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From: Frank A. Coluccio8/16/2009 10:26:48 PM
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Kushnick's Law

From the Department of "It's About Time!" :

"I propose the recognition of “Kushnick’s Law” – 'A regulated company will always renege on promises to provide public benefits tomorrow in exchange for regulatory and financial benefits today.'

"If you stop and think about it this is fairly obvious. Once the company has the benefits, its financial motivation (obligations to shareholders…) is to try to escape the obligation if possible. Given the nature of regulatory politics it is essentially always possible. QED."

Shown above as posted earlier today to the Open Infrastructure Alliance discussion list by a well-respected comms attorney.

The follow, addressed directly to Bruce Kushnick, slightly paraphrased to protect the innocent, from yet another highly respected comms attorney:

"Bruce, In the foregoing, my colleague has decreed that you now have your own law. I intend to ensure it is as well publicized as Reed, Metcalf and Moore. This is well deserved. Live long and prosper, my friend."


Needless to say, Bruce is quite pleased by all of this.

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