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To: Proud Deplorable who wrote (43159)2/14/2006 8:58:44 PM
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Truth Be Known on a Daily ....

Start your education there.

I respond to someone who is impressed someone else knows a quote by JFK that is an extension of their citing of Churchill's famous Tiger quote and all you can offer is advice on where and how to become an anti-patriotic screaming liberal conservative hater?

Are you insane or just too narcissistic to get it? No need to answer that is rhetorical.

I add a simple true story about finding a hand written note from an American GI at the base of the Vietnam War Memorial in D.C.
-to in that moment let anyone else who may see it know that the names on the wall have faces and history and VALOR behind them-
...and all you can do is turn it into a political hate platform assuming I must be a dirty conservative in need of saving to your historically blind liberalism?

How can you crap on the tradition and honor of service that affords you the privilege to be here? How can you dis' the ultimate sacrifice of a life FOR a life.
Not for a country,
not for a cause just or unjust
or a party liberal or conservative
but FOR a brother on the field in harms way?

Your post disgraces all who served regardless of political affiliation or ideology and further it disrespects all honorable Americans and free people everywhere who would in difficult times be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for a comrade or fellow in need, even to include you.

May you never need to find out the truth of what I am referring to with a hand lent to you by someone from an opposing ideological system in a time of personal or national crisis. Would you refuse it? I think not. Would you appreciate it without judgment...?

I am sure you have heard the lines ad nauseum about tradition and loyalty to your country. A country comprised of people from the world over who formed a constitution and Declaration to the world of Independence, hard won with blood and courage and sacrifice fighting in an often barbaric world for individual liberty and personal freedoms that you enjoy each and every day. Don't buy into it in any form though because of the liberal prejudice that may leave you vulnerable and misconstrued as patriotic least you be labeled an American with pride for your history. It’s how we screwed the Indians. It’s how we had slavery. It’s how we were mis-lead in Vietnam and Korea. What about WWII, a mistake as well? Ask a European who knows history if that would have preferred us sitting that one out. Much of the world is a dangerous place. Many people are oppressed and tortured and are not free. Why do those governments often skate while America constantly gets slammed? Collective guilt you were taught to buy into? Not all who express gratitude for service and pride of our heritage are lost in ignorance or give blind allegence to any party. Relativism to the fullest leaves you with nothing because anyone can take what you value away from you regradless of how you feel about it and that is just the way it is...sad.

Give it a rest, you can always ‘escape’ from America if you are so sickened by its politics.

No reply needed you are the first on SI to wind up on my ignore in 8 years.
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