The ride will remain closed during the investigation.

    Carnival ride injures three (July 2, 2012) - At a carnival in Clear Lake, Iowa, three people were injured after they exited a ride and the ride restarted before they left the platform. The ride struck them and knocked them off the platform. The accident is under investigation.

    Boy suffers broken arm in fall from roller coaster (June 17, 2012) - A 6-year-old boy suffered a broken arm when he fell out of a kiddie roller coaster called the Dragon at Karuizawa Omocha Okoku amusement park in Tsumagoi, Japan. Investigators believe that the child's seatbelt was fastened before the ride started, and that it came loose or undone during the ride, causing the boy to be ejected as his car passed a curve during the third and final lap. He fell about five feet and broke his arm.

    Burn victim says Six Flags barred him from roller coaster because he doesn’t have hands
    - New York Daily News, June 12, 2012 Girl, 4, critically injured in Chessington ride queue fall
    - BBC News, June 10, 2012

    State fire marshal added to carnival ride lawsuit
    - Advocate, June 7, 2012

    Disneyland sued in 140 injury cases in 5 years
    - Reuters, June 5, 2012

    Accident injures Sea World mechanic
    - San Diego Union-Tribune, May 15, 2012

    Man injured in Tokyo DisneySea roller coaster accident (May 28, 2012) - At Tokyo DisneySea theme park, a 34-year-old man suffered a minor injury when he attempted to exit his roller coaster car when it began to move from the boarding station before the shoulder restraint was latched. He placed his leg onto the platform and the ride continued for a moment, dragging his leg about 6-8 feet. The accident happened on the Raging Spirits roller coaster. According to police, an employee temporarily unlocked the car's restraints so that another restraint could be locked down.

    Ferris wheel bolt injures girl (May 18, 2012) - At a carnival in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, a girl was struck in the head by a bolt that came off a Ferris wheel. She was treated for a minor injury at the scene. The ride was reopened after it passed an inspection by state officials.

    The rides at the carnival are owned by North American Midway Entertainment.

    Woman struck by Zipper ride part (May 18, 2012) - At the Soo Pee Wee Community Fair in Sault Saint Marie, Ontario, a young woman suffered a serious head injury while standing at a Zipper ride. According to reports, a metal plate called the track spacer flew from the ride and struck the victim in the head. Repairs were made and the ride was reopened. The ride passed an inspection in March. It is operated by Campbell Amusements.

    Go-cart crash injures girl (April 17, 2012) - An 11-year-old girl was hospitalized after her go-cart crashed in an accident at Magical Midway Thrill Park in Orlando, Florida. The crash happened as her car passed over a section of the wooden track that had partially collapsed. She suffered cuts, gashes, and a broken arm. State inspectors are investigating.

    A YouTube video shows the girl's fall from the ride
    Girl, 3, ejected from ride at fair (March 14, 2012) - At the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in Houston, Texas, a 3-year-old girl was injured after she was ejected from an adult amusement ride called Techno Jump. She suffered a concussion and contusions to her face and head after falling to the ground. Even though the girl was only three years old, she met the ride's minimum height requirement of 42 inches, and was allowed to ride with her 8-year-old brother. There were no restrictions that prevented her from riding without an adult.

    Initially, fair officials stated that they believed the girl "decided to crawl out" from under her restraining bar, and that the ride had "just started but had not gained any height." Fair officials made these statements to reporters before the video was released.

    UPDATE: After the accident, fair officials required that riders who are between 42 and 48 inches tall be accompanied by an adult.


  • New video contradicts Houston Rodeo official’s spin on fall from Techno Jump (March 16, 2012)
  • Attorney: Girl who fell off RodeoHouston ride 'not acting like herself' since accident (March 16, 2012)


    Girl, 14, killed in fall from drop tower (February 24, 2012) - At Hopi Hari theme park in São Paulo, Brazil, a 14-year-old girl was killed after falling 80-90 feet from a drop tower named "La Tour Eiffel." "La Tour Eiffel" features cars which are hoisted to the top of a 224-foot tall tower and then drop 129 feet, reaching speeds of near 60 miles per hour. The cars are floorless, open-air cabins, and allow the riders' legs to dangle beneath them throughout the ride. Electromagnetic brakes bring the cars to a gradual stop at the base of the tower.

    According to early reports from witnesses, the girl fell forward as the car was in free fall, and landed face down on the pavement at the base of the tower. She died as she was being rushed to a local hospital.

    The ride has been shut down indefinitely while police investigate the accident.

    In 1999, a twelve-year-old boy was killed after he fell out of a similar ride at Paramount's Great America theme park in Santa Clara, California. The cause of that accident was never determined.

    This Rio News video clip, shot from a helicopter, shows investigators operating the ride. Beginning at 0:32, the footage shows the shoulder restraint fly open over the victim's seat until the car begins to brake.
    UPDATE (3/4/12): According to park officials, the victim's seat should not have been occupied because it did not have a functioning restraint system. The seat was not used -- along with at least one other seat on a different car -- because it was possible that taller riders sitting in these outer seats could bump their feet onto the decorative metal structure surrounding the bottom portion of the ride. The seat had been out of service for ten years. A statement from Hopi Hari faulted maintenance workers for failing to designate the seat as being out of service on the day of the accident. They also acknowledged that each rider's restraints should have been checked manually by ride operators.

    In 2002, the ride's manufacturer called for the installation of seat belts on all of its drop tower models as a backup restraint device. The seat belts were designed to connect the shoulder harness to the seat at a point between the rider's legs. The belt was never installed onto the victim's seat, because the seat was not in service in 2002, and park officials intended that the seat would never be used.

    The park has been ordered closed for at least ten days while each ride is inspected and all procedures, maintenance logs, and training practices are reviewed.


    WCAX News

    Riders collide inside water slide (February 20, 2012) - At the Pump House indoor water park at Jay Peak Resort in Vermont, an 8-year-old boy suffered injuries after he came to a stop inside a high-speed water slide and other riders crashed into him. The accident happened on "La Chute," a 300-foot-long enclosed slide. According to park officials, ride attendants failed to notice that the boy had come to a stop inside the slide. Ride sensors indicated that the boy had not exited the ride, but an attendant ignored the signal, and allowed riders to continue. The next rider collided with the boy, but made it to the end of the ride and passed through the sensors, which led to a second rider's collision with the boy.

    The boy was taken to a local hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries and released.

    Thanh Nien

    Five injured in drop tower malfunction (January 24, 2012) - At Van Huong Mai Amusement Park in Chau Phu District, An Giang Province, Vietnam, five people were injured when a malfunction caused the gondola of a drop tower to fall about 50 feet. The accident happened as the gondola was ascending to its drop position at the top of the tower. The victims were treated at a hospital for injuries that were not life-threatening.

    The park has been ordered closed while police investigate.

    Carnival worker struck by roller coaster (January 21, 2012) - At the South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach, Florida, a ride operator suffered a chest injury after he stepped onto the track of a roller coaster and was hit by one of the ride's cars.

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