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To: Horgad who wrote (66049)5/5/2012 6:17:06 PM
From: Box-By-The-Riviera™3 Recommendations  Read Replies (1) of 109331
not sure what to say, other than i agree with you.

we did have a bit of divergence on friday.... and the historical norm is a decoupled relationship..... but.....

the best and the brightest have been on the wrong side of this now for 2-3 months. i.e. they too are stumped.

as best i can tell.

except maybe faber. he's come the closest to best forecast. but vague enough that were the sell off over.. he'd be right on both sides of the call.

however.. he was more bearish in more recent opinions.. so taking it all together, i'm giving him best call over all.

that of course doesn't help right now...

just illustrating.

hoye has come out this past week with a bullish call..


half of his stuff over the last 18 months.... trashed by intervention, to say the least.

big guys in other commodity sectors.. super true good investors are closing shop.

the unintended consequences of CB and Gov intervention in free markets.

that's fine. but when the true brains leave the market as they have over the last 3 and four years.. from templeton to the rest of the list, and either literally shut down, or move into private family investment vehicles...

the best and the brightest.. leaves a hole in the market mind..... which is to say, at this rate, it is everyday becoming mindless.

once this bubble pops, i'm going to move on and find a new gig. maybe get some of my tax dough back with disability, food stamps, and all the other stuff. after all, i will be unemployed, which technically i am since i have no earned income in spite of all the amazing risk i've taken on over the last 20 years. i probably should have gotten the food stamps ages ago, but i don't think they are good for a triple cream brie, or unpasturized milk and such... <g>

and an ueber quiet new career to be sure.

run silent, run deep. i feel so welsh just now.
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