Microcap & Penny Stocks : Naked Shorting-Hedge Fund & Market Maker manipulation?
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To: Max Fletcher who wrote (527)11/16/2005 10:39:31 AM
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Interesting post from another board - gives some insight on MM's and relationship to dilution schemes, that may include advanced shorting.

HSDN or TDCM is usually used for dilution.

A little MM Info (A Must Read)

Penny Stock Market Makers Who Are the Players in this Game

By Bill Panetta

Let Me Start off by saying this: Level 2 Does not have the same
effect like it did 5 years ago except for OTCBB Stocks & Pink Sheet
Stocks. What Do I mean By This? NASDAQ is all chart plays, level
2 has no meaning as it once did for NASDAQ Stocks , too many games can be played now on level 2. Simply put if you don't know how to read the charts you will get killed on NASDAQ Stocks.

With all the changes on Level 2 Traders have been forced to learn
TA, You could had a made a killing with level 2 before 2001 with out
TA; I have witnesses that have proven this.

And when I make this comment I am talking about regular trading
hours, after hour's different story. Bottom Line Level 2 does not
have the same effect on NASDAQ Stocks that it did 5 years ago
because of the New Super Soes Trading System being implemented in 2001 and along with 1 cent spreads, it was the worst thing NASDAQ ever did for traders IMO. The Traders from 5 yrs ago know what I am talking about.

Let's talk about the 2 exchanges where Level 2 has not changed and
having level 2 is really important to your trading. I am talking
about The OTCBB & PINKSHEET Markets.

If you learn how to read into Level 2 on the OTCBB & PINK SHEETS it will really enhance your trading. Let's break down the Market

There are 2 categories of Market Makers let's talking about the
first one.

Retail Market Makers:

These are the market makers from very popular brokerage firms. They
handle a lot of the order flow for small retail investors.


SCHB: Schwab

TDCM: TD Water House

SBSH: Smith Barney

MLCO: Merrill Lynch


This is the list that you really have master because these are the
MARKET MAKERS that handle promotions, insider transactions also S-8 and CD Transaction.

CD: means Convertible Debentures they are loans the come due and get sold into the market by the loaning company.

There are lot market makers in this category so I will break it down
to who are the most important: These are some of the more active

FANC: major S- 8 player: if there is an S- 8 on a Stock most likely
he will be there on the ask until it dries up

HDSN: major CD Seller Handles a lot CD transactions. formerly was



GNLN: one of favorites: smart money more like a trader than market


CLYP: heavy seller if you see him on the bid it's unusual


FLCR: been very active lately especially on LENF and UGHO

SACM: heavy seller spends alot time on the ask, well known daily
shorter, also

HILL: very weak smoke screen for NITE



CRWN a pure trader


PUGS: new player this year, has been around and dormant until 04




MRLN: one of my favorites more like trader




AGIS works very closely with SCHB, sometimes shorts


GNET: owned by ARCA: very active used by traders market makers any one can use GNET you have to know what your are doing. If you have access to ACRA trading system you can use gnet

TRAC: owned by mytrack if you trade with my track you can use this
to place your trade as a liquidity outlet same 4 data

DATA: owned by my track same concept as GNET & TRAC
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