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To: Elmer Phud who wrote (8682)5/21/2012 9:19:38 PM
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Phud goes before the committee of interrogation.

Interrogator: Come on Phud we know you were alive in 1967, now what was going on and what was happening and where were you?

Phud: Gee, I am not sure, was I? what was happening? I agree, it was happening man, I mean it was going on. I was where it was at. I was there, you know. What was the question?

Interrogator. Where what was at? And what was going on? Where were you?

Phud. Pretty solid. I mean it's all relative. I agree. What. and who knows? I was just doing it. There, it depends, man. It's where you are. Like in your mind, man.

Interrogator: Well you should know. Doing it .. doing what?

Phud Right. It, just it. and thanks for the credit, I should know, but who knows?. It's a mystery.

Counsel: He said he was alive in the 1960's. I think that is obvious. It could not be more clear. He also indicated he was aware he was doing it, but not where and what. Perhaps the question is too fundamental.

Phud. Yeah. Hey I saw god once. That's where it's at.

Committee: Where is what at?

Phud. I agree. Nobody knows. You guys are cool.
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