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To: FUBHO who wrote (487516)5/18/2012 2:40:11 AM
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The left is great for giving ideas titles. For a long time it was NOT PC, "Not politically correct." Finally Americans are shedding that label and having the courage to say what they think .

Enter a new word in the vocabulary of the left"-----"birther.

Now anyone who questions the leader of the left is suddenly a birther. This title has backfired. What is a birther? Is it someone who has a baby or helps one to have a baby? (See how ridiculous that word is. )

When the questions surrounding Obama's origins were being discussed throughout the world and producing law suits that the Obama Campaign avoided, the term "birthers" was created as a pejorative term by the left.

The term was used to discredit anyone who would deign to question Obama's origins. "How dare anyone doubt the guru of the left."

This was intimidation much as Obama used the expression in Virginia "lipstick on a pig", and snearing at the West Virginians and the Tennessee people and the Kentuckians for living in the country and going to Church while carrying their Bibles-------and toting their guns.

Just say the word ' birther' and then see how you feel-----let the word roll off of your tongue. This is psychological intimidation. Oh so you are a 'bir----rrr--ther". How could you possibly be a 'birther?"

Why has the left's label backfired? By coining a word to denigrate, they have brought awareness to a very serious question to the point that the majority of Americans now question his credentials to be President of the USA.

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