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To: sea_biscuit who wrote (538)2/25/2009 7:49:43 PM
From: octavian  Read Replies (1) of 3597

On the other board, I wrote the following:

--(Honey-censored word) is when you go out of your way to make brinker look as bad as possible, through the use of spin, exaggeration, emphasizing the negative, de-emphasizing the positive, stating opinion as a fact, twisting people's words, lying by omission, or just plain lying.

--This post by seabiscuit is a PERFECT example of that.

The whole post is permeated by the tactics I mentioned. A few examples:

--1. If you're even halfway objective, you don't say "get ONLY 65% out." There is no reason for the word "only," except to a (honey-censored word).

--2. "Then get back in with half of the cash..."

Of course, brinker recommended UP TO 50% of cash reserves for the QQQs. That was the absolute maximum recommended for the very most aggressive investors.

If one wanted to be objective and fair, instead of -------, he would say "20% to 50% of the cash reserves."

Seabiscuit's post is yet another example of telling the "truth," but spinning so badly that it is very close to a lie.

And on and on he went...

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