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From: Brinks10/13/2012 12:55:18 PM
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These testimonies were copied from the GNC website on Anatabloc

By gayle.lee7

from Honolulu

I have had severe arthritis throughout my body for yrs. As I sit at a computer for hours and am past 60, my hands and knees have been especially painful. Antibloc is the first and only product that has helped. I had to take it for nearly 3 months, before seeing results so stick with it. It works. The longer one has the inflammatory problem, the longer it may take for antibloc to work. I think the severity of my inflammation and age made it take longer to work on me. Other athletes and people with arthritis or bursitis have faster results. It's a miracle. No more pain medicine..just anti bloc.

By eliask21



By chelgerson

from New Jersey

As I've gotten older(35), I seem to always have back problems...Chiropractor calls it subluxation. Every few months my back would act up...pain rolling over in the night, pain getting up from sitting, etc. I just deal with it, and if really painfull take vicodin.

That was before a friend told me what he'd been taking for back pain. He gave me a small little container of it (probably 20 tabs). after the first week I didn't notice much relief as my back was still giving me problems. friend told me to stick with it and order from the anatabloc site. So I ponied up and bought a bottle (200 tabs).

By shane-farley

from Atlanta, GA

Typically my back pain would last a few weeks, this time it went away after about a week (this was in November).

Long story short, I continued to take Anatabloc (4-6 tabs daily) AND I HAVE NOT HAD BACK PAIN SINCE! I've done my research on the anatabloc site, and it doesn't appear that takin this many pills a day is hard on your body (liver) as ibuprofen is.
I've stopped going to the chiropractor, and don't plan to go back as long as this continues to do it for me.

Anatabloc is a great product. I've been dealing with chronic inflammation issues in my foot following a surgery (sesamoidectomy) I had over 3 years ago. I've been on half a dozen anti-inflammatories, constantly testing them and trying to find the best option. Anatabloc has been a blessing. It also allows me to workout harder and more frequently. I am 40 yrs old but seriously feel 25-30. I highly recommend this product. Give it an honest try, take it for a few weeks, and you will be amazed.

By heronaerospace

from Alamogordo, NM

This is an incredible product! It has given my life back. I've been pretty much in agony for the past five years -- difficulty walking and sleeping due to pain in feet and knees and back. After one month of use (yes, I'm am ording more as I write this review) I am almost completely pain free and I can again start doing the things I enjoy (my constant pain & resulting degenerative health/wellness motivated me to buy what for me is an expensive product. I was desparate, and the investment in Anatabloc is worth it). An added side benefit is that I'm now able to lose the extra weight gained during the past 5yr of low activity and get back into shape and enjoy life, and do things with my young son.

NOTE: If you have actual injuries/damage associated with the inflamation this product helps to regulate, you still have to be careful and let the injuries heal. This product can assist the healing (and control the pain) by regulating the inflamation process for those over 40.

For thos into general wellness it should be noted that anatabloc is a true revolution. At about age 40 +/- our body's inflamatory processes start to not work as well as they should (and exponentially get more out of control as the years go by) and can hinder instead of help us (those under 40 probably don't need this product except to help in healing persistent injuries). Anatabloc brings the inflamatory process back under control aiding in healing and general well being -- extending one's general wellness and "health-span".

I can't say it enough. I am truly impressed with Anatabloc, will continue to use it, and highly recommend it.

By premuni1953

from Warren, Oregon

I use this daily and it has helped me feel better overall. I have had Fibromyalgia for 19 years and using this product for less than a month has definitiely helped my pain and stiffness. I also have osteoarthritis and this has been helped also.
I am not looking for an instant cure, after all of these years, but I am very hopeful! I am off my prescribed pain medications, after 10 years on them. I still have pain but nothing like I did just a few weeks ago!

Please try it...

By osu78

from Springboro, OH

I have used Anatabloc for over 3 months now and I will say that it has helped my arthritis a great deal. I am 56 years old and can now bend over from the waist, sit on the ground and work around the yard without ever groaning from any of these activities. I feel almost young again! It hasI also helped my prostrate a great deal and I have gone from waking up 4-6 times a night to 1-2.

By rjclark12

from Toronto, ON

I stopped sleeping with my wife three months ago due to her snoring. She went to a sleep clinic where they could find nothing wrong (not sleep apnea anyway). Se tried acupuncture with no results. Finally I got a set of earplugs to try out and joined her in the bedroom again last week only to discover she no longer snores - at all. She started taking Anatabloc three months ago for general health and it's apparently eliminated the cause of her snoring. I just wish I found out sooner. Anatabloc is the real deal, now I'm a beleiver.

