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To: combjelly who wrote (2800)9/25/2011 11:06:04 AM
From: SonnyListonRead Replies (1) of 23850
Oops. Sorry, I thought you knew how to Google things.

I don't google things just because someone with no credibility makes an outlandish statement.

The OEM canard? You truly are ignorant, aren't you?

Considering you claim to be the victim of insults all the time, you truly are a hypocrite, aren't you?

They bother with the ads and the other things to build excitement and convince people to buy new computers. Sure, they sell quite a bit at retail, but it is mostly to the OEMs.

So after disputing that Microsoft had any self-interest in making Vista look as appealing as possible to the general public, you now concede that they do(which was always my point), but in your typically confused manner of discussing things, think your initial preposterous claims still stack up.

And whilst this is obvious, I think for your benefit it needs repeating, I never made any claims about who Microsoft does most of their sales with(i.e. general public retail or OEM's), but rather that Microsoft had a self-interest in making Vista be appealing to as wide an audience as possible.

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