Politics : Liberalism: Do You Agree We've Had Enough of It?

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To: chartseer who wrote (124665)2/25/2012 6:16:14 PM
From: Ann Corrigan3 Recommendations  Read Replies (1) of 210398
Liberals don't do populism:
Liberalism is focused on things that are UNPOPULAR.. They HATE the proverbial "Joe Six Pack" The entire movement is about punishing him for everything from his religion to his SUV. They despise him.. Liberal policies attack him at every turn, for some perceived slight..

They don't like his America.. They don't like his ideals.. They don't like the way he raises his children.. They don't even like his job.. Liberalism has declared war on Joe Six Pack, and they have blamed him for all that ails the world..

This message makes true populism impossible to them.. The closest they can get is a veiled class warfare pitch that, occasionally, masquerades as populism.

Even then, they're trying to sell Joe a line about how taking money from some rich guy he never met is somehow going to improve his lot in life..

It's pretty weak tea compared to a group or an individual who comes along and celebrates his priorities, lauds his religious leanings, and generally affirms his place in the world as a productive, valuable member of society who needs to change nothing to be viewed as a tremendous asset.. As one who makes America better, simply by existing, holding to the traditions that made this country great and playing by the rules as he goes about his daily life.

Liberals won't agree with this assessment. They'll call it bunk and call Joe stupid for not seeing how superior they are, and immediately doing penance by discarding everything he thinks and believes.. And this is why they suck at populism.
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