By jkaashoek

from San Jose, CA

I have had a bad knee for 25 years due to a botched knee operation. I had trouble running, walking downhill, playing golf, etc. I started taking Anatabloc and after a month my knee is pain free and I am starting to run again. I feel released from prison.

By alicekles8

from San Jose CA

I have moderate to severe arthritis in my right knee and it had become increasingly more painful and had especially been bothered at night which interfered with my sleeping. Was putting cold packs on the knee 3 to 4 times a day which helped bring some relief. After taking Anatabloc for about two weeks my knee is 95% better. I am almost completely pain free, no longer do any cold packs and am sleeping very well.

Also,I had been extremely miserable with allergies this season even tho I was maxed out taking all of my allergy medications and definitely was not looking forward to the next few months. Eyes were red and very scratchy and was putting cold packs on eyes several times a day. I hated going out because I looked so bad and I had mountains of kleenex wherever I went. After taking Anatabloc, I am symtom free from my allergies and now am taking only 1/2 dose of the allergy medications.

I take 5 Anatabloc pills a day - 2 in morning, 1 mid-day and 2 in the evening.
I am so so grateful for Anatabloc and call it my "magic" pill.

By wm.stillings

from Work in Russia

I am a 64 yr old male -- I began using the original CIGRx in July 2011 -- I immedaitely noticed joint pain improvement due to the anti-inflammatory effect as predicted.
When the Anatabloc was introduced I purchased it from the manufacturer [Star Scientific] and began taking 8 tablets daily spaced through out the day - 2 @ wakeup - 2 mid-day - 2 dinner - 2 before bed [note: dose is weight dependent - I'm a big guy - so lighter men & women can use less / day] - See the Star Scientific website for good information
1) Joint pain gone [shoulder,knee & hands]
2) Blood pressure is down 20 systolic/10 diastolic - my doctor has reduced meds - more than paying for the Anatabloc - saving big $$$
3) Weight has been slowly dropping and may explain the BP drop
4) Age spots on the back of my hands - darkness greatly reduced
5) Hair loss has stopped & appears to be growing back - my barber noticed - seriously!
6) Chronic cough is gone - allergies no longer
7) Sleeping far better w/o pain = awake rested
8) Urination is better - no night-time get up
9) Memory has improved!! - Like all modern computer users I had many passwords and had to use a "cheat-sheet" often - no more!!

Go to the Star Scientific web site and check their patent application the Anatabloc "reduces inflammation" which is at the root of many problems associated with health and aging

Really - a great product -- I feel 20 yrs younger

If this is all a placebo effect - please don't tell me, I feel to good !!

By rozey1

from Boston, MA

Having had wrist, knee & elbow problems from over 50 years of bowling & 2 operations to fix things, I had given up the idea of bowling pain free. With Anatabloc the pain is virtually gone. I am bowling pain free for the first time in decades. Still averaging 205 & recently bowled my 11th 300 game. It has made bowling fun again instead of a painful experience.

Wish it was a little cheaper though.

By patty.crofts

from A Northern Suburb of Chicago, Il

I've had hip pain for 14 years, ever since my last pregnancy, that had been getting progressively worse- to the point where I had trouble standing straight at the end of a long day. My husband has disk problems as well as a painful knee issue that materialized recently. We have both been using Anatabloc for one month. My hip pain is GREATLY reduced. It is absent in the AM, but still creeps in toward the end of the day at times- though not to the degree it used to. My husband's knee is back to normal. No pain at all. Zero. His back pain is much better though not completely gone. We are both sold on this product. I'm hoping that with continued use our hip/back pain will be a thing of the past. Some things seem too good to be true, and this is one of them! We can hardly believe our good fortune in finding Anatabloc!We think it's only a matter of time before the whole country discovers this---How many people do you know who suffer from hip/back/knee pain who couldn't benefit from relief?

By tradertow

from Bosotn, MA

I bought Anatabloc for my wife; she has arthritis pain in her leg. After taking it for about a week, she noticed a big difference in her mobility; her leg wasn't as painful when she walked. Now it's been almost a month of taking Anatabloc and she can really feel the difference. The pain is almost entirely gone. The only downside is the price. But at least if you buy it during the Gold card week, you'll get 20% off.

