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*************************Interdigital US patents by year*****************************
(compilation credit to data_rox )

2011 - 151 +19 (IPR Licensing)
2010 - 141
2009 - 161
2008 - 134
2007 - 137
2006 - 180

2011 US patents issued

PAT. NO. Title
1 8,086,228 Method for identifying a code group representative of a number of base stations
2 8,085,832 Segment-wise channel equalization based data estimation
3 8,085,733 Wireless communication method and apparatus for dynamically adapting packet transmission rates
4 8,085,729 High speed downlink shared control channel cell change
5 8,085,728 High speed downlink shared control channel cell change
6 8,085,726 High speed downlink shared channel cell change
7 8,085,664 Bi-directional and reverse directional resource reservation setup protocol
8 8,081,712 Method and apparatus for mapping of absolute power grant values in wireless communications
9 8,081,658 Method and signaling procedure for transmission opportunity usage in a wireless mesh network
10 8,081,595 Method and apparatus for scheduling transmissions via an enhanced dedicated channel
11 8,078,932 Method and apparatus for encoding channel quality indicator and precoding control information bits
12 8,077,758 Signal separation techniques to provide robust spread spectrum signal decoding
13 8,077,683 Method and system for performing peer-to-peer communication between stations within a basic service set
14 8,077,677 Method and apparatus for paging group handling
15 8,077,672 Method and apparatus for media independent handover capability discovery
16 8,074,143 Detection, avoidance and/or correction of problematic puncturing patterns in parity bit streams used when implementing turbo codes
17 8,074,140 User equipment using hybrid automatic repeat request
18 8,074,137 Method and system for supporting multiple hybrid automatic repeat request processes per transmission time interval
19 8,073,067 Method and apparatus for transferring signals in a wireless communication system
20 8,072,953 Wireless communication method and apparatus for performing home Node-B identification and access restriction
21 8,072,948 Wireless communication system and method of implementing an evolved system attachment procedure
22 8,072,936 Method and apparatus for supporting handover from LTE/EUTRAN to GPRS/GERAN
23 8,072,899 Method and apparatus for measuring and reporting a rank and a precoding matrix for multiple-input multiple-output communication
24 8,068,862 Wireless communication method and apparatus for establishing a multimedia message service over a WLAN
25 8,068,511 Method and apparatus for sending feedback for a downlink shared service and estimating a number of wireless transmit/receive units
26 8,068,507 Method and system for conveying backhaul link information for intelligent selection of a mesh access point
27 8,068,497 System and method for prioritization of retransmission of protocol data units to assist radio-link-control retransmission
28 8,064,400 Method and system for supporting an evolved UTRAN
29 8,064,386 Wireless communication method and apparatus for encoding and decoding beamforming vectors
30 8,059,610 Method and apparatus for implementing H-ARQ in a MIMO wireless communication system
31 8,054,916 Method for using a base station to selectively utilize B and D channels to support a plurality of communications
32 8,051,360 Method and apparatus for processing a downlink shared channel
33 8,045,987 Radio network controller peer-to-peer exchange of user equipment measurement information
34 8,045,520 Downlink power control for multiple downlink time slots in TDD communication systems
35 8,041,301 Distributed reservation protocol for enabling multi-band transmission in next generation ultra wide band technology
36 8,040,834 Wireless communication method and apparatus for reporting traffic volume measurement information to support enhanced uplink data transmissions
37 8,036,597 Method and apparatus for determining a level of involvement of mesh points in a wireless communication system
38 8,036,325 Wireless communication method and apparatus for performing knowledge-based and blind interference cancellation
39 8,036,181 Method and apparatus for reducing multi-user processing in wireless communication systems
40 8,036,180 Random access channel preamble
41 8,032,164 Method and apparatus for communicating short message service and supplementary services messages
42 8,031,741 Method and apparatus for facilitating inter-network handover
43 8,031,117 Blind signal separation using polarized antenna elements
44 8,028,217 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding high speed shared control channel
45 8,027,674 Method and system for improved beacon acquisition performance with time slot and antenna sector reuse
46 8,027,312 Wireless communication methods and components that implement handoff in wireless local area networks
47 8,024,001 Method, system and components for facilitating wireless communication in a sectored service area
