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From: sense3/23/2012 3:32:17 PM
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"everyone agrees that there is value in the rocks"

Wow. What an interesting and sudden shift occurring... from those on the dark side...

I think that's obviously true... including that those who are vociferously arguing the opposite are, ah, "talking through their hats"... purposefully.

So, I think there is an first issue that occurs there... in the nature of the effort that is made, and in how it operates... another in why it operates, and why it does, as it does... and, another in where the boundaries are in limits.

I'm a fairly careful student of boundaries... and will tend be keenly aware of what the limits are, why they are what they are, where they are, and will tend to notice it when limits are being exceeded, noting when they are, how they are, why they are... whether they are limits in lines drawn on the ground, limits in lines drawn in contracts, limits in lines drawn in the law, or merely limits drawn and lines crossed in ones basic social obligations to others, as in wrongful behavior that alters our ability to "trust". And then, there are relationships that exist between each of those elements, too.

Clearly, when you see others purposefully "talking through their hats" about value... there's reason enough to set trust aside in some degree... and examine more carefully the issues in the who, what, when, where and why... behind their effort... as it becomes clearly apparent.

Words and their use are an issue... so, always useful to be careful in analysis of others words, noting them carefully in relation to the limits, while also comparing how they're being used, what they advocate, etc., in relation to the range of proofs that are available in things other than words...

Clearly it matters that some will recognize context exists... that others find it useful to deny... lying about it.

Analysis, over time, comparing words used to other proofs in performance... enables better determining who you can and who you should not trust...

It takes time, but, I value "proofs in performance" vastly more than the face value of glib or reckless "words" applied as they might be seen in isolation... from a proper analysis of the relationships that become apparent only with careful study of them.

What the rocks have in them... matters... but, it doesn't itself naturally constrain those who don't mind lying about the facts they recognize... to distract others from the facts... to try to benefit themselves more at others expense.

And, there's more than one way in which they might seek to do that... more than one reason they might.

Awareness of what the rocks have in them, and what that means in relation to present and future value... is one thing. Within that one thing, there is a lot we can chat about in terms of what is required to have value that does exist be exposed, expanded, developed and revealed in ways that ensure it becomes more widely recognized over time... including what is required in $, and in effort... all of which still requires our awareness of "how the market operates" in those things as an element... including limits.

There is still another function or two of "awareness" some will already share... that exists quite independent of the normal function of "the market", independent of price, or value, that enables those who pay close attention to others behavior to develop a sharper awareness than others might of features in behavior in relation to the market function... as we can see the behavior, and the effects of those behaviors operating, over time.

Awareness of what the fourflushers have in them, and what that means in relation to the purposeful lack of value in their effort... is another issue.

Negative value generators do exist... generating noise... intending to have that noise destroy value, obstruct its recognition... even intending that it will obstruct the market function in its natural ability to generate competition...

That's a somewhat different concept of "noise" than that I typically discuss in relation to the reality that most market pricing is a function of nothing other than "noise"... which aspect of market function in large part explains why price is not value... price and value are often divergent... with a range in the multiple hundreds of percent in the variation being routine to the point of it being typical.

Noise... that is created to impose purposeful interference ?

I find it useful to recognize the FACT that sort of purposeful interference exists.

Filters... ?

Recognition of the problem is one thing. Identification, prevention, and removal of wrongful behaviors, and the elimination of the problems at their sources... are another.

SRSR has the rocks... and SRSR has an issue with a problem in "noise"... that has a purposeful source.
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