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To: gumzsa who wrote (107208)3/22/2012 10:40:17 AM
From: zen_lunatic4208 Recommendations  Read Replies (3) of 119216
one can make money on any POS if they know what they doing and time it right.

Wow, is that your guiding principal of investing? Personally, I find that revolting. If you think that is what this board is about, then I think you need to re-read the "Minimum Standards" stated in the original post on this board.

We are looking for securities with great potential and/or value on this thread, not mo-mo stocks. Before posting here it is important that the stock meet some basic standards. The price per share should be at least five cents, and the number or shares outstanding should not exceed 100 million shares. Securities with a smaller number of outstanding shares issued have a much higher potential capital gains.

Now, I see from your post history that you've respected the minimum standards here and I appreciate that. Like many long term members here, I consider myself more of an "investor" than a "trader" and prefer to hold a stock that trades "sideways for months" over some P&D that should be held like a hand grenade with the pin pulled.

This board has built a reputation long before you were a member on SI for being the place to come look for a carefully selected and thoroughly vetted group of penny stocks that are "investment grade" and have a higher probability of success than just picking from a random sampling of the penny stocks that are discussed on boards like "Pennies Arent Dead" and other penny stock boards.

Please feel free to post here, but respect he boards objective. My first play here was Medifast in 2003 for $0.95, a company that moved to the big board, had a run over $20, and most's still around could have left their money parked there for a decade and still be happy.....while difficult to find....I believe those kind of stocks are the objective of the discussion on this board.

I understand yo may have a different objective: Eventually may break out but in the mean time how you gonna pay the bills? If this is your primary objective, then I might suggest you try and "pay the bills" the old fashioned way and find a job and stop looking to pawn junk penny stocks off on unwitting buyers.

Good luck to you.
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