Biotech / Medical : SARS and Avian Flu

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To: Julius Wong who wrote (2356)9/20/2005 11:09:01 PM
From: Henry Niman   of 4203
Online Translation:

The child was suspected birds Flu arrived in RSPI Sulianti, The Total 7 patients
Iqbal Prominent - detikcom
Jakarta - the Child 5 years 7 months (beforehand was reported 3 years) that was expected
Terjangkit the virus of birds flu arrived in RS the Infection (RSPI) Sulianti
Saroso. RS this currently treated 7 patients it was suspected birds flu.

The female child was named Riska Ardianti this was reconciliation from RS Islam
Cempaka White, Jakarta the Centre. Riska arrived around struck 15.30 in RSPI
Sulianti Saroso, Street Sunter Permai Raya, Jakarta North, Tuesday (20/9/2005).

The second daughter from the couple Suhardi and Mariati this immediately was brought to space
ICU. Riska was seen put on the oxygen hose and the infusion.

According to his father, Suhardi, his neighbour was that maintained birds and the chicken.
"My child once contact with these birds," he explained.

Although being brought to RS Saroso, Suhardi stayed optimistic his daughter not
Was affected by the virus that killed 4 people. "I was convinced hopefully"
My child was not affected by the virus of birds flu and did not yet have results, hoped he
With the concerned tone.

Suhardi explained his child indeed showed the sign like the sign
Birds flu. The temperature of the Riska body achieved 38-40 Celcius levels, as well as
Experienced the fever and the cough.

Began from the Measles

The team's KLB member RS Saroso birds flu the evaluation part and pelaporan Dr
The inspiration Achieve said, Riska the first time entered RS Islam on September 8

"His case" Morbili (the measles) and was treated till September 14. After
Stated recovered, the patient was permitted to come home, he explained.

However on September 15, Riska again entered the hospital. "This time the patient"
Suffered breathless. After being done by the inspection by the team of the RS doctor
Islam by making use of the photograph thorax, results were found had the virus. However
It was not yet known by the virus what, he explained.

According to the Inspiration, on September 16, the sample of Riska blood was checked
The laboratory. "Results happened the decline in leucocytes (white blood cells),"
Normal him 21.500 descended through to 2.700. The inspection limposit, normal him 25,
But results of the laboratory showed had the decline through to 13, he explained.

With the Riska attendance, RS Saroso has accommodated 7 patients it was suspected flu
Birds. The six patients beforehand were Paradise (9), Rosnaningsih (3 years
7 months), the official of the Ragunan Zoo (KBR) the USA (28), the trader asongan
In KBR GENERAL (39), Gayatri pearls (7), and Windy Lisa (3).

Firdaus, Rosnaningsih, AS, dan AM dirawat di ruang Cempaka. Sedangkan
Riska, Mutiara, dan Windy dirawat di ruang ICU. (ary)
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