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To: Jim Mullens who wrote (110635)5/8/2012 2:04:13 PM
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---> This is brilliant

Developing wireless EV car charging infrastructure before the development of wired charge stations similar to that which folks currently use seems rather dumb. All it does is add extra car and infrastructure costs without a tremendous amount of real additional benefit. Maybe in a garage at home or a parking stall at work where charging can be completed as the car is being parked it "may" make some sense but having the equipment sit idol once charging is done certainly doesn't have a lot of economical substance.

Halo is a niche market. Are EV car drivers really that lazy that they don't care to plug in their vehicle? This looks like it is something that has been conceived by someone so rich that they don't care to bother with this menial task. Someone posted a Dilbert comic a few days back. Here's another one that seems somewhat à propos here.

The issue with wireless vehicle charging has to be the efficient use of the $50,000+ charging stations. Someone needs to be around to move vehicles in and out of that infrastructure. I'd expect the first step in that direction would be the return of full service stations where an attendant would take care of hooking and unhooking the car (or flipping charged/uncharged batteries) while the owner persued shopping, work, a Starbucks or whatever. One doesn't need wireless for that offering and wireless is also likely a lot slower than a high powered wired connection. Qualcomm is definitely way too early on this one. Hopefully they didn't blow a wad on Halo.
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