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To: prometheus1976 who wrote (25445)1/20/2012 2:10:43 PM
From: SliderOnTheBlack7 Recommendations  Read Replies (3) of 28647
Re: "Ron Paul may be able to win it all if he can pull the true conservative Republican and Democrats,
and also the liberal Democrats with the anti war positions,,,still a long shot...but interesting to see a
Liberal like Phil Donahue mention him .."

Phil Donahue on Ron Paul..

Message #25445 from prometheus1976 at 1/20/2012 9:42:52 AM


It's not just Phil Donohue.

John Stewart's video on the MSM acting as if Ron Paul didn't exist - went viral.

And here's yet another pundit from the left, Bill Maher acknowledging the awakening of
the brainwashed liberal left...

Both the left and the right are rapidly awakening to the politics of "divide and conquer,"
and to a MSM that is controlled by the puppeteers, not the people.

The left and the right are starting to unite on economic issues because they now realize that only
the banksters, the military-industrial complex, the monopoly, mulit-national fascist corporations,
and the political bureaucrats themselves are benefitting from the bailouts, backstops, and stimulus spending.

They're also uniting on the false "war on terror," realizing that it's a war "of" terror, and that the war is on them,
not the endless stream of bogeyman du jours - from Saddam, to Osama, to Quadaffi. They're tired of the
endless wars and the trillions of dollars not just spent, but also "gone missing," ie: Donald Rumsfeld's
$2.3 trillion and Dov Zackheim's $1 trillion.

Hence, I'd like to make a correction to your post...

Ron Paul "is" going to win, because he is going to pull both conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats
away from the faux two-party, puppeteer system. And what you are seeing from John Stewart, Phil Donohue,
and Bill Maher, is only the beginning.

America is now in the process of entirely rejecting the MSM's role in defining the political agenda,
in determining the slate of candidates, and framing the debate. And it's the rise of the alternative
media through The Internet Reformation that's making it all possible.

And now you know why they're rushing in SOPA, the Internet Kill Switch, and laws which turn simple,
constitutionally protected speech and political dissent into crimes, if not terrorism, all at the stroke
of a dictator's pen.

Democracy, not drones.

From deep within FEMA Region 6,

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