By chirogirl99

from Alabama

I use Anatabloc myself and have been giving it to my patients in my chiropractic practice. I am really amazed at how well this product works. For me it helps with my arthritic joints, shoulder pain, plus it helps me recover quicker from working out. I've seen it help a lot of people with a variety of pain, arthritis, back, and joint issues. I highly recommend this product. It seems much safer than nsaid's, steroids, and drugs like Celebrex. I can't speak highly enough about Anatabloc and will continue to tell everyone I know about it.

By Madamske

from New Hampshire

I had knee surgery about 3 months ago and had major inflammation in my knee. After taking Anatabloc, (3 per day), there is virtually no swelling in my knee, range of motion is great, and I have been working out again (elliptical, bike, Arc trainer, power walking). I'm not running yet, but have the confidence back in my knee to start soon. At my last Dr.'s appointment, he was very impressed with my progress, specifically range of motion and no inflammation!

I've also noticed that my back pain has disappeared too- I used to wake up in the morning with back pain, it's now gone.

I love this product and would recommend it to anyone.


By russ.thomas

from Kirkland, WA

3 to 6 lozenges a day keeps muscles from becoming sore from hard work, relieves muscle aches when they occur, makes a person "nicer" and relaxes the urinary tract producing better flow. My shoulders, back and knees all feel better and pain free with Anatabloc. Very good product, but you must be body aware to know if this product is helping you. I stopped taking it for a week, and all my pains returned after 4 days. Takes about a week to start working, initially.

By eckate

from Toronto, ON

I take the products 3 times daily. It tastes and dissolves like a mint. my wrist pain and ankle pain went away within 1 to 2 weeks of taking the anatabloc.

By jkaashoek

from San Jose, CA

It keeps inflammation of my knee in check, normally when I exercise my knee gets too painful but now it is managable. Also, I have had chronic inflammation of my rib cage joints for 20+ years and now that seems to be clearing. This could be a miracle product.

By fhusekpets

from New Jersey

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2008. A sleep study showed I was waking up every three minutes all night. After failed attempts to use a CPAP mask, I stated taking Nuvigal a couple of years ago with excellent results. I have been taking Anatabloc 8 times a day for 4 months. During that time I lost 5 or 6 lbs. I noticed a marked improvement in my sleep patterns after taking Anatabloc for a couple of months. 10 days ago I stopped taking the Nuvigal altogether and show no signs of my sleep apnea. I can't believe it. Anatabloc has changed my life. I am a 53 male who just so happened to lose my health insurance on 12/31/11. Good thing since without health insurance a years supply of Nuvigal costs over $10,000 !!!

By chriscanale

from New York, New York

This product has changed my life! I was a division I athlete and now suffer from chronic back/shoulder and joint pain. I was diagnosed with a painful form of Arthritis and everyday was a painful challenge. This product has literally removed any pain/discomfort I have felt! I am a new man and feel great and am active again! truly greatful for this revolutionary medical break through and appreciate all the research and hard work that has made this possible!

By sandyshop09

from Central Texas

Began taking anatabine because of its antidepressant quality, and it is good at that, for those who may need it. TOTAL SURPRISE was that the first thing that happened was within hours my lifelong severe sinusitis began clearing up (it is "managed" to the 90% level with NO other medications).

Next day I noticed a difference in my asthma (about 50% improved long term). Within 10 days I noticed the mild arthritis in my hands was better ... VISIBLY ... the joint swelling was down (and felt better too ... about 90% improvement long term). In that same time a lifelong colon problem, never diagnosed, was somewhat better (about 30% long term). By six months later my skin was thicker, looked younger, and my hair and nails were growing faster. Some strange "moles" cleared up almost completely. No, I'm NOT kidding, and I waited months to confirm the latter effects. Your doctor can tell you that nail, skin, and hair health are among indicators of overall body health.

I now recognize that I have a body that has "autoimmune" issues ... the thyroid supplement I must take is the "tip off" to that, I now know. (I now have learned that that problem is a lifelong autoimmune thyroid disorder ... which could likely have been prevented had Anatabloc been available when I was young. By the way, Anatabloc may prevent further thyroid destruction, but one will likely have to continue the thyroid supplement ... you doctor must do the blood test to know.)

I could go on, but we are individuals and my many specifics may not apply to everyone. The point is, this is a product that has great potential to take some health issues off your plate, especially if you are an older adult, and especially if you have any known autoimmune disorder (because if you have one, you probably have, or will have, several ... autoimmune means you have an over-reactive immune system that is attacking your body instead of just waiting to fight actual disease).

In the unlikely case it does not suit you, give it to any older adult in your life ... he or she has about a 90% chance of being helped by it in one or more ways ... and if so he or she will love you for it!

