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From: SliderOnTheBlack12/22/2011 1:57:33 AM
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What can you do? - Local Sheriff stands up to Feds and threatens to arrest them...

I've written more than a few posts on how your local Sheriff is the highest and most important
law enforcement authority in your county. The leaders of this growing, nationwide movement
to educate and empower local Sheriffs under existing law is led by Sheriff Richard Mack. I've
often linked to Sheriff Mack's site and have endorsed his book, which you should buy and give
to your local Sheriff. I'll include a link again at the bottom of this post.

Here's a story of a local Sheriff. For those asking: "But, what can I do?"

Here's what you can do...

1. Read the story below.

2. Email a copy of it to your local Sheriff and ask him what position he would take in a similar situation,
and tell him you are mailing him a copy of Sheriff Richard Mack's book on the role of the County Sheriff,
and include a link to Sheriff Mack's site in your email.

3. Send a copy of Sheriff Richard Mack's book to him and follow up with a phone call.

4. Join your local Tea Party organization (none are perfect, don't give up, look to educate
not dominate in the beginning). Educate yourself on both state's rights and Sheriff's rights, and
educate both your local Sheriff and local Tea Party members on this incredibly important issue.
Use Sheriff Richard Mack's book and organization as your guide.

And remember people - it is always darkest just before dawn. While I am not happy with the
speed at which Sheeple Nation is awakening, there is still hope. The challenge is educating
and moving people to action, because "knowing," or "being awake" is not going to change

The opposition has hundreds of NGO's, Think Tanks, Tax Exempt Foundations, and public-private
partnerships, not to mention a rapidly growing, authoritarian bureaucracy. They can instantly
mobilize thousands of supporters through the unions (and I'm not anti-union, that's another discussion)
and these organizations. You must organize and become a voice in local politics. And for those who
realize the two-party system is broke - join, or form a local Tea Party organization. Start a local blog,
and post links to the stories you read here that apply to local issues. Send in opinion editorials to your local
newspaper. Post story links and your comments on your local newspaper's blog, or online forum. Barrage
your Congressman and Senators with story links and your thoughts on all major issues. If you're unhappy
with a local politician - start a blog and post articles, links, and your counter-opinions on it. You'd be
surprised how many people will come out of the woodwork and you'll find you're no longer in the
minority, but part of a rapidly awakening, very pissed off majority.

Sheriff Brad Rogers is from Elkhart County Indiana. Many of you will remember some of my posts
about President Barack Obama's two live Town Hall visits to Elkhart, as well as Elkhart having
made nationwide headlines for having among the highest unemployment rates in the nation
after the financial collapse of 2008. Fwiw, Elkhart County, Indiana now also has a very active
and vibrant Tea Party movement which works closely and in harmony with local law enforcement,
and the Sheriff. You can create the same relationships in your own city, or county, but you can't
do it alone. Join, or create a local group.

And by the way, the outpouring of public support for this local Sheriff has been incredible. It's
reaching the national news and he's receiving thousands of supportive emails and telephone
calls from all over the country. And this fact has not fallen upon deaf ears in local politics.

The sleeping giant is awakening.

Too slow for my comfort level, but awakening none the less.

Do not give up.

Do not get discouraged.

Do not get stressed out and overwhelmed to the point of hopelessness, or inaction.

And do not be afraid.

Preparation eliminates fear, and action eliminates stress.

Here's the link to Sheriff Richard Mack's site on State's rights, and Sheriff's rights:

His book: "The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope"

And here's another link for law enforcement and military members that is also experiencing
rapid nationwide growth and support - Oath

Here's another idea of what you can do...

Print up some cheap business cards and print the website link and contact info for
Sheriff Mack on one side, and Oath Keepers on the other, and hand them out anytime
you see, or meet a police officer, or member of the military.Put them on bulletin boards
at gun shops, at bait shops, anywhere, and everywhere.

Do something.

We can all do something.

And we can all do a little more.

Do something. And do it now, because time is not on our side...

Can you connect the dots between McCain-Levin/NDAA, and the new contracts to activate the FEMA Camps,
check out the latest update...

And today, yet another major American city is now calling for troops on the streets...

Approximately 450,000 people a month will start losing their unemployment benefits, and
millions nationwide will begin to lose public assistance benefits as local cities and
states are forced to slash budgets, as federal stimulus funds run dry.

Crime and social unrest is rising and is going to continue to rise substantially, and they know it.

Remember what Gerald Celente said:

"When people lose everything,
and have nothing more to lose,
they will lose it."

In their ideal scenario you will ask for troops on the street (martial law) out of fear and desperation.
It's already been done in Chicago, in Flint Michigan, and now in New Orleans.

And it's not just Chicago, Flint, and New Orleans...

Oakland police stopped responding to a number of crimes...

The same story in Vallejo...

And the Sheriff of Ohio's largest county issued this now famous warning to his citizenry,
where a local Judge said - "buy a gun, because we can no longer protect you.."

Make sure your local politicians and law enforcement are educated, aware, and on your side.

Elkhart County, Indiana is awakening, their Sheriff is awake and is taking a stand now,
in advance of growing federal encroachment. And it all started with a small handful of
people on a grass roots basis. Two people meeting for coffee. Then four. Then a web site.
Then a meeting with the Sheriff. Then twenty people at a pancake house meeting room.
Then 50 in a church basement. Then 500 at a Tea Party rally... and now a law enforcement
community and leadership that is firmly on their side!

Their greatest fear is that just one ant stands up...

Remember: They are few, and we are many.


PS: Make sure you take the time to completely read this article and all links on the FEMA Camp,
Continuity of Government (COG/Martial Law) activation.

Not all conspiracies are theories.
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