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To: slacker711 who wrote (1335)2/16/2012 10:08:28 AM
From: dPaule  Read Replies (1) of 17880
Thanks for posting that Slacker. Brings up a number of questions in my mind.

he (Sid) tells us that UDC and Idemitsu Kosan are developing OLED materials together for Sony.

As I've posted before, I believe that Customer C is Sony. However, this little blurb makes me wonder if it might be Idemitsu. But it also makes me wonder if the UDC/Idemitsu relationship might be thought of more in terms of a "cross license" deal?

Host materials - UDC is asking 50% more per KG then other companies, and this is currently acceptable by Samsung.

That seems like a pretty steep markup over the competition to me. But I really have no idea. Nonetheless, might that indicate that the UDC host material is that much better than the competition's? Or are they building in some "wriggle room" early in the ball game? Or does UDC simply view this business segment as a "side line" and if they're going to be bothered with it, they might as well be paid?

Blue PHOLED - UDC is looking into a solution that involved developing other stack materials to complement their PHOLED blue to extend the lifetime and performance.

Seems like this might be somewhat outside UDC's area of expertise. Might some the cash horde be used to expand into this area?

Any comments or insights greatly appreciated.

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