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To: ThirdEye who wrote (624864)9/15/2004 11:38:39 PM
From: Gary Walker   of 769618
>>Bush's corporate friends....

Does the left really think they can sell that crap to most Americans? This is why you guys are going to lose. You're stuck on this big Corporate/Bush conspiracy BS.

Bush is no Rocket scientist, but he's no crook either. The man has plenty of his own money. He has an honorable family with plenty of money. They need corporate support to win the election, but Bush won't sell his soul to satisfy them.

They are plenty of issues to attack Bush, but you guys are so over the top with the suggestions of "LIES and DECEPTION" that you will never convince the American majority. Ya, we have our doubts about Bush, but your guys are a poor second choice? Do you think Kerry's attack on his own comrades will ever be foregiven by those of us old enough to remember the hate of Jane Fonda? NOPE.

>>They were largely pocketed by their wealthy recipients

Did they put the money in a mattress? No, it went to saving or investing or consumption. Almost any tax cut will favor those who pay the taxes. It's the wealthy who pay the lion's share of the income tax so it stands to reason that they get the most back.

Also, there is another tax cut coming in 2005 for all tax payers of any consequence.

There are several Bush failures: our energy policy just plain sucks, as does the explosion of medical costs, the failure to secure our borders, and control government spending. Clearly, Kerry offers zero solutions. He complains about the national debt, but his spending ideas and modest tax increases won't help. He won't touch the border issue because of the Hispanic vote. Kerry is a polititian and most use can see through that.

We may not support GWB 100%, but we don't trust Kerry. He's a limo liberal the worst kind of hypocrite! Be a common man like Ol' Abe and people will follow you. But he's a rich man in sheeps clothing. With Bush what you see is what you get, flaws and all.
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