By xnxtxsx2

from Orange County, CA

Have tried every kind of prescription medication for my Arthritis and other aches and pains nothing worked until I tried this and ZERO side effects, Glad its on GNC now!

By Short Round

from Glendale, CA

I take Anatabloc for allergies. I never connected allergies with inflammation until I started using Anatabloc and saw amazing results. Anatabloc works better at controlling allergy symptoms than any other allergy product I have tried. I have read amazing reviews for all types of inflammation related issues that people are reporting on Anatabloc's Facebook page. If you suffer at all from any inflammation related issues, I suggest you read those testimonials and then come right back here to try Anatabloc immediately!

By franklinet

from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

On the suggestion of a friend who hounded me at work because she knew i suffered from arthritis and was complaining about the medications my doctor had prescribed .. This little minty pill works and I am astounded by my results .. I resumed my golf (18 holes) and for the first time since knee surgery back in 2010 i have zero swelling in both knees ... A terrific medicine and 1/3 the cost of my previous prescription .... Thank You GNC ...

Anatabloc testimonials list Aug 1, part 1 1-Aug-12 10:01 am

The following is a collection of testimonials by Anatabloc users gathered from Internet posts and personal emails since March 2011. Overwhelming? Too good to be true? Each person was professing his or her own experience. Perhaps you must actually read the original posts or messages to get the impact but in my opinion the claimants are/were sincere. It is what it is. I’m down with simply amazing, groundbreaking!

ADD relief
aches and pains usually associated with aging
adhesive capsulitis in the glenohumeral joint
age related macular degeneration
Age spots fade/disappear
alcohol drinking urge cessation
allergy relief
Alzheimer Disease
anger management aid
anti depressant
anti-inflammatory support
ankylosing spondylitis
appetite suppressant/controlled
arthritic knuckles pain relief
asthma NF-KB
atrial fibrillation
attention deficiencies
autoimmune dermatitis
auto immune hives
back pain
bakers cysts
bedroom stamina
bee wound swelling (homemade topical ointment)
benign prostatic hyperplasia
bilateral chronic shoulder tendonitis
blood pressure relief
BPH benign prostatic hyperplasia
breathing aid
cancer bladder
cancer remissions of life-threatening cancers
canker sores stopped
Celebrex replacement, goodbye side effects
cervical arthritis
cholesterol lowering
chronic lumbosacral pain
chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis
cold sore swelling stopped
complexion aid
concentration support
congenital dyserythropoietic anemia
Crestor "serious bad reaction" relief
crohns disease
CRP lowered
curbed my desire for sugar
cured my left arm from falling asleep every time I rested it on anything.
dermatitis autoimmune
dipping cessation
disc extrusion relief
dog coat brighter
dog energy/lethargy
dog eyes brighter
dog lipoma
dog neurologic symptoms
dog pain
dog rash
dream attitude improved
drug use cessation
eczema healing
edema relief
energy enhanced
Eosinophilia and eosinophilic folliculitis
erectile dysfunction
eye healing
eye therapy
feelings of general overall well-being
finger nail growth enhanced
focus better (study, home work)
food allergies relief
Foods that I wasn’t too fond of now taste better and I eat better but I don’t over eat.
foot callous and inflammation relief
gum health
hair grows faster/thicker
hangover remedy
hay fever symptoms have disappeared
healthy eating support
heals, dry heals x 20+ years with severe cracking
hearing improved from meniere's disease
heart attack prevention
hip bursitis pain
Improved my quality of sleep and my dreams
inflamation reduced
Inflamed foot
inhibits inflammation and the accumulation of amyloid in the brain.
interstitial cystitis
IBS irritable bowel syndrome
iron overload cessation (hemachromotsis?)
joint pain
knee swelling
long automobile trip aches & pains avoided
lymph glands, somewhat swollen, alliviated
Majeed syndrome
manages CRP and inflammation
memory improved
menstrual pains relief
mental focus
Migraine cluster headache
minor swelling
MS pain and symptoms relief
muscle soreness preventative
mycosis/fungal toenail infections