48 8,024,000 Method and apparatus for base station self-configuration
49 8,023,941 Method and apparatus for independent and efficient delivery of services to wireless devices capable of supporting multiple radio interfaces and network infrastructure
50 8,023,551 Hybrid orthogonal frequency division multiple access WTRU and method51 8,023,475 Synchronization for extending battery life
52 8,023,463 Enhanced uplink operation in soft handover
53 8,023,453 Methods and systems for providing reliable multicast service in a WLAN system
54 8,023,399 Channel estimation in a wireless communication system
55 8,019,036 Method and apparatus for correcting sampler clock frequency offset in OFDM MIMO systems
56 8,018,945 Method and apparatus for forwarding non-consecutive data blocks in enhanced uplink transmissions
57 8,018,894 Method and apparatus for implementing a blind seamless channel change
58 8,015,471 Symbol rate hardware accelerator
59 8,015,408 Trust evaluation for a mobile software agent on a trusted computing platform
60 8,014,818 Methods and systems for providing efficient operation of multiple modes in a WLAN system
61 8,014,367 System for application server autonomous access across different types of access technology networks
62 8,014,361 Random access channel for OFDM-MIMO system
63 8,014,359 Method and apparatus for assigning radio resources and controlling transmission parameters on a random access channel
64 8,014,343 Method for enhanced dedicated channel (E-DCH) transmission overlap detection for compressed mode gap slots
65 8,010,053 Reliability detection of channel quality indicator (CQI) and application to outer loop power control
66 8,009,636 Method and apparatus for performing an access procedure
67 8,005,129 Acquisition circuit for low chip rate option for mobile telecommunication system
68 8,005,055 Method and apparatus for determining and managing congestion in a wireless communications system
69 8,005,027 Method and apparatus for multicasting with feedback information
70 8,000,734 Method and system wherein timeslots allocated for common control channels may be reused for user traffic
71 8,000,291 Wireless communication method of selecting an enhanced uplink transport format combination by setting a scheduling grant payload to the highest payload that can be transmitted
72 7,991,160 Method and system for securing wireless communications
73 7,987,369 Using watermarking to reduce communication overhead
74 7,986,955 Low layer paging indicator processing system and method for multi-layer communication equipment used in a wireless communication system
75 7,986,950 Wideband code division multiple access user equipment for receiving multimedia broadcast/multicast service
76 7,983,716 Centralized radio network controller
77 7,979,768 Method and system for implementing hybrid automatic repeat request
78 7,978,752 Method and apparatus for switching operating modes of a receiver
79 7,978,658 Reference transport channel on/off status detection and reselection
80 7,978,642 System and method for determining air interface information for radio resource management in wireless communications
81 7,978,592 Method and apparatus for signaling in multiple user one-slot operation in wireless communication
82 7,974,365 Method and apparatus for computing SIR of time varying signals in a wireless communication system
83 7,974,294 System for context transfer for wireless internet devices
84 7,970,127 User equipment identification specific scrambling
85 7,962,170 Multi-mode radio with interference cancellation circuit
86 7,961,822 Setting a transmission power level for a mobile unit
87 7,961,773 Weighted open loop power control transmitter
88 7,961,657 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving a packet via high speed downlink packet access
89 7,957,277 Wireless communication method and system for routing packets via intra-mesh and extra-mesh routes
90 7,953,139 Interference cancellation in a spread spectrum communication system
91 7,952,524 Method and system for positioning mobile units based on angle measurements
92 7,949,342 Radio resource management in wireless local area networks
93 7,949,299 Method and system for organizing the cells of a wireless communication system and allocating resources to provide multimedia broadcast services
94 7,949,037 Base station for carrier offset recovery
95 7,948,375 Method and apparatus for detecting portable electronic device functionality
96 7,944,985 MIMO transmitter and receiver for supporting downlink communication of single channel codewords
97 7,944,934 Efficient memory allocation in a wireless transmit/receiver unit
98 7,944,890 Using windows specified object identifiers (OIDs) for an antenna steering algorithm
99 7,944,884 Voice and data communication services using orthogonal sub-channels
100 7,941,626 Method and apparatus for controlling discontinuous transmission and reception101 7,941,151 Method and system for providing channel assignment information used to support uplink and downlink channels
