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To: Mad2 who wrote (18610)9/1/2010 2:09:27 PM
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One could read that many different ways. "Unpredictable government regulation" could cut different ways..........

No doubt many regulators, state, local as well as federal, become captured, whether by self-serving opportunists or big-government idealogues; and cannot do an adequate job. The landmark Citizens United v Federal Election Commission decision won't help get objective regulators appointed, and I truly don't know what Dan Loeb's considered opinion is on this, or if he would weigh in publically. He appears much more careful with his words in recent years. I can understand his carefulness in this radioactive minefield environment.

The liberals perceive an unprecedented and self-defeating transfer of wealth to the richest Americans at the expense of infrastructure and the social mattress; the political right sees a "socialist" transfer of wealth to the undeserving poor selected to be such by laziness or by God's natural order; that includes many pragmatic, arguably high ROI social nets from the FDR era.

I generally agree with Dan Loeb's conclusion; Personally I support a (WELL regulated and not OVER regulated) merit based free market capitalism but not wild wild west lazzez faire where externalized costs are paid by ratepayers/taxpayers and resulting unmerited supranormal profits are consumed by inside stakeholders.....

I just can't determine where Senior Pink is on the specifics.
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