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From: slacker7112/7/2012 11:12:48 AM
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Engadget loves the Galaxy 7.7....only problem is the price.

Nice to see that we are finally seeing the benefits of reduced power consumption show up in real world testing (possibly using green?).

Display and sound

The contrast here is so deep, and the viewing angles so wide, that other tablets' screens look washed-out in comparison.Remember how we said 7.0 Plus owners shouldn't feel too resentful of the 7.7's build quality? Yeah, well, that statement didn't include the 7.7's 1280 x 800, 197 pixel-per-inch screen. As it happens, this is the first Galaxy Tab to rock a non-pentile, Super AMOLED Plus display, and man, is it a winner. We could tell you it's vibrant, stunning and breathtaking, but even that wouldn't quite do it justice. The contrast here is so deep, and the viewing angles so wide, that other tablets' screens look washed-out in comparison. By itself, for instance, the 7.0 Plus' display is plenty bright and pleasant to look at, but place it next to the 7.7 and the transition is about as jarring as moving from the Transformer Prime to the Ainovo Novo7 (check out our comparison gallery toward the end if you think we're exaggerating). The Super AMOLED Plus panel represents a clear step up from most other tablet displays, which sadly haven't received the same level of tender lovin' care as their smartphone cousins.


Battery life

The 7.7's 5,100mAh battery is rated for up to 10 hours of video, but in a rare twist, we managed to squeeze out more runtime than that. Much more. All told, it lasted a staggering 12 hours on our video looping test, even with WiFi on and the brightness fixed at 50 percent (3G was disabled). That makes it the longest-lasting tablet we've ever seen. Not the longest-lasting 7-incher, mind you, but the longest-lasting tablet -- one with enough juice to trample the iPad 2's long-standing record by an hour and a half. The 7.7 also has a battery-saving mode, so presumably you could push past that 12-hour-mark -- you know, in case you need your tablet to stay alive through more than just a roundtrip flight from New York to LA.

What's insane, of course, is that this tablet also happens to be one of the thinnest we've seen.
If Samsung can build a tablet this slim without skimping on battery life, what's Toshiba's excuse? Or Motorola's? In a way, the 7.7 reminds us of the Droid RAZR Maxx, a phone we reviewed just last week: we recommend it in its own right, but we also like to think it could be a harbinger of other long-lasting devices to come.
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