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To: Davy Crockett who wrote (106)5/21/2010 11:46:57 PM
From: Davy Crockett of 118
How do I put images in my posts? (Last Updated: 9/20/2007 12:29:31 PM)

First, the image file must exist on a remote internet server that allows "hot-linking" - meaning that the hosting site allows links to images versus their web page that contains the image. We do not host or store the actual images on SI.

Insert the image into your post as follows:
. Do not include the "http://" part of the URL or it will not work properly. (This will be fixed later.) Also, make sure you use the URL of the image - it should end with .jpg or .gif, and not the URL of the page that contains the image which often ends with something else such as .htm, html, .asp, .php., etc.
results in

Just like all other content, users are responsible for ensuring that graphics linked to or included in their posts are on-topic and conform to SI's Terms of Use. Please be considerate of other users, particularly on Investment Forum boards by limiting embedded images to relevant content as charts. The non-investment forum boards can be used for content that is not directly relevant to investment board discussions. Finally, users hot-linking to graphics are also responsible for ensuring that they are not violating any copyrights or intellectual property rights.

We suppress the automatic display of user-embedded graphics in PMs. This is done to prevent your IP address from being harvested by the server hosting the image since it is possible to associate the view of an image in a PM with your specific account. You will be presented with a link to view an image embedded in a PM if you know the sender and choose to do so.
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