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From: xinpro2/24/2012 8:47:49 AM
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1. We have paid stock bashers working all the message boards around the clock 24/7 FOR THE LAST 7 YEARS!! Saying this is a scam, Which is not the truth at all.

2. The company has completed 2 DTCC FULL STOCK AUDITS.

3. In the press release about the DTC Stock Audit the company says this; "The number of shares in circulation may differ due to market maker activities independent from the Company. Market makers are third party entities that create a trading platform for the Company's shares to be traded. They post bids and/or offers for the Company's shares."

Read the full press release here;

4. The FINRA numbers for the last 7 years clearly show an extremely high amount of volume which an OS of 19 billion could never have produced.

5. The last 3 years the Market Makers are desperately holding the PPS down to .0001 in attempted to force the company into a reverse split. Which the company just released info for the 10th time that they are not doing a reverse split.

6. The Market Makers have been calling the company for the last 4 years (Since the Flushaway Group bought the PYCT shell) and have been offering financing in exchange for free trading shares. UP TO $500,000 in financing. Now why would a private investor offer a pinksheet stock at .0001 with no bid $500k????!!!!!!! LMAO!!!

7. I've never seen the level of stock bashers and the personal threats and e-mails of threatening lawsuits and sec investigations....the list goes on of the things that these paid stock bashers do. Who do the bashers work for? The same companies that hold MASSIVE NAKED SHORT POSITIONS.

8. Watch the volume once this starts moving, I am going to keep track of it and keep a daily total. I bet the volume will get way over 100 billion within a matter of 8 weeks. Now ask yourself a can a stock where the DTCC CONFIMED there are only 27 billion shares have over 100 billion shares in circulation???!! LOL The NAKED SHORT POSITION IS ABOUT 75 BILLION SHARES that how.

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