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To: Dale Baker who wrote (186742)4/8/2012 10:48:33 AM
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"It's easy for a nation to fight a war if those who fight it are mostly out of sight, and of course, we don't raise taxes to pay for it. But tell Dayton Soccer Mom that Timmy the senior may be going to Kabul instead of Dartmouth, and levy a 10% income tax surtax on her family, and watch her suddenly get involved.

It's all about how much skin you have in the game, literally."

Yes. And one has to remember SNCC and all the rest in the all the mid to late 60's literally changed government policy on the VN war (the Tet offensive helped also). The Student War Protest was a significant factor in LBJ's decision to step down, and caused Nixon to go to the Lottery system and eventually the volunteer army.

If there was a genderless universal service requirement it is hard for me to imagine a passive young citizenery in the face of going being sent off to the ME or where ever. Furthermore, it would give political spine to the congress to stand up to the executive branch on the current war flavor of the month.
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