Politics : Formerly About Advanced Micro Devices

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To: tejek who wrote (645154)2/10/2012 1:47:44 PM
From: Don Hurst  Read Replies (3) of 1070779
Romney at CPAC...yup, he used a TELEPROMPTER to make sure he did not say something about his positive abortion, gay rights and Romneycare positions in Mass and his Corporations are people and screw the poor statements and he still has Secret Service protection after Santorum destroyed him in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado...what a waste of taxpayer money.

And oh yeah, he is for the "sanctity of marriage"...yup, his great grandfather had FIVE (5), can you imagine at one time, and the founder of his "faith" that he stresses so much had 33 or is it 48 wives according to historians...
Yup, "sanctity of marriage"...a real "value" in the conservative world...LOL...

And Ann Coulter earlier just blistered 4pm today Newt gets his chance with this bunch of wackos...
Must see much fun watching the "base" respond to this collection of speaker clowns...

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