Re: anatabine testimonials list Aug 1, part 2 1-Aug-12 10:02 am

nails grow faster
old ACL repair pain
osteo arthritis
osteoarthritis of the neck
oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin improvement
premature ejaculation aide
prescription drug( Oxy) tapering
palmar aspect erosion/dry cracking
panic attacks
Poison Ivy/Oak break out (homemade topical ointment)
prostate relief
quality of life
rash cessation
Reactive Airway Disease
reduced need for NSAIDS
Reflex Sympathy Dystrophy
Relieves ankle swelling
Relieves sore muscles after doing yard work.
Rheumatoid arthritis
rosacea at bay
rotator cuff pain relief
scar improvement
sciatica problems
sex libido
sinus relief
skin bumps, bruises, scraps, cuts, nicks, etc. all heal faster with less irritation
skin care
skin lesions/moles
skin improvement/rejuvenation/youthful
sleep apnea
Sleep better
smell sense improved
smoking cessation
Sports injury relief
STD more controlled
stress relief
sugar and sweets desire curbed
systemic yeast infection
taste sense improved
teeth sensitivity relief

tennis elbow
thought process is faster
thyroid fibrosis cessation
thyroid inflammation
tingleing sensation reduced/gone
Tighter teeth and healthier gums
toe nail rehab/growth correction
trigger finger
Ulcerative Colitis
urge to eat cessation
valtorol replacement
varicose veins
variety of pains
weight loss
work out recovery

When I first started on Anatabloc my gums were hurting and sore---well the reason was my gums were in poor shape then...not now. See below.

Testimonials on Gums Dentists

Re: interesting article on NF-KB
By garyc269 . May 8, 2012 4:39 PM . Permalink . Go to topic
My dentist noticed a difference in my gum health at my last checkup. I had told him about ...

My dentist noticed a difference in my gum health at my last checkup. I had told him about Anatabloc during my examination and he, like many doctors, dismissed it out of hand as I was describing it to him. But when I was at the desk filling in the postcard for my next cleaning he came up to me to ask 'What is that stuff you're taking again?" I whipped out my little dispenser and he took a phone pic of it. That was two months ago.

5pm dentist appt. just got back
By languagesforfree . Oct 2, 2012 9:28 PM . Permalink
My Dental Hygenist was talking to me while cleaning my teeth, and you know I have to listen to her and can't say anything until she is done cleaning my teeth, I think every women who doesn't think anyone is listening to her should become a dentist or a dental hygenist, because the person in the chair is forced to listen, anyways, she was talking about inflammation in the stomach and blah blah blah blah, then she told me as she was cleaning my teeth and checking my gums that the improvement in my mouth was really good. She was really impressed that my gums went from 5 and 6's to 4 and 3's and that I ddin't have as much plaque on my teeth. She asked if I was flossing, I said yes, because I am a flosser, but I told her I didn't floss as much as I have done in the past. But she was so impressed with the improvement, that I told her I was on an anti-inflammatory, and we were discussing the effects of inflammation and teeth. Well, she was so impressed that she is going out and buying Anatabloc... She is going to try it for her stomach issues..

Re: Re: Re: Re: 5pm dentist appt. just got back
By xxxscoutxxx . Oct 3, 2012 12:12 AM . Permalink . Go to topic
I have had the same great dentist reports over the past year because I have been on Anatab...

I have had the same great dentist reports over the past year because I have been on Anatabloc. Healthy gums and the only change was that I started taking Anatabloc.

Re: 5pm dentist appt. just got back
By txrunner7 . Oct 2, 2012 9:47 PM . Permalink . Go to topic
I had the same experience with my Dental Hygienist last month. I whipped out my Anatabloc ...

I had the same experience with my Dental Hygienist last month. I whipped out my Anatabloc dispenser from my breast pocket and she snapped a pic with her phone. I had spoken with her about AB during our previous session and this time I guess my healthy gums convinced her. I've been going to the same dentist for nearly 30 years so if anyone knows my gums and any material change in the health of them, they do.


Another report from the dentist office
By chipper4747 . Dec 7, 2011 8:56 PM . Permalink
I had a cleaning today, and the dental hygienist made a comment to me when he first looked...

I had a cleaning today, and the dental hygienist made a comment to me when he first looked inside: "Wow! Are you doing something different here? (pointing to the teeth/gums where I dissolve my Abloc). There's no plaque whatsoever" (something he rarely sees in my mouth). I said not really, except that I've been taking Abloc.... (and so the story went, with another person interested enough to look it up online). So, with that encouragement, I will now start dissolving Abloc using different locations in my mouth so as to spread the 'cheer' around for my teeth.

By pcallicoat . Jul 27, 2012 1:31 PM

I was at the dentist on July 25th for a crown and the assistant and dentist both commented that my gums weren't bleeding while the temp was fitted.I told them about abloc and while waiting for the glue to set the assistant got on line and was really ready to get some as I told her that I had been using it since January and really felt better over all and my gum heath was proof that the stuff must be working for a lot of conditions.
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