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To: epicure who wrote (186357)3/30/2012 4:05:28 PM
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When you look back at the last several presidential elections, dorkiness was a common trait among the losers and rare among the winners (Bush Sr. being an exception since he beat a bigger dork then lost to a cool guy).

Speaking of which, this dorks' creation is quite a story. I'll post an excerpt and a link. We literally couldn't make this stuff up if we tried.

Diagnosing the Republican Brain

Fact: Conservatives deny science and facts. But there's a reality check that liberals need too.—By Chris Mooney

| Fri Mar. 30, 2012 3:00 AM PDT

We all know that many American conservatives have issues with Charles Darwin, and the theory of evolution. But Albert Einstein, and the theory of relativity?

If you're surprised, allow me to introduce Conservapedia, the right-wing answer to Wikipedia and ground zero for all that is scientifically and factually inaccurate, for political reasons, on the Internet.

Claiming over 285 million page views since its 2006 inception, Conservapedia is the creation of Andrew Schlafly, a lawyer, engineer, homeschooler, and one of six children of Phyllis Schlafly, the anti-feminist and anti-abortion rights activist who successfully battled the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s. In his mother's heyday, conservative activists were establishing vast mailing lists and newsletters, and rallying the troops. Her son learned that they also had to marshal "truth" to their side, now achieved not through the mail but the Web.

Click here to read more from Mooney on the science of why people don't believe in science.

So when Schafly realized that Wikipedia was using BCE ("Before Common Era") rather than BC ("Before Christ") to date historical events, he'd had enough. He decided to create his own contrary fact repository, declaring, "It's impossible for an encyclopedia to be neutral." Conservapedia definitely isn't neutral about science. Its 37,000 plus pages of content include items attacking evolution and global warming, wrongly claiming (contrary to psychological consensus) that homosexuality is a choice and tied to mental disorders, and incorrectly asserting (contrary to medical consensus) that abortion causes breast cancer.

(continued at link in the title)
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