102 7,936,807 Method and apparatus for reducing the processing rate of a chip-level equalization receiver
103 7,933,245 Media independent handover for mobility
104 7,933,233 Method and apparatus for providing service availability information in a wireless communication system
105 7,929,498 Adaptive forward power control and adaptive reverse power control for spread-spectrum communications
106 7,929,410 Protocol engine for processing data in a wireless transmit/receive unit
107 7,929,409 Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) method and apparatus for protecting and authenticating wirelessly transmitted digital information
108 7,925,263 Handover in a wireless local area network (WLAN)
109 7,924,961 Base station synchronization
110 7,924,785 Method and system for switching a radio access technology between wireless communication systems with a multi-mode wireless transmit/receive unit
111 7,920,533 Method and apparatus for calibration and channel state feedback to support transmit beamforming in a MIMO system
112 7,917,092 Beam selection apparatus and method in voice over internet protocol over switched beam wireless local area network
113 7,916,751 Method and apparatus for efficient operation of an enhanced dedicated channel
114 7,912,505 Method for operating a base station by prelimiting an output signal station
115 7,912,490 Method for channel quality prediction for wireless communication systems
116 7,912,120 Method and apparatus for estimating and correcting baseband frequency error in a receiver
117 7,912,093 Method and apparatus for providing piggybacked positive acknowledgement/negative acknowledgement field indicator and a polling indicator
118 7,908,545 Pipeline architecture for maximum a posteriori (MAP) decoders
119 7,904,723 Method and apparatus for enhancing security of wireless communications
120 7,904,113 Method and apparatus for detecting and selectively utilizing peripheral devices
121 7,904,107 Method and apparatus for providing biasing criteria for binary decisions for use in wireless communications to enhance protection
122 7,904,026 Dynamic channel quality measurement procedure implemented in a wireless digital communication system to prioritize the forwarding of downlink data
123 7,903,620 Method and system for delivery of assistance data
124 7,903,616 System and method for fast dynamic link adaptation
125 7,903,614 Method and apparatus for selecting link adaptation parameters for CDMA-based wireless communication systems
126 7,903,613 Code division multiple access (CDMA) communication system
127 7,899,477 Reporting terminal capabilities for supporting short message service
128 7,899,462 Method and system for efficient addressing and power savings in wireless systems
129 7,899,016 Physical layer processing for a wireless communication system using code division multiple access
130 7,898,948 Method and apparatus for sending a channel quality indication via a shared channel
131 7,895,494 Method and system for implementing H-ARQ-assisted ARQ operation
132 7,894,400 Handover between an IEEE 802.16 WiBro network and a UMTS network using media independent handover function
133 7,893,872 Method and apparatus for performing blind signal separation in an OFDM MIMO system
134 7,889,664 User equipment for detecting short codes
135 7,885,245 Method and apparatus for enhanced uplink multiplexing
136 7,881,266 Wireless communication system with selectively sized data transport blocks
137 7,881,265 Power loading transmit beamforming in MIMO-OFDM wireless communication systems
138 7,881,264 Apparatus and methods for determination of gain factors for wireless communication transmission power
139 7,881,247 Method and apparatus for providing efficient precoding feedback in a MIMO wireless communication system
140 7,877,494 Method, components and system for tracking and controlling end user privacy
141 7,876,806 Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing-code division multiple access system
142 7,873,328 Subscriber unit for performing an access procedure
143 7,869,536 Method and apparatus for scaling a signal for improving performance of a receiver in a MIMO system
144 7,869,527 Transceiver with hybrid adaptive self-interference canceller for removing transmitter generated noise to prevent modem jamming
145 7,869,413 Apparatus and methods for central control of mesh networks
146 7,869,399 Method and apparatus for controlling the distribution of multimedia broadcast services
147 7,869,378 Method and apparatus for sharing slot allocation schedule information amongst nodes of a wireless mesh network
148 7,865,190 Signaling connection admission control in a wireless network
149 7,865,158 Method and apparatus for automatically correcting receiver oscillator frequency
150 7,864,798 Method and apparatus for supporting voice over IP services over a cellular wireless communication network
151 7,864,659 Quality control scheme for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems

2010 last
1 7,860,526 Outer loop power control for wireless communications
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